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Ci^/ct-! ..f iim'f>ri)ivdittit0 Studiffs 

o'er the mountain height 

■0 '-w^iSi 

V E R 



o'er the mountain height 

TAPS 2004 

Volume 94 


Alma Mater. 4 

Student Life 14 

Sports 46 

Academics 114 

^^ ^ 

(.> t.i ■ i i i 

Research 150 

Portraits 166 

Activities and 
Organizations 290 %. 

Greeks 362 

'^ Gallery. 382 

Ads 410 

Index 440 

Closing. 472 


Where the Blue Ridge yawns its greatness; 
Where the Tigers play; 
Here the sons of dear Old Clemson, 
Reign supreme alway. 

We will dream of great conquests 

)ast IS etc 

^ht and conquered 

Every foreign land. 

Where the mountains smile in grandeur 

O'er the hill and dale 

Here the Tiger lair is nestling 

Swept by storm and gale. 

We are brothers strong in manhood 
For we work and strive; 
And our Alma Mater reigneth 
Forever in our lives. 


Dear OF Clemson, we will triumph 

And with all our might, 

That the Tiger's roar may echo 

O'er the mountain height. 

Clemson University Alma Mater 


As Clemson students, the strong history of this campus has been ingrained in us and 

helped us to become more aware of future goals for our school. Being built on rock solid 

traditions is part of the Clemson experience, but we also have been taught to strive for 

new innovations. The thought of so many people achieving excellence throughout the 

years has enabled us to have the courage to continue to listen "o'er the mountain height," 

and join in the chorus of roaring echoes that embrace Clemson's history. 

rJi^ ...„•■ 

■'.. ''. -i*' 

Hi! 1 


Student Life 

Where the Blue Ridge yawns its greatness 
Where the Tigers play 

Did Somebody Say Food? 


Students at Clemson have many choices for food. The dining halls are 

always a popular option, with the benefit of free ice cream after each 

meal. Students also enjoy other food offerings at the Canteen or Hendrix 

Center. Some students even cook their own food, while others would 


^. ^^ 

rather have pizza delivered to their dorms. 


Iffl ^ 

^1 »,. 




16 Student Life 

When hunger hits, Clemson students know where to go to fight back 

Campus Food 1 7 





18 Student Life 

One of the signs that school is starting is the Welcome Back Festival. 
Each year students and communit)' members gather in downtown 
Clemson to celebrate their return to Clemson at the beginning of 

the school year. Many local businesses and student clubs participate 
in the event to promote their organization. 

Welcome Back Festival 1 9 

mi'. First 

The First Friday Parade Each Yea 

20 Student Life 




^^^ >• .'A^Sgp^^ 




B^^^^^^HR^ JvV . «^^^^^P^^F^^^^|h 

First Friday is not only a sign of the first home 

foorball game of the year, it also means parades 

and pep rallies to celebrate the start of the football 

season. Students were excited about this year's 

opening game against Georgia. 


One Sign That Football is Here 

Miss First Friday 
Emily Anderson 

Above: Members of the Lynyrd Sk\nard Band give the crowd a concert the\- will never forget. As this musician shows, facial expressions are the ke\' 
music. The band played in Littlejohn Coliseum to a roaring crowd of Clemson students and the general public. Though they have been around for 
they proved they could still perform an incredible show, one to be remembered. 

to great 

(concerts in 


22 Student Life 


W ^^j^Bfep ^yi^ ^^^KK^Ml^ 




U-ft, Above: ( <.uiiii\ iiiusk f>lHn()nicn<)n. Hank Willi.ims. Jr. played 
a concert in Liulcjohn Coliicum ihat brought a packed house to their 
feet. Hank is the son ot"countr> music's well-known star. Hank VX'illiaim, 
Senior. Littlejohn proved to be a packed house for this well known 
country music star. 

Bringing Down the House..,, Let the Music Begin!!! 

Above: Country music's "Sixwirc" opened the Coliseimi before Hank, and easily proved their plate in i( 
a concert full of energ\- and great music that brought the crowd out of their seats, singing and dancing alu 

Concerts 23 


Tailgating before football games has always been 

an important tradition at Clemson. Families 

and friends gather to share in the pre-game 

excitement of Clemson football. There is always 

great food; from sandwiches to steaks and 

shrimp, everyone brings something to please a 

crowd. Clemson fans love tailgating so much 

that they usually arrive many hours before 

kickoff; this gives them plenty of time to socialize 

and relax before the game. 

24 Student Life 

A Tiger Football Tradition 



Tailgatiug 25 

Clemson and Carolina Fans Compete for a Worthy Cause 

For Life 

26 Student Life 

The rivalry berween Clemson and USC does not take place 
only on the football field. The 19th annual Clemson- 
Carolina Blood Drive gave students the opportunity 
to show their school spirit by donating the gift of life. 
Sponsored by the service fraternity Alpha Phi Omega, 
the yearly blood drive takes place during the week before 
the Clemson-Carolina game. The true winners of this 
competition are the local recipients of these donations. 


Clemsou-Carolina Blood Drive 11 



SS ;v 

Homecoming 2UUi 

Above: Finishing up the most important part of Bowman. The Habitat 
house met its deadline again this year thani<s to all the dedicated stud 

Right: Combining different aspects of Clemson's pride was Sigma Chi's theme. 
They spent a lot of time constructing this float and their hard work showed. 

28 Student Life 

where the Tigers Play 

Homecoming week is an exciting 

time across campus every year. 

Students from various organizations 

spend all week constructing incredible 

floats for all to view before and after 

the game. The two categories are 

mobile and non-mobile. The winner 

for mobile was AGR and the winning 

float for non-mobile was FCA. 

Students also build a Habitat for 

Humanirv' house during the week. 

Homecoming 29 




Colorful Displays Showcase Hard Work and Dedication 

30 Student Life 

" 'k 

'wISv--^'^ ^j^'^^^hiH 

Students work hard during the week of Homecoming to 

construct floats on Bowman field. This tradition is an 

opportunity for students to demonstrate their Tiger Pride. 

The floats are one way that students can work together 

toward the same goal of showcasing school spirit. 


^HHl^H^ Ji 






Houiecomiiig 31 

T I G E R A M A 

Where Tigers from all over... 

32 Student Life 

All hail the queen! 

Clemsons Homecoming Queen 

for 2003 was Miss Heather Reed. 

Heather was crowned queen Friday 

night at Tigerama with a smile that 

lit up Littlejohn Coliseum. 

2 03 


to play 

Tigerama was a night Kill of Tiger 

spirit as well as a lot ok laughs. 

Organizations performed many skits 

to show their humor and Tiger pride 

Friday night in Littlejohn Coliseum. 

Tigerama 33 

Miss Ci.emson 

Miss Clemson 2003 
Kristina Crowder 

34 Student Life 

Each year the Miss Clemson 

Pageant is a highlight of the 

spring. Girls from many different 

organizations compete in 

Interview, Congenality, and Talent 

Sponsored by Mortar Board, 

this pageant is one of the many 

traditions at Clemson. 

A Pageant Full of Tiger Traditions 

Miss Clemson 35 


New Garage Downtown 

Have you ever tried to visit the shops 
downtown Clemson, but could 
Now the 

36 Student Life 


Improves Parking 

Parking Garage 37 


Renovations to Campus Recreation 


38 Student Life 

Students agree the renovations to Fike were well worth the wait. The building was completely remodeled and now 

includes a climbing wall, club gyms, an indoor track, and multipurpose rooms. It also has additional cardio and 

weight equipment to suit the needs of many students. 

Fike 39 

You never know who 

might show up! 
Costume parties are a 
great way to celebrate 
the night with friends. 
Campus Crusade for 
Christ is one organization 
to hold a masquerade 


Clemsons campus rises from the dead 

UPAC organizes Death in the Valley, an on-campus festival 

complete with live music, costume contest, and haunted trail. Wax 

hand molds and body art are two of the most popular activities. 

40 Student Life 

I he Clcmson Pride shows, even 

when it comes to decorating 



to celebrate a night of ghostly fun 

It would not be Halloween 

without trick-or-treating! 

President and Mrs. Barker join 

in the fun by dressing up and 

handing out candy at their 

home. Members of Alpha Chi 

Omega participate in Trick-or- 

Treat on Greek Street. 

Halloween 41 

Above: Keynote speaker, Ed Gordon, chats with area middle school students during the Tri-ART program. 

Celeb rati ng 

The Legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. 

Above: Students on the MLK Committee pose with Ed Gordon, and 
President and Mrs. Barker. 

Right: Storyteller, Eddie Smith, entertains local youth. 

42 Student Life 





1 eft: The Ml K (lommcniorativc March. 

Below: Siudcnt Body President. Fletcher Anderson. 

.,.iar,As,-s ihr . rnw.l .,', .he 1'rr-M.irch RjJIv 

f^Hlcelebrating . if 


^^^^^Bi^xi^^ Martin Luther King, Jr. I^^^H 

^^^^^^^^'#^lr 1^ Commemorativ^arch ^^^^^^H 


"His Dream, Our Destiny" 

Above: An area choir performs during the Commemorative Ser\ ice. 

Celebrating History 43 

Above: The Field of Flags on Bowman is a striking visual example of how hate and discrimination affect the world wc 
those oppressed b\' hate, with each discriminative behavior depicted by a different color. 

n. The flags are a statistical representation of 

One World Week 

Left, Below: The Tunnel of Oppression simulates what it is like to be the victim of prejudice and di; 
Participants discuss their reactions and how they would facilitate positive changes in their lives. Events such as this are 
part of the year-round effort of the One World Project to develop "a supportive environment where commonalities and 
ifferences are not just tolerated or accepted, but embraced." 

44 Student Life 



•A ^^ ^H J^ct^'"'"""^^^^^^! 

■B^r ^[^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^1 




Above: r.J. Itydcn, a mcnilHT o( iht Sininn 
Wicsi-nthal Ontcr's lask Force Against Hate, s(H-aks 
about his personal experience of overcoming haic. 
As a former participant in the neo-Nazi movement. 
Leyden knows first-hand the destruction brought 
about by hate. He hopes his story will educate 
people about the dangers of hate groups. 

Left: A candlelight vigil is held in the Outdoor 
Theater for reflection and meditation on the weeks 
events. The One World Week Candlelight Vigil 
Committee hopes that the "luminaries filling the 
stage will signify that everyone's life in the Clemson 
community is valuable and worthy of respect no 
matter what their ethnicity, religion, disabilit)' or 
sexual orientation." 

'At least we can make the world safe for diversity, '' -John E Kennedy 

'•y cm accept p^ % 4 ^^^^ • 
^ cm nd tokfloU peopk d^ 

j3 Host Committee • September 2-5. 
- Clemson UnWersil^ 

Above: The .AIDS Memorial Quilt is made up of panels in remembrance of those who li.i 
Clemson famil\- who have been affected in some way by AIDS are encouraged to add pane 

. dicdoi Mi\ Ains 

, to this Internationa 


One WorU Week 45 









il i :. W 

^ M^ 

Here the sons of dear Old Clemson 
Reign supreme alway 

Members of the 2003 National Championshp team are 
D.J. Trahan, Greg Jones, Jack Ferguson, Matt Hendrix, and Ben Duncan. 

Clemson University Golf Team 
2003 NCAA Champions 

On May 30, 2003 the Men's Golf Team won their first 

NCAA Championship. The tournament took place in 

Stillwater, Oklahoma against the Oklahoma State Cowboys. 

Sophomore Jack Ferguson sealed the win for the Tigers by 

sinking a twenty foot putt. The Tigers had been ranked 

number one throughout the season, and were led by D. J. 

Trahan and Greg Jones. Senior D. J. Trahan was named 

the National Player of the Year in 2002 and 2003. Trahan's 

final score was a 74, which gave him the Tiger's best score. 

The Tigers are coached by Larry Penley. 

Photos Courtesy Kerry Capps. 

48 Go If Team 


'^ ^ ■ 








l^^B^ ^^VH 

i / 

1 Bm i 

S /■ 




5IP»ir^ ;- 

Kerry Cpps 


200 J XCAA i:iu))ip!a)i> 49 

Bowl Bonn 

50 Sports 

The (Mcmson Tigers attended their sixth IVach 
Bowl hosted by Atlanta in the (ieorgia Dome. 
With a 4-1 Peach Bowl record, the odds were 
against the Tigers. Clemson was able to hold 
off and obliterate the sixth-ranked Tennessee 

Volunteers. Kevin Youngblood, Derrick 

Hamilton, Justin Miller and Duane Coleman 

proved to be key players in the Hgers success. 

Chad Jasmin was the go-to player when the 

Tigers had their backs against the wall and 

he was honored for his career high 130 yards. 

Defense was also key in the game; allowing 

only 14 points to the Vols. 

Tigers Attend Peach Bowl for Sixth Time 



The 25 Most Exciting Seconds in College Football 


52 Sports 

P'; .: >' 

«^ t 

Football 53 



Despite a trying start to the 2003 football season, Tommy Bowden regained 
confidence from his players, fans, and colleagues to lead the Tigers to a 9-4 
season. Clemson defeated the top-ten ranked Florida State in Death Valley 

in addition to stomping the USC Gamecocks 63-17. During the season, 

Coach Bowden was named ACC Coach of the Year. He also led the team to 

his fifth bowl game in five years, an ACC record. Charlie Whitehurst had a 

banner season as the Tigers sophomore quarterback. Second only to N.C. 

State's quarterback, Phillip Rivers, Whitehurst reached ACC history with 

5,000 yards. Wide receiver Derrick Hamilton and defensive lineman Donnell 

Washington declared their intent to relinquish their last year of eligibility for a 

pick in the NFL draft. The recruiting for the 2004 season has begun in hopes 

of continued success for the Clemson Athletic Department. 

54 Sports 

\bove; Outrunning UdAs Bruce rliornton, wide receiver Airese 
urrie completes the pass in the first game of the season. 

Ught: Quarterback CharHe Whitehurst gets pressure from a UVA 
fender as he scrambles in the pocket to find an open receiver. 

Below Left: Linebacker John Leake gets ready as the Georgia Tech 
rtl-nse looks to make a play. 

|3elow Right: Looking to crush Georgia Tech's Wilkinson,\e tackle Gregory Walker moves into position. 

8-4 Tigers Go Out 
With A Bang 

Football 55 





56 Sports 


Leading the Tigers in Spirit 

Cheerleaders 57 

*^^^^^9f^ jSi^^^ 

i|gk ■^M^HkHHI^Bil^h^HSI 


1 1 

Dancing All Over Campus 


60 Sports 

'£. >* 

The Men's Varsity Baseball team once again completed another successful season under Coach Jack 

Leggett. Despite being eliminated by Duke in the ACC tournament, they entered the Auburn 

Regional as the number two seed. Auburn, the number one seed, stopped the Tigers' bid for an 

eighteenth consecutive, forty win season with a devastating loss. The Tigers' power still shows with 

the number of honors they received. First baseman, Michael Johnson, was named to the All-ACC 

team and lefthander, Richard Rohrbaugh was named a freshman All-American by Collegiate Baseball. 

Khalil Greene was a first round pick by the San Diego Padres in the 2002 Major League Baseball draft. 

The future remains bright for Tiger baseball with thirteen new signees for the 2003-2004 season. 

The Tigers Strike-Out The Competition 

Baseball 61 

Tiger Baseball 


















Bases Loaded for a Great Season 

Baiehnll 63 



64 Sports 


bove: ( 

.Carolina i 

hard loii^lu \i>.U)r) again!,i LNl,. 

Bonom-left: Center Chris Hobbes gains position under the 
casket over his opponent in Clemson's ACC matchup against FSU 
in Littiejohn Colliseum. 

^ W«r ^ 

Figh ti ng fo r Tige r Pr ide 



66 Sports 




68 Sports 

Womeu's Basketball 69 






' 'ir 


Tiger Basketball 


70 Sports 

rhe Lady Tigers always give their opponents trouble and have 
fans excited and on the edge of thier seats. With four returning 

seniors, the Tigers did not make this season an exception. 

These ladies have the talent and dedication to get the job done 

and bring home victory for Clemson! 

Ladies that know how to get the job done! 

Woiiiiiiy liiL^i<ilhilll ~1 


The Clemson golf team, fresh from a National 

Title win, entered the fall and spring seasons 

with continued energy. With eight returning 

players including junior. Jack Ferguson, the 

Tigers looked to continue their winning streak 

during the Fall. The team kicked off their 

season with The Ridges Invitational and used 

the momentum from the win to continue 

through nine more tournaments. The 

Tigers placed first in the Hooters Match Play 

Championship in Myrtle Beach, SC. Matt 

Hendrix, one of the top players at the Walker 

Cup, defeated his opponent by winning eight 

consecutive holes. With all of these wins 

behind them, the team looks to the upcoming 

ACC tournament and hope to win another 

National Championship. 

72 Sports 

Tigers Driving Their Way To A Great Season 

Golf 73 


The Women's Rowing team finished a strong fall 2003 season at the Head of the Hooch regatta, 

placing first in both the Women's Championship 4+ and the Women's Freshman 8+ divisions. 

The Tigers' competitive season was marked by wins over Virginia and Duke at the Head of Mon 

regatta. The Varsity 4+ division competed for the first time at the Head of Charles regatta, finishing 

very strongly at l4th overall. Coxswains Sarah Canterbury and Liz Yost will lead the team in such 

competitive races as the San Diego classic in the spring 2004 season. Next season looks very promising 

for the Tigers with the return of seven of the Varsity 8+ rowers and thirteen strong recruits. Coached 

by Susie Lueck, Clemson Women's Rowing is quickly becoming a dominant force in the ACC. 

74 Sports 

Tigers Rowing to Victory 

Rowing 75 

tiW' '' 



76 Sports 

Kicking The Competition 

The Clemson Tiger Men's Soccer team finished 

with a overall record of 9-7-4 and has advanced 

to the NCAA tournament. The soccer team 

had two players named third team All-South. 

They were Chase Hilgenbrinck and Kenny 

Cutler. This Clemson Tiger team has worked 

hard and looks forward to future success. 

Men's Soccer 77 






LiltA. 1 J 

i^flifeii^ 1 


^g^gg^ ,. ^ 

mmmm .. % 



The Clemson Lady Tigers ended another great season with a bid for the NCAA 

tournament under Head Coach Todd Bramble. With a shut-out against 

Charleston as well as a huge defeat over Wofford, the women's soccer team 

put on quite a show. Freshman midfielder, Courtney Foster, led the team 

contributing a total of thirteen goals and five assists to the ladies' success. 

She was named ACC Player of the Week in November, as well as a member 

of Soccer America's 2003 College Women's Freshman All-America team. 
Additionally, Foster and teammates Paige Ledford and Allison Graham were 
named to the NCAA All-Southeast team. With four new girls signed on for 
next season, the women's soccer team should have no problem scoring goals! 

78 Sports 

Making Goals On And Off The Field 

Women s Soccer 79 



The Clemson Men's Swimming & Diving Team finished another successful 

season, competing in the NCAA Zone B Diving Regional in Austin, TX. 

Eric Shulick placed thirteenth in the one meter diving event. At the ACC 

Championship Tournament in Chapel Hill, NC, Mark Henley earned first 

place in the 200 meter backstroke event. Despite their busy schedule traveling 

nearly every weekend of each semester to swim meets around the country, the 

Tigers still managed to keep up their grades. The GPA of the Men's Swimming 

& Diving Team was the highest of all Clemson athletics at 2.96. With six new 

freshmen to join the team for the 2003—2004 season, the Tigers look for another 

successful year under Head Coach Christopher Ip. 

80 Sports 

Men Dive In And Go The Distance 

Men) SwiDininig and Diving 8 1 


"»'' DIVING 


The Lady Tigers of Clemson's Swimming & Diving Team ended last year's 
season with their heads well above the water. With new Assistant Coach 

Rachael Amman, the team finished fifi:h overall in the ACC Championship 
Tournament in Chapel Hill, NC. Kim Routh continued in the NCAA 
Championships to place twenty-second overall; Jenna Burtch was named 

second-team Verizon Academic All-American and was awarded an NCAA 
postgraduate scholarship. In addition to their success in the water, the women 

also held the highest GPA at 3.22 for all Clemson womens' athletic teams. 
Carrie Nixon joined the ladies as a new coach for the 2003—2004 season, 

focusing on sprint freestyle, IM, and butterfly. She was named a two-time 
All-American while swimmine for Notre Dame. 

82 Sports 

Lady Tigers Finish With a Splash 

Women's Swiuiiuiiig {Did Divitig 83 


^^^^^^K ^ v/'^^^HI^^^^^^^^I 






Men's Tennis 

The Clemson Tigers completed another successful 
season in 2003 with sixteen tournament wins and only 
six loses. The team was led by Jarmaine Jenkins, John 
Boetsch, and Sander Koning. The Tigers are coached 
by Chuck Kriese. At the end of the season, four Tigers 

were named to the 2003 ACC Men's Tennis Team. 
The 1 8 member team was selected by the ACC head 

coaches. Those honored were Damilisa Robinson, 

John Boetsch, Sander Koning, and Ash Misquith. 


Game, Set, MATCH 

Mens Tennis 85 



In Spring 2003, the Women's Tennis Team started out the season with experience, 

with seven returning players. The Lady Tigers were ranked thirty-first in the 

preseason poll. However, as soon as play started the team moved up in the 

poll. The team won their season opener against the College of Charleston, 6-1. 

By February, the team was ranked twenty-first aft:er defeating South Carolina, 
UNC Greensboro, Chattanooga, and Auburn. Julie Garners, Alix Lacelarie, and 

Daniela Alvarez were named ACC Players of the Week. The team peaked at 
seventeenth in the poll and competed in the NCAA Championships. Julie Coin 
and Alix Lacelarie competed in the women's singles. Coin also joined teammate 

Laurence Jayet, in the doubles competition. All three were eliminated by the 
third round, but overall the team had a successful season. 

86 Sports 

Actng The Competitio 


88 Sports 

Racing to Victory 

In the Spring of 2003, the Men's Track and Field team finished 

with an overall winning season. The Tigers were led by Rick 

Hill, Shawn Crawford, and George Kitchens. The Men's 

4x400 meter relay team earned a chance to compete in the 

NCAA Championships, where they finished fourteenth overall. 

Itay Magidi and George Kitchens were named All- Americans. 

Rick Hill also received the Verizon Academic All-American 

Honor. Magidi placed third overall in the 3,000 meter 

Steeplechase, while Kitchens placed tenth in the long jump. 

Both athletes now hold the University record in their events. 

Kitchens also qualified to compete in the USA Championships, 

where he placed fourteenth in the long jump. With 2003 

behind them, the Tigers look forward to the 2004 season. 

Mens Track 89 



The Lady Tigers Track and Field team entered three athletes to compete in 

the 2003 NCAA Championships. Joana Costa, Lauren Nicholson, and Gisele 

Oliveria all competed in their chosen events. Oliveria took eighth overall in 

the long jump and was also named to the 7\11-American team. She also placed 

third overall in the Triple Jump. Oliveria also received Ail-American honors in 

that event as well. Senior, Lauren Nicholson finished her Clemson career with 

a twenty-fourth place finish in the Heptahalon. Joana Costa became the first 

pole vaulter in the University's history to compete at the NCAA tournament. 

She finished twentv-second overall in the nation. The Tigers may have sent only 

three athletes to the Championships but they had a successfiil season overall. 

The team won the George Mason Invitational, the Virginia Tech Invitational, 

and placed ninth in the ACC Championships. 

90 Sports 

Crossing The Finish Line 

Wo?7ie)is Track 91 

Vo II ey ball 

With an overall record of 18-16, the Tiger Volleyball team had another winning season. 
The team played hard in the ACC tournament, but fell to the Terrapins of Maryland in a 
semifinal game. The Lady Tigers were awarded several esteemed titles this season. Two of 

the awards were invitations for Leslie Finn, an outside hitter, and Lori Ashton, a middle 
hitter, to be a part of the 2003 AVCA All-East Region team. Finn and Liz Beckham were 

also named to the 2003 All-ACC team. The Tigers looked great this season, and with 
twelve retuning players, the Tigers should have an awesome team next year. 

92 Sports 



Bk_JA 1 



'^'- ^ 



— ^ 





^— 1 

9 r-fTT L 



i; \ I 

Tigers Serve Up A Great Season 

Volleyball 93 

Club Sports 

Clemson University offers a wide range of sports and activities to keep all of its 
students busy and happy. There are many traditional sports club teams such as 
basketball, swimming, soccer and golf There are also sports clubs that are less 

conventional, such as the Dixie Skydivers, the scuba club, or the paintball team. 
Martial Arts is also a widely participated club. Students at Clemson can choose 

between Karate, Tai Kwan Do, Jit Su, Tai Chi, Hapkido, and Chong Hhu. New 
clubs are formed to meet the students' needs, based on their interests. 

94 Club Sports 

Finding A Place Among The Tigers 

Club Sports 95 



96 Club Sports 

Clemson Crew, coached by graduate student Jonas Johnson, may 
be a club sport, but that does not mean it is not serious. This co- 
ed team practiced together every afternoon and many mornings, 
but women's and men's boats raced separately. During the tall 
season, the team participated in four 5000 meter head races; in 
the spring, four 2000 meter sprint races. While the number of 
team members fell between the fall and spring semesters from 
70 to 55 members, respectively, the overall team performance 
improved. At each regatta an average of 25 teams competed, 
and the Clemson team generally placed well. While no rivalries 
existed, Georgia Tech was the best team around and the team to 
beat. Crew is an incredibly demanding sport both mentally and 
physically; it may be painful, but can be very rewarding. The 
students involved were extremelv dedicated. 



The Ice Hockey team, led by it's six seniors, competed in twenty-five games 
this season. This year the team earned their first bid to the playoffs. The 

team worked and played hard all season. They won many matches, but also 

had some hard losses. The University of Virginia proved to be their hardest 

match of all. The Tigers, captained by Jay Fagan, fell to the Cavaliers in a 

disappointing loss. However, the team did win many of it's home games 

played in Greenville, either at the Pavillion or at the Bi-Lo Center. The team 

continues to practice in the off-season, with the hope of continued success. 

98 Club Sports 

Skating Past The Competition 



The Clemson University Men's Rugby team continued to display strength and 

skill that they have become known for. Although a club sport, they practice 

several days a week to prepare for both the fall and spring seasons. Their 

dedication paid off as the Tigers went undefeated in the fall, with a 13-0 

season. They continued their winning streak into the spring season until a 

devastating loss to 2003 South champions, UNC, snapped the Tigers' winning 

streak of sixteen games. New rules passed now only allow B-panel referees or 

higher to administer collegiate division-one games. Also, a new rule created a 

B-Side XV championship game; this will help the sport to grow and gain more 

recognition. The Tigers' success will continue through the spring season as 

they prepare for games against rivals, such as Georgia and Tennessee, and a seat 

in the National Championship tournament. 

100 Club Sports 

Destroying the Competition 

Rugby 101 


Clemson offers its students Softball as an intramural sport. Each Spring teams sign 

up to compete. This gives all of the old baseball players the chance to continue 

playing in a competitively. There are two divisions that they can be in, the men's 

league and the co-ed league. A large portion of the teams are fraternities. The games 

are played on the intramural fields throughout the week, and are umpired by other 

students. At the end of the season there is a single elimination tournament; the two 

top teams from the brackets meet in the end to determine the winner of the season. 

02 Club Sports 

Tigers Having Fun On The Intramural Fields 

Softball 103 

Ultimate trisbee 

"Ultimate" is taking the nation, and this 

campus, by storm. This is a game of 7 on 

7 where the goal is to move the disc up the 

field by passing fi'om one teammate to the 

next. The first team to 13 wins the match. 

The ultimate fi-isbee team here at Clemson is 

open to anyone who wants to play. The team 

usually practices twice a week, and competes 

n about three tournaments a semester. They 

host the Joint Summit Classic each spring 

and college teams throughout the Southeast 

compete. This past year the Clemson team 

won the tournament. 


1 04 Club Sports 

Ultimate F 






— - 

Llti})idtc tnsbcc 1(J5 



1 06 Club Sports 

Girls Can Play Too! 

The Clemson lacrosse team is not one that many students 

know about. However, if one were to look at the past records 

of the team, they would be surprised to see they have been 

around for years and have had nearly all winning seasons. 

The 2003-2004 season was not any different. The team was 

captained by Katy Gilbert, Elizabeth Ernst; they have a season 

in both the fall and the spring. Clemson also hosts its own 

tournament. This year nine teams competed in the three day 

tournament. The Tigers won many close matches over the 

season; they hope for more winning seasons in the future. 

Lacrosse 10' 



Fencing, the sport of Kings throughout history, has a home here at Clemson. 

The club team, made up of 24 men and women, travels around the country 

competing against teams from other schools. There are three categories for the 

Fencers to participate. Epee is a heavier sword and the tehe targets are the whole 

body. The Sabre is the modern version of the calvary sword; the opponent may 

be hit by using the side of the blade or the tip. The Foil category is based on all 

hits targeted at the torso. The Fencing team competes at the collegiate, national, 

and even international levels. In the Carolina Duels at UNC, the men's team 

finished third overall. Michael Green, Ed Lidow, and Josh Pelkey led the men 

in the Foil, while Brannon Traxler led the women with two wins in the Epee 

category. With the team continuously growing and improving, Clemson 

Fencing is sure to be a threat in future tournaments. 

108 Club Sports 

AliDvc: Joih Aycr!> tako a break Iroiii his maalic!. and waiclic: 
hi-, u animates compete. 

1{il;1u: Joel Evans checks his Epee to make sure the machine will 
iroperly and count the hits that he makes. 

Fencing Targets Clemson 

Dixie Sky divers 

Why would someone willingly jump out 
of an airplane? For the thrill of course. 
Clemson University has its own skydiving 
team called the Dixie Skydivers. The team 
made up of thirty-four members that have a 
taken classes and tests to become certified i 
skydiving. There are three classes of jumpji 
they can participate. They are the Tandenri 
Freefall, the Accelerated Freefall, and the i 
Static Line. The team participates in mam' 
exhibition jumps throughout the year. The 
participate in the World Champion Free Faj 
as well as a Valentine's Day jump. The dive; 
also fly in the Clemson and United Statesi 
flags during Tigerama in October. The teaj 
can be seen in the air all days of the week, r 
matter the season. 


1 1 Club Sports 



Free Falling Through Life 

Dixie Skydivers 1 1 1 

Renovations to Littlejohn 
Coliseum and tlie addition of 
tlie new Clemson Indoor Track 

and Field Facility have been 
completed. These facilities not 
only will allow the Tigers more 
opportunities for success, but 
the teams also hope to attract 
a larger fan base to help cheer 
them on to victory. 

112 Sports 



Where The Tigers Play 

Wttl^^^^^B^^^^ Jtiii!\A .L Jill 1 


A'ifz^ Facilities 1 1 3 


We will dream of great conquests 
For our past is grand 

I A Letter from 
President Barker 


Dear Clemson Students: 

As I complete my fourth year as President of our alma mater, I write to say thank 
you. I am grateful for the opportunity you, as students, give me for interaction with you 
as we live, work and learn in this remarkable place we call Clemson. 

As Marcia and I reflect on this place, we are reminded of the sunsets across Lake 
Hartwell, the sound of the carillon, the views to the Blue Ridge Mountains, the smell of 
newly mowed grass on Bowman Field, and the moonlight illuminating the amphitheater. 
These are images we hope you take with you from Clemson. 

But there is much more to this place than images, vistas and sounds. It is Clemson 
people that make Clemson so remarkable. Foremost among Clemson people are 
Clemson students. The Clemson family is real; we see it everyday. The heart of the 
Clemson family is you, Clemson students. You give this place and its people energy, 
philosophy, character, integrity and spirit. 

This combination of people and place produce an experience unlike any other - the 
Clemson Experience. 

As we move forward to make a great Clemson even greater and as we move closer to 
our vision as a Top 20 public university, we are led by you - Top 20 students. 

Thank you for letting us be a part of your Clemson Experience and thank you for 
being such a vital part of our Clemson Experience. 

Go Tigers! 




s F. Barker, FAIA 

Pres dent 




Communication Studies 

Construction Science & Management 



rts & 



Performing Arts 

Philosophy & Religion 

Planning & Landscape Architecture 

Ihc college of Architecture, Arts, and 

I lumanitics is proud to announce three 

new graduate and two new doctoral 

degrees this year. I'hese new degrees 

inckide masters programs for Real 

Estate, Landscape Architecture, and 

Science oi Historic Preservation. It also 

includes Ph.D. programs for Professional 

C^ommunications and Environmental 

Design and Planning. The college has 

won awards for its recent landscape work 

in a town in El Salvador that was leveled 

by earthquakes. Ihc college was also 

the leader in Clemson's Communication 

Across the Curriculum program that was 

recognized by Time Magazine. Dean 

anice Schach is proud of the college and 

looking forward to its future. She hopes 

the college serves as a center for cultural 

and artistic studies that provides students 

with a strong and broad education. 

CAAH 119 

Undergraduate students from 

Landscape Architecture and 

Architecture worked together with 

graduate students in the City and 

Regional Planning Program to 

help design the new Museum of 

Life and the Environment in York 

County, South Carolina. The 

museum's grounds will feature 

an indoor/outdoor walking trail 

and an outdoor lab that will be 

used in educating high school and 

middle school students. Some 

of the museum's objectives are to 

explore the impact of the natural 

environment on people of the past, 

present, and future and to emphasize 

the importance of the Catawba River 

in shaping the environmental history 

of the Carolina Piedmont. 

College of Architecture, Arts and Humanities 

Benjamin Keese was born in 1881 in 

Anderson, SC. In 1910 he began constructior 

of the Keese Barn. The original purpose of th( 

barn was the sale of staple items, canned goods 

confectioneries, hot dogs, and soda. In 1928 

living quarters and a second story were added 

to the barn. The owners also started selling 

what the barn would be known for, antiques. 

Beside buying various foods and antiques, the 

barn was known for social gatherings. The 

barn grew old however, and Clemson stepped 

in to help in 2002. The project, undermined 

by "Studio South", was a massive one. 

Disassembly began after plans of reconstructio 

were made and as you can see in this picture, 

many people were involved. Even the student 

of Pendleton Elementary were asked to draw 

designs that would be later be the shingles of 

the renovated barn. The project just won a 

highly competitive award from the Associatio) 

of Collegiate Schools of Architecture. 

120 Academics 

Students majoring in performing 

arts at (>lemson focus on much more 

than practicing and performing 

their chosen art form, whether 

music or theater. I-.mphasis is also 

on the technolog)' and various roles 

incorporated into performing arts 

production. This muhidisciplinary 

structure provides students with 

a valuable edge and prepares 

them ioT both performance and 

nonperformance careers while 

pursuing their passion for the 

arts. As lighting designers, sound 

engineers, production supervisors, or 

a variety of other roles, performing 

arts majors play a pivotal role in 

performances even if they are not 

the spotlight on stage. 

Seeking the Goals of Clemson University 

Art is called by many a form of personal 
expression, and here at Clemson there are 
a variety of incredible works of art created 

by our very own Clemson students and 
facult)'. The College of Art, Architecture, 

and Humanities has been busy at work 
creating artwork that stuns its viewers in a 
variety of artistic fields. Sculpture, casting 
in bronze and iron, and even drawing and 

painting are some of the areas that these 
artisans create timeless works of art. One 

joint project between several areas of the 

college was the design and development of 

a patient friendly hospital room. Projects 

such as this show that there is creativit)' in 

areas bevond the art world. 

CAAH 121 

After spending fall semester wondering 
about the Daniel Hall construction, 
students soon discovered the mess 
had transformed into the state-of-the- 
art Class of 1941 Studio for Student 
Communication. While the Roy and 
Marnie Pearce Center for Professional 
Communication has been in operation 
since 1989, the Class of 19415 generous 
gift allowed for the renovations 
necessary to bring Clemson this one- 
of-a-kind teaching and researching 
institute. Not just for communication 

majors, the Pearce Center is inter- 
disciplinary. In fact, the staff includes 

eleven graduate and undergraduate 
students that represent all five colleges. 

liege of Architecture, Arts and Humanities 

The new wireless studio, complete 
with a conference room, offers 
a variety of resources including 
laptops, scanners, video editing, 
SmartBoards, and printers. Staff 
members are eager to help with 
any type of communication project 

from PowerPoint presentations, 

speeches, and posters to e-portfolios 

and papers, at times even integrating 

these forms of communication. In 

this communication-driven society, 

all students should take advantage 

of this opportunity to improve their 

own skills. 

122 Academics 



L 1^ 

Tigeroar and Take Note are rwo of 

Clemson's student a cappelia groups. 

They put on concerts periodically 

throughout the year in the Brooks 

Onter and go on tour as well. 

Both groups have performed at 

charity events and competed in the 

quarterfinals of the International 

C^hampionship of (lollegiate A 

Cappelia. Tigeroar placed second 

and will be competing at the 
semifinal competition that will be 
held at Clemson. Both groups have 
quite a reputation, wonderful sound, 
and friendly singers. For a treat \'ou 
will not regret, catch these groups in 
concert or buy one of their CD's to 
entertain vou everv davl 

Seeking the Goals of Clemson University 

Students and facult}' in architecture, 

art, and industrial design from 

Clemson and Carleton Universities 

collaborate to design an inpatient 

health care setting that is both 

functional and aesthetic. The 

criteria for the project are to design 

a setting that is therapeutic for the 

patient, a positive environment for 

family and staff, as well as functional 

and adaptable. While maintaining 

the efficiency of patient care, the 

designs strive to meet the various 

needs of patients, family, and staff 

This interdisciplinary collaboration 

is an innovative project that could 

change the health care environment. 

CAAH 123 

Dean Calvin Schoulties hopes 

that students of the College of 

Agriculture, Forestry, and Life 

Sciences leave Clemson with a 

positive experience and education. 

He feels that the curriculum that 

the college offers will prepare them 

for life and their career. The college 

works to combine innovation with 

tradition, always keeping its history 

in mind. Clemson began as a land 

grant school and this college helps to 

reinforce that aspect of the history. 

124 Academics 

Agricultural and Applied Ixonomics 

Agricultural Hducation 

Agricultural Mechanization and Business 

Animal and Veterinary Science 

Aquaculture, Fisheries and Wildlife 


College of 

Life Sci 



Biological Sciences Horticulture 

Biosystems Engineering Microbiology and Molecular Medicine 

Community and Economic Development Packaging Science 

Crop and Soil Environmental Science Pre-Pharmacy 

Environmental and Natural Resources Pre-Rehabilitation Sciences 

Food Science and Human Nutrition Pre-Professional Health Studies 

Forest Resources Turfgrass Management 

Dr. Tom Scott is a professor in the 

Biological Sciences department 

and teaches Immunology and 

Immunobiology. His current 

research project looks at the 

involvement of cytokines and 

adhesion molecules in immune 

responses, particularly in immune 

therapy for cancer. Dr. Scott 
plans to use adhesion molecules 
and attachment of lymphocytes 
in possible treatments for cancer. 
With this work he is hoping that 
patients will no longer have to have 

mass bodily treatments such as 

chemotherapy. Dr. Scott has been 

working on this project for 14 years 

and is getting closer everyday. 

College of Agriculture, Forestry and Life Sciences 

While nitrogen makes up 70% 
of the atmosphere, atmospheric 
nitrogen is unavailable to living 
organisms until it is reduced by 

certain bacteria. Legume plants set 

up a symbiosis with some of these 
bacteria by supplying carbon for the 

bacteria. The bacteria fix nitrogen 
from the air for the plant inside 
special structures called nodules. 
Since legumes provide 33% of 
human nutrition in the world, a 
more detailed understanding of 
the plants' control of nodulation 

would be beneficial to agricultural 
production. Researchers at 

Clemson are trying to identify the 

similarities and differences between 
nodule development and other 

more universal plant signaling and 
developmental pathways. 

126 Academics 

I lave you ever wondered what the 

white building in the gravel parking 

lor across from V&cA is for? That 

building is the Kndocrinology 

iUsearch Building. Dr. Sandra (Jray 

and her assistant Jane Owenby, 

work there with undergraduate 

and graduate students to find 

answers to the most recent scientific 

problems. The current project they 

are working on measures residue 

levels of hormones in edible meat 

tissue from cows. This lab is Good 

laboratory Practice Certified, which 

allows them to conduct research for 

pharmaceutical companies. 

Seeking the Goals of Clemson University 

The Animal and Veterinary Science 

department, led by associate 

professor Dr. Steve Ellis, has been 

doing research on stem cells for the 

I past year. By studying a distinctive 

staining cell in the mammory gland 

of cows, researchers are discovering 

how to enhance the life of certain 

stem cells. These stem cells work in 

the growth of other stem cells. This 

research will aid in yielding more 

milk in cows because the number 

of stem cells parallels the amount 

of milk that a cow produces. This 

research will also aid in human 

breast cancer research as the 

department studies the same cells in 

cows. The research in the Clemson 

department continues to remain on 

the cutting edge. 

CAFLS 127 

Clemson University's poultry farm 

raises some of the best poultry 

around. These birds are raised to 

help provide a source of eggs and 

meat to local businesses as well as 

the public. The workers on the farm 

take great care of the animals and 
are constantly striving to maintain a 
very healthy and safe environment 

for the birds. Part of these 

products are also donated to other 

departments around campus for 

research to help improve the quality 

of the poultry field. 

College of Agriculture, Forestry and Life Sciences 

128 Academics 

Clemson University has its own 
area on campus where you can visit 

a desert and rainforest within 20 

feet of each other. The greenhouses 

on Clemson's campus are areas of 

extensive research for departments 

such as genetics, molecular biology, 

and other science fields. These 

plants are being used in experiments 

to isolate specific desired genes, 

produce desired plant types, and 

how to produce the prime type 

of turf grass. The houses are all 

computer controlled and monitored 

and are essentially their own specific 

biome within each section. 

('Icmsons rurfgrass research is 
breaking ground in producing 
superior varieties of grass for 
athletic fields. Researchers have 
traveled all around the South to 
gather the best parent plants to 
work with. The new plants that are 

being grown have enhanced cold 
tolerance and pest tolerance. Other 
research is being done on what the 

proper height of grass should be 

on golf courses for the best results. 

Clemson's own Walker Golf Courses 

beautifully manicured greens and 

fairways are maintained by students 

in this field of study. With such 

impressive research going on at 

Clemson, Walker's greens are always 

sure to be in excellent shape! 

Seeking the Goals of Clemson University 

T. ED Garrison Arena is a host to 

many different Clinics, Rodeos, 

and shows. Some of the events 

that take place at the arena are the 

IPRA Rodeo, the Southeastern 

Championship Bull ride, and the 

SC high school state finals rodeo. 

Having a two acre covered arena 

makes holding these events a blast 

for spectators and competitors 

alike. Also, the expanded cattle 

facilities include an enclosed show 

and sale arena, which make cattle 

shows and sales major events at the 

arena. These are just some of the 

many exciting events that take place 

at T ED Garrison Arena. 

CAFLS 129 






Graphic Communications 

Industrial Management 

usiness & 






Political Science 

Dr. Jerry Trapnell is the Dean of the College of Business 

and Behavioral Science, the largest undergraduate college 

at Clemson University. In order to have the best academic 

experience, the College recruits outstanding faculty and 

students. One of the high priorities is having excellent 

faculty to attract students to participate in the College. Also, 

to increase retention of students and faculty, the College 

of Business and Behavioral Science is keeping its academic 

programs current and relevant to today's working world. 

This is being achieved by improving classes and integrating 

technolog}' into the curricula. 

The Center to Advance Marketing and Social Science 

allows businesses to work with undergraduates in research 

projects. By involving more students in research, they will 

be better prepared to respond to real-life business situations. 

The College of Business and Behavioral Science Academic 

Advising Center has been a successful tool in meeting the 

specific needs of students in the College, and enhancing their 

overall experience. The College of Business and Behavioral 

Science continues to seek the goal of enhancing the quality 

of education as it relates to the goals of Clemson Universit)'. 

CBBS 131 

The Graphic Communications 

Department held the dedication 

ceremony on October 10, 2003 for 

the Martin DRO, a new flexographic 

rotary diecutter donated by the 

International Corrugated Packaging 

Foundation and the Bobst Group. 

The press was installed at Clemson's 

Printing and Converting Research 

Center in Pendleton. As part of 

an educational program known as 

Phase II, the department is currently 

attempting to update the equipment 

found at Print/Con in order to allow 

students to work with the most 

advanced technology available. Many 

companies in the printing industry 

work closely with Clemson and help 

the university to claim one of the top 

graphics programs in the country. 

College of Business and Behavioral Science 


Orange Released "^ 
Office Manufacturing 

Products °''''' ,r:^rrr*j 

VC^C - Sh^i 

. _ VVeU.K^c, 

\;^t7C ' H-nhryQ 1 


■ '-^'Ai^Kirvo 

What sets Clemson students who have passed Dr. 
Larry LaForge's MGT 402 class apart from the typical 
job applicant? The hands-on experience of running a 
simulated factory, Orange Office Products (OOPS). 
While most students outside of the management major 
may have never heard about this virtual company, it has 
been in continuous operation since 1986. 

The management laboratory, equipped with current 
software used by real companies, helps students to 
develop real-world business skills. In a classroom of 
twenty students or less, each participant interviews for a 
job and even signs a contract. By allowing the students 
to manage the operations of OOPS, Dr. LaForge gives 
them a chance to apply textbook knowledge and gain 

This unique classroom experience also provides an 
opportunity for team-building as "managers" interact 
with one another to run their company. With so many 
potential benefits, what more can students ask for on th 
road to obtaining a Clemson University management 

132 Academics 

Recent C^lcnisoii graduate Adam Witty had a 
vision to connect sports fans in need of tickets 
from coast to coast. With this vision, he began 

Ticket Advantage, parented by Advantage 

Networks. This allows the reselling of unused 

tickets, selling of primary tickets and e-ticketing 

through the use of online barcodes. Advantage 

Networks specializes in experiential marketing, 

sales and marketing representation and mobile 

marketing tours. Adam planned and executed the 

Baseball USA tour to promote Ticket Advantage. 

Mobile Marketing At It's Best 

Stops on the tour include Cal Ripkin's Baseball 
Camp, Comerica Park in Detroit, MI and many 
minor league venues. Stations there, provided by 
sponsors such as GMAC, HP and General Tire 
entertained many families before the big games. 
Adam is working on a National Tennis Tour for Fall 
2004 and a Distance Running Tour scheduled to 
launch in Fall 2004 and run until Spring 2005. 

CBBS 133 

The Psychology Department has 

used this simulator to conduct 

several studies on driving behavior. 

Mick Rakauska researched the 

effects of easy versus difficult cell 

phone conversations on driving 

performance. Meredith Fogle studied 

the effects of in-vehicle navigation 

systems on situation awareness 

while driving. Melissa Falzetta has 

also used the simulator to conduct 

experiments seeking to discover the 

difference between adults with and 

without ADHD in terms of attention 

allocation while driving. Several other 

research projects are being conducted 

with the simulator, like Johnell Brooks' 

study of visual impairment and driving 

performance. With the help of the 

simulator, these students are preparing 

the way for safer roads. 

College of Business and Behavioral Science 

On the fourth floor of Sirrine Hall is a small 
room that not many people know about. It 
is the University trade floor, Clemson's own 
little New York. The trade floor is equipped 
with instruments to simulate the New York 
stock exchange. There are computers and 

machines that provide information on 

companies' stock information, as well as 

a ticker machine that spouts out the stock 

report continuously through the day. The 

room is offered to those students that 

are pursuing careers in stock exchange, 

accounting, and financial analysis. Classes 

allow students to use the trade floor during 

projects where the students must build 

a virtual portfolio. This is just one way 

of allowing students to receive hands-on 

experience in a "real-life " situation. 

134 Academics 

l-A'cr notice that certain things 
just drive you crazy? Under the 

advisement of Dr. Kowalski, 
Melinda Keith is conducting on- 
going research on pet peeves. She 
has investigated how people form 

and cope with pet peeves and 

found that more than 90 percent 

of pet peeves are controllable and 

deal with people's behavior. Now 

Melinda is looking into whether the 

relationship between two people 

affects the strength of irritation. 

Her findings are relatively new 

to psycholog)' field. She has 

presented her study at a Societ)' of 

South Eastern Social Psychologists 

convention and looks forward to 

discovering more about the things 

that get on our nerves! 

Seeking the Goals of Clemson University 

Who knew Brackett was home to a 
telemarketing lab run by the Center for 
Advancement of Marketing and Social 
Science? The CatiLab offers part-time, on- 
campus employment for Clemson students 
willing to administer phone and web-bascd 
surveys. Generally, the survey center is 
hired by non-profit organizations such as 
the United Way, Stop the Violence, and the 
National Science Foundation. However, the 
CatiLab serves as a source of information- 
fathering for the University, as well. Faculty 

within the college can employ the lab's 

services free of charge. Also, profits made 

rom conducting surveys act as extra research 

funds for faculty who have felt the effects of 

department budget cuts. Not only does the 

CatiLab provide student job opportunities, 

but it also promotes the research that is 

important to the Clemson family. 

CBBS 135 

The College of Engineering and Science and Dr. Thomas 

M. Keinath, Dean of Engineering and Science, have 

developed ideas to attain the goal of leading Clemson 

University to become a Top Twenty Public school. It has 

focused on enhancing the quality of students admitted 

to the College as well as on increasing its retention and 

graduation rates. In order to increase retention, there has 

been much emphasis placed on the success of students 

taking calculus. Appropriate placement, supplemental 

instruction, and extensive help sessions have allowed 

students better opportunities to graduate successfully. 

In meeting the portion of the goal that is based on 

academic reputation, the College of Engineering and 

Science has been increasing its research expenditures. It 

has continued to grow in this area by about fifiy-percent 

annually. Also, this may help US nationals decide to 

pursue graduate, especially doctoral level education at 

Clemson University. The College of Engineering and 

Science also intends to increase the number of articles 

faculty members publish each year, and develop or patent 

new ideas. The College of Engineering and Science is usin^ 

these guidelines to successfully pursue Top Twenty status. 


136 Academics 

Biosystems Engineering 


Ceramic and Materials Engineering 

Chemical Engineering 


Civil Engineering 

Computer Science 



Electrical and Computer Engineering 

Engineering Graphics 

Environmental Engineering and Science 

General Engineering 

Geological Sciences 

Industrial Engineering 

Materials Science and Engineering 

Mathematical Sciences 

Mechanical Engineering 


Textiles, Fiber and Polymer Science 

Vijay UUal, a sophomore working with the 

Electrical and Computer Engineering department, 

is building on his interest in music by studying 

how sounds travel through space, or acoustics. 

One project he has been working with involves 

writing a computer program that creates a 

virtual room in which echoes are simulated. The 

data gathered from this study is significant in 

determining the origin of a sound based on its 

receptor. Referred to as acoustic localization, this 

information can be applied to improve the quality 

of audio entertainment and hearing aids. 

College of Engineering and Science 

Another project Vijay is working 

on involves the study of how 

humans communicate and process 

speech. One important goal of 

the research is to improve speech 

recognition. The information 

gathered from this study could 

be applied in multiple ways 

such as: reduced audio noise on 

cell phones to improve clarity 

of conversation between users, 

a computer system capable of 

interpreting and understanding 

speech, arid governmental 


138 Academics 

I lie School of Materials Science and 

Kngineering has recently embarked 

on a mission to discover how we 

can use our eight legged friends to 

learn the best way to synthesize new 

materials. Dr. Michael Ellison is 

part oi the research group that is 

studying how to genetically engineer 

modified organisms for special 
proteins to synthesize new materials 

for biomedical use. The natural 

properties of spider silk and collagen 

are an area of research this group 

is concentrating on to learn how it 

can be utilized by modern medical 

science for use in tissue regeneration. 

This area of research is exciting and 

new with promising results. 

Seeking the Goals of Clemson University 

Christopher Welch, a Barry M. 

Goldwater Scholarship recipient, 

is a Senior majoring in Biological 

Sciences and Chemistry. He and a 

group of other Clemson students are 

researching bird migration. They 

are working to analyze how wind 

speed and wind direction at the Gulf 

Coast influence the time migrating 

birds arrive during the spring. The 

data from this research has spawned 

new projects exploring the effects 

of other weather variables on bird 

CES 139 


Mentoring, networking, and 

tutoring are just some of the 

benefits that W.I.S.E. offers to 

its members. Women In Science 

and Engineering is a Clemson 
University organization with the 

purpose of supporting female 

science and engineering majors. 

Sneak-A-Peak is a W.I.S.E. 

summer program that is held 

in collaboration with Clemson's 

Center for Advanced Engineering 

Fibers and Films for incoming 

freshmen. The future engineering, 

science, or math majors can 

spend an entire week on campus 

becoming accustomed to the 

college atmosphere of classes, 

dining halls, and social activity. 

Current Clemson students serve as 

counselors for at the camp. 

College of Engineering and Science 

Project W.I.S.E. is another 

summer camp that the 

organization hosts during the 

summer. Rising eighth-grade 

girls are invited to participate in a 

week of non-credit mini-courses 

taught by Clemson engineering 

and science professors. The girls 

enjoy the hands-on learning 

experiences of the courses. 

Current Clemson students serve 

as mentors and counselors at 

this camp. W.I.S.E. is a fun 

organization to be involved with 

if you wish to support future 

female engineers, scientists, or 


140 Academics 

As an interdisciplinary program, 

the graduate program of Digital 

Production Art combines visual arts, 

computer science and performing 

arts, with the goal of producing 

icchnical directors for feature films 

and computer animation. Kach 
student conducts research in a field 

of their choice. Every year the 

department prepares several films for 

the Digital Video Review segment 

of ACM SIGGRAPH, one of the 

largest graphics conventions in the 

country. Schools and companies 

nationwide submit entries in the 

electronic theater category. John 

Kundert-Gibbs, the program 

director, is a highly respected author 

tor MAYA, the primary computer 

animation program used by the 


Seeking the Goals of Clemson University 

Research all over Clemson has the 
University constantly striving for 
technological excellence. Senior, 
Erin Ferguson is part of that goal 
through her extensive research in 
crystallography. Erin is working 

through Clemson's Chemistry 

Department to research solid state 

inorganic chemistry, which involves 

the growth of complex crystals in 

molten salts. This field of study is 

one of the few of its kind in the 

world. The crystals are grown 
and studied for their structure and 

properties to use in technology. 
Her interest and dedication to her 
research is bringing great progress. 

CES 141 

Department of Counseling and Educational Leadership 
Department of Curriculum & Instruction 
Department of Foundations and Special Education 
Department of Technology and Human Resource Development 
Department of Parks, Recreation, and Tourism Management 



ducation & 

Department of Public Health 
School of Nursing 

The Outdoor Lab 

National Dropout Prevention Center 

Joseph E Sullivan Center for Nursing and Wellness 

I lie college of 1 lealth, l.dutatioii, and 

himan Development is doing its part 

n helping C^lemson reach its goal of 

being one oi the top twenty public 

schools in the nation. Recently the 

school has been working to increase its 

research productivity and reduce class 

sizes. The college receives many grants 

to help support programs that better 

our community. Such programs include 

Troops to Teachers, the National Dropout 

Prevention Center, and the Call Me 

Mister Program. The college boasts the 

highest graduation rate of all of Clemson's 

colleges. Its motto is "the engaged college 

with a personal touch" because of the 

service-oriented fields that most of its 

raduates go into. Dean Larry Alien is 

proud of the college and optimistic about 

its future. 

CHEHD 143 

Clemson University Lifelong Learning 

Program (CULL pronounced "cool") 

targets members of the retired population 

who are interested in participating in 

academic and recreational courses. 

Residents from the Upstate are involved 

in the program, and classes are taught 

by members who volunteer their time. 

There are no educational requirements for 

this program; classes usually meet for 4-8 

weeks and are not taken for credit. 

CULL is Cool! 

Classes are held on the Clemson campus, 

Keowee Key activity center, and other 

locations that still allow members to access 

the University and remain academically 

connected to the community. There are 

many different classes for members to 
participate in; some of the most popular 

classes in the CULL program include 

Digital Photography, The Wonders of the 

Jocassee Gorges, various history classes, and 

computer classes. After its second year, 

CULL remains a huge success. 

144 Academics 

Camp Sunshine is a weekend residential camp that 

occurs at the C^lemson University Outdoor I ^b 

Hve times during the year. Some weekends are 

speciHcally for children, and some are for adults. 

The participants in this camp are children or 

adults with special needs who are cared for in their 

home, by a relative or individual caregiver. Many 

campers have Down's syndrome or a developmental 

disability. Until the summer programs, during 

(]amp Sunshine, the Outdoor Lab is staffed to 

provide onc-on-onc attention, if needed. 


Brightening The Outdoor Lab with Camp Sunshine 

Typically, about twenty-five campers participate in 

a Camp Sunshine weekend, which begins on Friday 

afternoon and ends on Sunday. The primary purpose of 

this camp is to provide a respite for parents and others 

that care for a special needs child. For the most part, it is 

staffed by Clemson University students who also work in 

summer programs at the Outdoor Lab 

CHEHD 145 

With the help of senior Karla Azcuy, 

Dr. Martie Thompson is beginning 

research on the prevalence of physical 

and sexual abuse on Clemson's 

campus. The study is investigating 

the characteristics of such instances, 

such as alcohol involvement and the 

reasons why some of these events are 

reported and many others are not. 

Redfern Health Center is doing its 

part of promoting Clemson research 

by cooperating with Thompson and 

Azcuy in the data collection phase of 

the project. The results of this project 

should provide information that 

will be useful in making Clemson's 

campus a safer place to live. 

College of Health, Education, and Human Developmei^i| 

Run by the South Carolina Center of Excellence for 

Instructional Technolog)' Training, Project CIRCUIT i 

a three-year, federally-funded grant program designed 

to help K- 1 2 teachers integrate technology into the 

classroom. Each year, thirty teachers have received mini 

grants of S3000. Partnered with a Clemson University 

pre-service (student) teacher, these local educators 

develop inquiry-based, technolog)^-enhanced lessons 

for science, history, or math classes. For example, 

projects have put digital cameras into the hands of 

kindergarteners, enabled teachers to set up digital 

video-editing labs, and led to the purchase and use of 

hand-held iPAQ computers. The project also stresses 

reflection by both teachers and students. Each individu 

offers feedback on how useful, interesting, and efifectivt 

the lesson was, which leads to better plans for future 

projects. Although this school year concludes the final 

year for Project CIRCUIT, the SC Center of Excellence 

will continue helping teachers turn technolog}' into an 

everyday part of learning and teaching. 

146 Academics 

Parks, Recreation, and lourisni 
Managcnicru majors at Cllcnison 

were given the opportunity to 

give back to the conimuniry this 

\ear through the South CaroHna 

Development Project. Led by 

Or. Bob Brookover, CIcmson 

students worked to enhance the 

tjuahry of Hfe of rural citizens in 

areas around South C^arohna by 

pkuining and creating recreation 

(urograms. Ihe program achieved 

these goals by inviting members 

of the community to participate 

in low-cost activities that allowed 

all ages to participate such as 

town picnics, trips to the zoo, and 

fitness activities. Students also 

worked with recreation directors 

to coordinate trips with kayaking, 

fishing, and overnight camping. 

Seeking the Goals of Clemson University 

With the efforts of Clemson 
students and faculty, the program, 
which was founded in 1991, has 
spread to over sixt\' communities 

and has included over 100,000 
South Carolinians in the activities. 

Not only do the communities 

enjoy the health benefits of the 
recreation programs, but a greater 
sense of community and stronger 

family units have also resulted 
from participation in the program. 
Clemson students get an exciting, 

hands-on understanding of the 

concepts learned in the classroom 

through this program. 

148 Academics 


Every year, one special Clemson professor is 
chosen from an extensive pool of student- 
submitted nominees to receive the Excellence 
in Teaching award sponsored by the Student 
Government and the Fluor Corporation. 
After award committee members observed 
the top ten nominees in action, surveyed 
their students, and interviewed fellow 
department members, they made their 
decision. This year, Dr. Laura Olson 
was honored for her exemplary teaching 

and her passion in the classroom. An 

Associate Professor in the Political Science 

Department, Dr. Olson, whose interests 

include religion and politics, plans to use her 

$2,500 award to travel to major European 

cities and tour churches. Clemson University 

is proud to have stellar faculty like Dr. Olson 

who enrich students' college experiences. 

Excellence in leaching 1 49 


And her sons have fought and conquered 
Every foreign land 


In September 1989 when Hurricane Hugo devastated the 
southeastern United States, South CaroHna saw firsthand 
the destructive power of hurricane force winds. Researchers 
at Clemson University recognized the need for answers 
to many questions regarding the construction and design 
of low-rise (three stories or less) buildings which are the 
most significantly-damaged buildings during a major wind 
storm. Since 1991 the Wind Load Test Facility has been 
conducting research to help make these buildings safer from 
the destructive forces of the wind. 

Clemson Research Leads to Construction Advances 

152 Research 

Undergraduate, graduate and facility 

researchers investigate changes that can be 

made related to design and construction 

practices. The goal is to minimize damages 

using simple improvements to low-rise 

building designs. The Clemson Wind 

Load Test Facility is unique because it not 

only tests the effects and intensity of the 

wind pressure, but also tests the limits of 

structural capacity of the building itself The 

lab is outfitted with equipment capable of 

measuring and simulating ground level winds 

using a range of model scales and full scale 


Wind Load Test Facility 1 53 

the Futui 

On November 12, 2003, Clemson University took a giant step toward attaining the 
goal of being recognized as a Top 20 University. A ground breaking ceremony marked 

the beginning of the construction phase of the Clemson University International 

Center for Automotive Research, which has been in the planning stages for over three 

years. The 400 acre campus will be located in Greenville at the 1-85 and Laurens Road 

interchange. The campus will include a graduate engineering center, research and 

testing faciUties, and corporate research tenants. 
Construction will begin in 2004 on the $25 million graduate engineering center, 
which will be named the Carroll A. Campbell, Junior Graduate Engineering Center, 
after South Carolina's former governor who was instrumental in the location of the 
BMW plant in the upstate. BMW became the research park's first tenant when the 
announcement was made that an 80,000 sq. ft. information technology research center 
would be constructed next to the graduate school building. 
The Clemson University International Center for Automotive Research will offer 
opportunities for masters and doctoral degrees in automotive engineering. A crash- 
worthiness lab, fuel lab with emphasis in hydrogen based fuels, and a full-scale wind 
tunnel are some of the state-of-the-art research facilities planned. 


International Center for Automotive Research 

154 Research 

Driving the Future" 

Clemson Announces 

ans TO? 

or Automotive Research Campus 

Driving the Future 1 5 5 


Bioengineering at its Best 

156 Research 


Amazing things are being discovered today to help mankind 

gain a higher foothold in today's advancing technolog)'. The 

Bioengineering Department here at Clemson is heading up 

some of this very impressive research in order to learn new 

ways of aiding us all through medical breakthroughs. Research 

is being conducted on many issues in the biomedical field, one 

of which is the incorporation of pig vessels and valves into the 

human body as replacements for those gone bad. This area 

of research has the abilit)' to save or prolong many lives in 

today's society. Research is also being done in this department 

to discover new ways to replace vessels used in bypass surgery, 

and target smaller vessels. The doctors and students who take 

part in this life-changing research are constantly striving for 

methods to take what materials we have available and make a 

better way of life; a very worthy calling. 

Bioengineerijig at its Best 1 57 




158 Research 

ENcryonc knows how it feels to be 
picked on, lied to, and bugged by 
another person. Dr. Robin Kowalski 

recently published a book on her 

research of psychological intricacies 

oi complaining, teasing, breaches of 

propriety, worry and rcsassurance- 

seeking, lying, and betrayal. She sought 

to answer questions such as: Why 

do people tease? What are the most 

common things people complain about? 

Do irritating behaviors have a positive 

side? Are people more likely to lie to 

those they are close to or strangers? In 

her investigation, Kowalski also looks 

nto the impact of gender and cultural 

differences on these issues. 

Why do they pick on me?!? ^^ 

Teasing 159 

Under the advisement of faculty member 
Miguel Larsen, fourteen cross-disciplinary 
undergraduate students worked together to 
design a payload for a NASA rocket. The 
project is known as SPIRIT 2 (Student Projects 

Involving Rocket Investigation Techniques). 
The rocket with the Clemson students' project 

aboard launched on October 3, 2003 from 

Virginia. The project was a huge success! The 

students' device measured wind speed in the 

upper atmosphere. The information gathered 

by the invention will provide researchers with 

general knowledge of atmospheric conditions, 

meteorologists with useful weather predicting 

information, and military personnel with 

important data. 

60 Research 

Clems on Students 

Working with NASA 

WorkmgWith NASA 161 

162 Research 

Twelve percent of the 40,000 deaths per year on US highways are pedestrian deaths. Two-thirds ot these pedestrian taiahties 

occurred at night. Dr. Rick Tyrrell studied the visibility of pedestrians at night to drivers and how visible pedestrians think they 

are. He found that pedestrians tend to think they are visible to oncoming motorists long before drivers are actually capable of 

seeing them walking on the side of the road. Tyrrell also tested the affects of a pedestrian's clothing on his visibility. Of the solid 

black outfit, solid white outfit, reflective vest, and strategically placed reflective strips, the most effective apparel was the reflective 

strips strategically placed on pedestrians' joints. Tyrrell has visited local high school Drivers' Education classes to teach students 

about the visibilit)' of pedestrians to drivers. This intervention helped a great deal: it revised one group's estimates by 71 percent. 

Clearly, more research and educating of the general population should be done on pedestrian safet)'! 


Night Vision and Pedestrians 

Night Vision and Pedestrians 1 63 


Ever wonder what happens to the oil used to 
fry your French fries and chicken fingers? 
Normally it is thrown out, but Clemson 
professor and chemical engineering department head 
Jim Goodwin is leading a research team in exploring 
better uses for the fast-food oil. With the help of 
associate chemical engineering professor David 
Bruce, Goodwin and his team are working to convert 
the oil used for frying into biodiesel fuel. This fuel 
could be used in diesel-engine cars, trucks, and farm 

machinery. The use of this fuel could reduce the 
nation's dependency on foreign oil and would benefit 

the environment. States like South Carolina that 
produce soybeans, used to make the vegetable oil that 
foods are fried in, will also feel the economic benefits 

of using the new biodiesel fuel. The team is also 

working to find a solid reusable catalyst to produce 

the fuel. With the project's success, the popularity 

of biodiesel fuel will increase. Goodwin's research 

is being funded by a federal grant worth almost 

900,000 dollars. Clemson graduate and postgraduate 

students are fortunate to have the opportunity to be 

involved in such a creative and innovative project. 

164 Research 

Cars and French Fries 

Cars and French Fries 1 65 








I r 

! I 







Where the mountains smile in grandeur 
O'er the hill and dale 


168 Portraits 

Abies — Amlen 

1 k/ii ^-^ 

Matthew Abies 


Joseph Abstancc 

Animal & Veterinary Sciences 

josh Ace%'c(J() 

Construction Science & 

Icrctnv Aii.mis 
Construction Science & 


Jessica Adams 
Louise Adams 
Jordan Addison 
Hailcy Ahlfmger 

Saba Alavi 
Computer Science 

Joanne Albayalde 
Graphic Communications 
David Alderman 
Jennifer Alexander 
Graphic Communications 

John Alexander 
Ke\ in Alexander 
\\'esle\- Alexander 
Health Sciences 
C-harles Allen 

Nicholas Allen 


Ashleigh Allison 


Jena Allison 

Graphic Communications 

Jessica Anders 

Graphic Co m m un ica tio ns 

Seuiors 1 69 

Katherine Anderson 

Elementary Education 

Alexia Andrews 

Political Science 

Sara Andrews 

Special Education 

Megan Apple 

Textile Management 

Andrew Architect 


Darrell Ard 


Laura Ardre\ 


Bryan Armiento 


Jason Keith Armstrong 


Meghan Arnold 


WiHiam Arnold 

Health Science 

Christie Arrasate 


Alan Arsiniega 

Computer Science 

Laurie Denise Ashley 

Andrew Ashmore 


David Atkinson 

Computer Engineering 

Dorothy Atkinson 

Health Science 

Frank Atkinson 


Carreen Attaway 

Biological Sciences 

Robert Aughtry 


170 Portraits 

Afulersou — Harriett 

(!had Avers 

Agricultural Education 
Cihristophcr A\crs 
Karia A/tu\' 
Health Science 
jonailian Babb 

Krica Bailey 

Secondary Education 

I.indscv Bailc)' 

Elementary Education 

Sarah Bailey 


Kcrri Baker 

Early Childhood Education 

Samuel Baker 
Civil Engineering 
Steven Balassone 
Construction Science & 
JcHre\' Band) 

Ceramic & Materials Engineering 
Rachel Bane 
Communication Studies 

Raeneeva Banks 
Special Education 
Steve Baptiste 
Financial Management 
Shaun Barnes 
l.aura Barnhill 
Mathematics Teaching 

Shaun Barrett 
Electrical Engineering 

Katie Barron 
Amy Barrows 
Kevin Bartlett 

Seniors 171 

Stephanie Bass 

Science Teaching 

Coleman Bates 

Mathematics Teaching 

Clint Batson 

Mechanical Engineering 

Emily Baumgardner 


Audrey Bayne 

Early Childhood Education 

James Bayne 


Erin Beach 


Ryan Bean 

Forest Resource Management 

Marion Beason 

Mechanical Engineering 

Katherine Belknap 

Political Science 

Nathan Bellamy 

Agricultural Education 

Andrew Bennett 

Mechanical Engineering 

Will Bentley 

Agricultural Mechanization & 


Carin Bergeron 

Elementary Education 

Allison Berkoski 

Financial Management 

Christopher Berry 


James Michael Berry J i 

Graphic Communications 

Casey Betsill 

Environmental & 

Natural Resources 

Michael Andrew Bishop 

Computer Engineering 

Eleanor Bissell 


172 Portraits 

Bass — Bowe)i 

Mjtl HiviatH) 

I ll/..lH-tll BixtiV 



Civil Engineering 

Kiml)irl\ ULitk 
Packaging Science 

Am.HHl.i lilackwcll 
Civil Engineering 
Michelle BKickwcli 
Industrial Engineering 
(]()urtnc\ Bl.iir 
Financial Management 
Joshua Mlakc 
Civil Engineering 

Drew Blass 

Financial Management 

Ashley BIcvins 

Graphic Communications 

Jason Bod\cott 

Computer Engineering 

Kristcn Bogan 

Early Childhood Education 

Anne Boggs 
joceKn Bolton 
Emily Bond 
Jessica Bonner 

Laura Booth 
Ash lea Bowen 
Communication Studies 
(Christopher Bowen 
Martin Bowen 
Civil Engineering 

Seniors 173 

Morgan Bowie 

Elementary Education 

Daniel Boyle 

Financial Management 

Benjamin Boyles 

Community & 

Economic Development 

Staci Boylston 


Adam Brantlc)- 

Civil Engineering 

Bayne Brascl 

Industrial Engineering 

Elizabeth Brasel 

Stacey Brashier 

Luis Breton 

Emory Bridget 

Graphic Communications 

Lauren Bridges 


Laurie Brigman 

Elementary Education 

Evan Bromley 


Frances Brooks 

Food Science 

Erin Brophey 


Jenny Brown 

Health Science 

Kathleen Brown 


Matthew Brown 


Megan Brown 


Martha Brownlee 

Elementary Education 

174 Portraits 

Bowie — R II tic 

l'.inya Briuc 

Animal & Veterinary Sciences 
('hris Hriini) 
Aquactilture, Fisheries & 

Wildlife Hiolofiy 
Laura Hriinson 
Kevin I^iiclianan 

Justin BuJdin 
Financial Management 

Kathryn Bull 

Communication Studies 

Sally Bull 


Kniil) Bullington 


Ashley Bulwinkic 
Elementary Education 
Maryann Burbagc 
Special Education 
Desiree Burdcttc 
Joshua Burgess 
Industrial Management 

Kelly Burgess 

Rt)xanne Burketc 
Communication Studies 
Amanda Burnett 
Health Science 
Henry Burns 

William Burrell 
Communication Studies 
Christie Burson 
Communication Studies 
Joseph Butler 
Ceramic & Materials 

Shavon Butler 


Seniors 175 

Stacy Butler 

Secondary Education 

Amanda Caldwell 

Graphic Communications 

Jonathan Campbell 


Ruth Ann Campbell 

Financial Management 

Steven Harold Campbell 

Textile Management 

Jesse Cannon 

Environmental Engineering & 


Kellie Capic 

Secondary Education 

Richard Cappola 

Civil Engineering 

Brian Card 

Mechanical Engineering 

Laura Carmody 

Science Teaching 

Neil Carne\' 


Ronatta Carter 

Graphic Communications 

Dominique Cavalluzzi 

Special Education 

Christopher Cesareo 

Political Science 

Valerie Chambers 

Secondary Education 

Wendy Chan 

Graphic Communications /^ 

Jennifer Chandler 

^ %• 


nentary Education 


Laurel Chandler 



Special Education 

M'^ ^ 


Megan Chaplin 







Tiffany Charles 


Ik d 




w 1 





176 Portraits 

Butler — Comptun 

C^hri^iinc (Iharron 
( )rvillc Chase 

( cuiriiKs { Ihristianscn 

uiIm., Clark 

Sarah C^lark 


Margaret Abigail Clarke 

Early Childhood Fducalic 

Jeremy (!lcar\ 

Construction Science & 

Drew Cleveland 

Adam Celine 
Agricultural Economics 

Dimetrius ('linkscales 
Packaging Science 
Kimberly C^ober 
Lauren ('oggins 
Communication Studies 

Portia Cohens 
Biological Sciences 
Bets)' Coker 

Michael Coleman 
Cheryl Collins 

Christopher Collins 


C^hrist)' Cxillins 

Industrial Management 

Jamie CoKvell 


Christopher C'ompton 

Mechanical Engineering 

Seniors 177 

William Compton 

Computer Science 

Erin Connell 

Elementary Education 

Christi Conti 


Crystal Conyers 


Bridget Cook 

Language & International Trade 

Michael Coonev 

Graphic Communications 

Nicole Copeland 


Jaclyn Corwin 

Early Childhood Education 

Carter Cothran 






Robert Couch 




Andrea Cox 


*- 1 : 


Mary Cox 
Food Science 






1' V 



Lauren Crabtrce 
Visual Arts 

^^^ . 


Caroline Craiu 

^^*^ ^ 


Communication Studies 

Clifford Craig 

JW'4i» 7»>. I 



Kelly Crawford 

flU--'- J 

Civil Engineering 



Jami Creighton 


Steven Cress 

Biological Sciences 

Tara Crewe 

Elementary Education 

Frances Cribb 


178 Portraits 

V "'Ifl 

(jjf/iptofi — Ddniels 

JcnnUcr Oiscola 
Biological Sciences 

( .iss.irulr.i ( fockctt 
Commuitication Studies 

Knsii.m ( 

( otti tn u n ictt tio n S ttiriies 

Ittfrcy Ouwtlicr 


Jennifer Oute 
Elementary Education 

Amy C!sernak 

Amanda Cailbcrtson 

Animal & Veterinary Sciences 

Octavia (Aillu-rison 
Early Childhood Education 
(aircis C!ulhreatli 
Mechanical Engineering 
Karen ( liilpcppcr 

Kara C'unningham 

Graphic Communicatiotu 

Jennifer Curry 

Graphic Communications 

Ashley Dahl 


\X'liitnc\ Halton 

Graphic Co m m u n ica tio ns 

Brain D Amico 
Meredith Dance 
William Daniel 
Communication Studies 
Charles IX.niels 
Agricultural Economics 

Seniors 179 

David Dansby 

Computer Science 

Laura Darby 


Gwendolyn Darnell 


Caryn Daveta 




Andrew Davis 




Anna Davis 



Jerod Davis 

1 T'^ ^T 



John Davis 



Computer Science 



Matrhew Davis 

Financial Management 

Robert Davis 


Steven Davis 

Civil Engineering 

Amy Dawkins 

Communication Studies 

d k 

180 Portraits 

Damhy — Donnally 

Scott Day 
Political Science 

I )c.mgclis 
I'ctcr I )cl laas 
joliii i )<.icrlciM 
('it'll Engineering 

Angle Dcloacli 
Health Science 
Janus Denny 
Financial Management 
Jcnnitcr Denton 

Michael Depalma 
Mechanical Engineering 

Nicholas DcPrimio 


Angelo Rohcrt Dibiasc 


Gabriel Gene Dibiasc 


David Dickcrson 


Clinton Dickerr 
Virginia Dillon 

Nicole I^iloren/o 
Special Education 
C;harlie i:)obbins 
Industrial Engineering 

Renec Doctor 


Ghervl Dodson 

Early Childhood Education 

Seadar Dodson 


Jason Donnally 

Political Science 

Seniors 181 

Christan Donohue 




Kevin Doolev 



Secondary Education 

Margaret Dorlon 


Margaret Dorroh 




Tiffany Drake 


Krystal Driggers 

Graphic Communications 

Mollie Driscoll 






Jonathan Dubc 




Sally Dubosc 

Biological Sciences 

Steven Dubosc 


Joshua Duth 


Candis Duncan 

Biological Sciences 

Tina Duncan 

Animal & Veterinary Sciences 

Sarah Dunmyer 

Health Science 

Christopher Dupre 

Computer Information Systems 

Derek Dupuis 


Christopher Durant 


Elizabeth Durant 


Jon Durant 

Political Science 

Austin Earglc 


182 Portraits 

Donohne — haririer 

John hlcklcy 
Civil Enginerring 
Doroiliy 1 ^cr 

l)am«)n l.jy;crc 
Daniel hhlcrt 
Mechanical Fngineering 

Shaiin I ippcr 


Alexandra l:lam 

Special Education 

Amanda I lender 

Industrial Engineering 

Michele KIIkhi 

(immunity & Econmnic Deivloptttent 

Joshua M Ellis 
Ashleij^h Kllisor 
Brandon Elvis 
Civil Engineering 
Emil Emanuel 
Biological Sciences 

Jennifer Enfmger 

Biological Sciences 

Kimberl) Estes 


Catherine E\ans 

Early ChildJwod Education 

Rachel Evans 


Katehn Eallon 


Meredith Eant 


Adam Farmer 


Julie Farmer 

Early ChiUUtood Education 



Staci Farmer 

Community dr 

Economic Development 

Charlotte Feltman 

Agricultural Education 

Katherine Fendley 


Ryan Fen ton 


Erin Ferguson 


Samantha Finle)- 


Kathryn Fitts 

International Trade 

Katie Floyd 


Allison Ford 


Lindsay Foreman 


Patrick Forth 

Computer Science 

Darol Foster 

Mechanical Engineering 

Jacqueline Fowler 

Industrial Engineering 

Jonathan Kyle Fowler 


Noah Fowler 


Robert Fowler 

Biological Sciences 

Tori Fowler 


Jenna Fowlkes 

Health Science 

Drew France 

Graphic Communications 

Teah Frederick 

Political Science 

184 Portraits 

Farmer — Gilles 

Krncsi Ircc 
Agricultural Fxonomia 

Kirk 1 rtiinaii 


Ain.iiKi.1 liilmcr 

Animal & Veterinary Science 

Kaytf lultoii 

financial Management 

M.irk Hiirsc 
William (.aillard 
I Icnry (iailivan 
Financial Management 
I honias (ianihti 

Cos Gardner 

Civil Engineering 

Brandon Ciarrctt 

Agricultural Mechanization & 

jcnnik-r ( jarrick 
Financial Management 
Brian darrison 
Graphic Communications 

John George 
Mechanical Engineering 

Mary George 
John Ciermeroth 
Kristin Gctm 

Clayton Gibson 
Construction Science & 

Cirace Gibson 

Graphic Communications 

Jennifer Gill 
Jcftrcv Gillcs 

Seniors 185 

Jordan Gilmore 

Language & International Trade 

Corey Gledhill 

Early Childhood Education 

Marie Glenn 

Communication Studies 

Stephanie Glenn 


Christopher Gnubbs 


Joseph Godse\- 

Computer Engineering 

Paul Goldstein 

Health Science 

Tommy Goodman 

Language d^ International Trade 

Molly Gordon 

Animal & Veterinary Sciences 

Katherine Gorne\- 

Elementary Education 

Amy Gourle\- 


Derek Gracely 


Jonathan Graham j^K 

Computer Science mm 

Justin Graham 


Amber Graves 


Crystal Graves 

Communication Studies 

Adam Green 


Melissa Greene 

Biological Sciences 

James Greenlee 

Secondary Education 

Sarah Gregg 


186 Portraits 

(iiIdiovc — Hanimctt 

Alex (ifcpory 
D.micl R..y(,rirrin 
Agricultural Education 
\.un C,r<> 
loscph ( irovcr 

Russell (iiicrry 

Electrical Engineering 

Leslie (.iiiic-dgc 

Early Childhood Education 

Peter (iulyas 


Nanc\' (iiinier 

Launguage & Interttational Trade 

Robert Gusick 
Political Science 

Angela dustafson 
Jessica Haas 
[)arius Haff 
Political Science 

Jason Hairficid 

Forest Resource Management 
Brandon Haley 
Turfgrass Management 
Jessica Hall 

Communications Studies 
Reginald Hall 
Construction Science & 

Jade Hamilton 

Graphic Communications 

Quinn\etta Hamilton 


John Hamilton III 

Computer Science 

Sarah Hammctt 


Seniors 1 87 

Crockett Hammond 

Electrical Engineering 

Alison Hancock 

Elementary Education 

Mary Hanna 

Biological Sciences 

Lisa Harbold 

Financial Management 

\ I 

Caroline Hardin 






Elizabeth Harding 




Jw --^^ 


Diane Hardy 

U^<«B /nk- 1 



K /"** ' 1 


John Patrick Harmon 

J^V ' ^ 





Neil Spencer Harmon 


Computer Science 


Charles Harrell 

^^f ^^^^^H 

Forest Resources Management 

|.^^ '^r^l 

Matt Harrell 

^IH^KTm— ^.^^^i 

Mechanical Engineering 

^HmcuL i^^H 

Parke Harris 

^R^ K "k '^^^l 


B . ' ^jB 


Samuel Harris 

Electrical Engineering 

Leigh Harrison 

Biological Sciences 

Valerie Harrison 

Food Science 

Jason Hams 

Biological Sciences 

Amy Hastie 

Environmental & Natural 


Kathryn Hastings 

Secondary Education 

Brittany Hasto 

Special Education 

Melissa Hawkins 

Special Education 

188 Portraits 

Hammond — Hoffman 

Jessica Havdcn 
Ceramic & Materials 


Communication Sttuiies 
Kmily flcaroii 
Communication Stiuiies 
William HcaicM 
Aquaculture, Fisheries & WiUilife 


Sarah Heck 

Elementary Education 
Brian I Icdgcpcth 
Construction Science & 

Jack HcncJrick 
Secondary Education 
Cicorgc HcncJrix 
Chemical Engineering 

Matthew Hcrleman 
Economics/ Management 
(^od)' Herring 
Construction Science & 

Lauren Hickman 
Erin Hines 

Amanda Hinson 
Health Science 
Kellcy Hinson 
Biosystems Engineering 
Justin Hirsch 
Financial Management 
Matthew Ray Hitchcock 

William Hodges 
Biological Sciences 
Jennifer Hoeben 
Colleen Hoffman 
Zack Hoffman 
Biosystems Engineering 

Seniors 189 

Paul Hohmann 

Mechanical Engineering 

Erin Hoke 

Language & International Trade 

David Holmes 

Language & International Trade 

Nancy Holmes 

Elementary Education 

Kelly Hood 


Sholanda Hook 

Computer Information Systems 

Andrew Hornick 

Mechanical Engineering 

Christian Horton 

Civil Engineering 

Laura Howell 


Jerry Howie 

Electrical Engineering 

Christopher Andrew Huggins 

Health Science 

Ashley Hughes 


Melissa Hughes 

Financial Management 

Kristen Hughey 

Elementary Education 

Stephanie Hull 

Graphic Communications 

Blair Hunnicutt 

Graphic Communications 

Ian Hunt 
Computer Science 

Noelle Hunt 


Katherine Hunter 

Communication Studies 

Latasha Hunter 


190 Portraits 

H()h}}id)i)i — Johnso)i 

Ryan I Iiinttr 


I intls.iy Hym.1 


t\m\ Hyrowski 

Animal & Veterinary Sciences 

Kailuriiu- liii; 

Special Eflucation 

William Iritk 

Kathleen Irmitcr 
Animal & Veterinary Sciences 
Hrskinc jacks 

Agricultural Mechanization & 
Martina Jackson 
Computer Engineering 

janii Jacobs 
Biological Sciences 
Paul Jacobs 
Blair Jacobus 
Financial Management 
Benjamin Johnson 
Chemical Engineering 

Seniors 1 9 1 

Jamie Johnson 


Jeremy Johnson 


Kevin Johnson 

Computer Information Systems 

William Johnson 

Special Education 

Nancy JolK' 

Early Childhood Education 

Courtney Jones 

Health Science 

Emily Jones 

Biological Sciences 

Kathryn Jones 

Production Studies in 

Performing Arts 

Morgan Jones 

Early Childhood Education 

Tabitha Jones 


Amanda Jordan 

Early Childhood Education 

Frazier Jordan 


Janice Jordan 

Elementary Education 

Kristen Jordan 

Health Science 

Robert Joyce 

Computer Engineering 

Shannon Joyner 


Gregory Jubinville 

Civil Engineering 

Elizabeth Justice 


Deanne Kane\' 


Kristen Keefer 

Elementary Education 

192 Portraits 

Johnson — Kreidler 





Anna Kcllalian 
Biosystems Engineering 

Randall Keller 

Forest Resource Mttnuf^ement 

Ikciulon Killy 

Biological Sciences 

( ^luisioplicr KclK' 

Of// Engineering 

Yvonne Kelly 

Early Childhood Education 

John Kclscy 


Jennifer Kemmerlin 

Language & International Trade 

Cassandra Kenned) 


Tyler James Kenney 
Communication Studies 
Kimberly Kcnnington 
Kacie Kingsmorc 
Science Teaching 
Leonard Kirby 

Ashley Kissiah 
Computer Engineering 

Nathan Klein 
Adam Klotzbach 
Athena Klutz 

Robert Kolb 
Lauren Kozlik 
William Krahig 

C^arolinc Kreidler 

Seniors 193 

Nathan Krieg 

Graphic Communications 

Alison Kuhlmann 


Candice Kyzer 


Emily Lackey 

Industrial Engineering 

Jonathan Laible 
Financial Management 

Carrie Lampson 
Industrial Managemen t 

Andrew Land 

Ehzabeth Landreth 
Elementary Education 

John Landreth 






Amber Landrum 



Biosystems Engineering 

Kevin Lang 



Mechanical Engineering 

April Latham 


rly Childhood Education 




Jonathan Latta 

Mechanical Engineering 

John Lattimore 

Mechanical Engineering 

Christy Shawn Lawhorne 

Elementary Education 

Lakeisha Lawrence 

Elementary Education 

Stephanie Lawson 


Kathryn Lee 

Political Science 

Kristina Lee 


Teri Leech 

Computer Information Systems 



194 Portraits 

Krieg — Lowrey 

Shcrmjinc Lcgarc 


Ritliard Icliiiian 

Special Education 

Sandra Ixin/ 


Mclinda Ann Ixrunard 

Elementary Education 

Michael Wayne Lcroy 
Zac Lewis 
Packaging Science 
Susan I.icwinko 
Mathematics Teaching 
I,ind,sey I.inibaugli 
Graphic Co m m u n ica lions 

Shelley Leigh Lindley 
William Link 
Elementary Education 
L:)avid Lisk 
Jocelyn Little 
Health Science 

Kelly Lively 
Michelle Lockett 
Steven Long 
Turfgrass Management 
Fallon Lore 
Elementary Education 

Joshua Scott Loso 
Computer Science 
Amy Lynn Loth ridge 
Communication Studies 
Harold Lott 
Carolyn Lowrey 
Financial Management 

Seniors 195 

Lindsey Lusk 


Financial Management 


Patrick Macisaac 

IBIB^^^^^^^^^' '% 

Financial Management 

m-^ jH 

Sonya Mackc\ 

Graphic Communications 

Anthony Maglionc 



-^HBrr '''' .^Ih^HL 


Traci Major 


Early Childhood Education 


Lauren Malone 



M. -v^H 

Lindsey Malone 

WT' ^'M 

Elementary Education 

%.^'- fl 

Michael Manna 

# ^M 

Computer Information Systems 


Joshua Manning 


Jill MarUin 


Alaina Markos 

Financial Management 

Ashley Martin 


Greg Martin 

Communication Studies 

Myron Martin 


Michael Masiello 


Kenneth Mason 

Electrical Engineering 

Danielle Mathers 


Financial Management 


Lindsey Mathis 



^J^M3i ^^WH 

Crystal Mauldin 

Communication Studies 

^H'^r^' Jnil 

Matthew Maxwell 

^^Hw v^HI^H 

Textile Management 


.«.*„i^, fl 

196 Portraits 

Lusk — McLeod 

l.cmtic Maybcrry 

Biological Sciences 

Amy MlAIkc 

Health Science 

Ashley McAulay 

Animal & Veterinary Sciences 

Matthew larroil Mc( ants 

Electrical Fngineering 

Ryan Mtday 

Ilia Mt( Mention 
Civil Engineering 
Justin McC^hniock 
Mechanical Engineering 
Mar\- McC^own 

Meghan McDaniel 
Health Science 
Brennan McDowell 
Nicholas McF.lveen 
Computer Science 
Lakeisia Mcladden 
Biological Sciences 

•ph McGuinness 
Sheri McKay 
Graphic Communications 

nnikr Lin McKeive\' 
Production Studies in 

Perfonning Arts 
CiWMin McKeo\\ri 
Graphic Communications 

Jennifer McKillip 

Ceramic & Materials Engineering 

Julia McKinru-\ 

Production Studies in 

Performing Arts 
hoster McKissick 
Amamla McLeod 

Seniors 197 

Elizabeth McLeod 

Early Childhood Education 

Philip McMurra\ 


Edward McNair 

Environmental & Natural 


Elizabeth McNeill 

Elementary Education 

Lindsay McWhirter 


Jared Meadows 

Computer En^neering 

Mary Medina 

Mathematical Sciences 

Margaret Meek 

Elementary Education 

Anna Mellard 

Hlft _^ JH 


^^B^^^^ '^H 

Brian Mellard 

K 2f ^^ -^ 


J S ^ ^% 

jidrew Merritr 

§>' A 


iiuL '^" — -^ ^^A 

Marc Merrirt 

VB ^^^..J: 


m ^pl 

.-«» ^^^ 

David Metcalfe 

Agricultural Mechanization & 


Carrie Metts 

Elementary Education 

Kristen Michael 


Jason Mikell 

Computer Science 

Daniel Milleman 

Forest Resource Management 

Cameron Miller 

Early Childhood Education 

Gregory Miller 

Political Science 

Jared Miller 

Ceramic d>' Materials Engineering 

198 Portraits 

McLeod — Morrow 

Julie Miller 
Science Teaching 
Osborne Miller 
IVrer Miller 
Management Miller 
Civil l.ngitieering 

Clhristoplier Mills 
Financial Management 
Macgregor Mitchell 
Daniel Mitchum 
Community & txonomic 
Brianiu- Molnar 

Klizabetli Monteith 
Secondary Education 
Dana Mood) 

Early Childhood Education 
William Moodv 
Mechanical Engineering 
C'harlcs Moore 

Daniel Moore 
Justin Moore 
Industrial Engineering 
Reed Moore 
Jennifer Morgan 

Carl Morris 

Ceramic & Materials Engineering 

Kense\- Morris 

Packaging Science 

Stephanie Morris 

Biological Sciences 

Melissa Morrow 


Se?iiors 199 

Kurt Mueller 

Computer Science 

Stefanie Muldrow 


Kia Mungo 


Lindsey Murphy 


Kara Murrin 

Communication Studies 

Gregory Myers 


Lindsay Myers 

Early Childhood Education 

Scott Myers 


Sarah Nagy 


Alan Newton 

Computer Science 

Bradley Nicholas 


Heather Nichols 

Mechanical Engineering 

Drew Niederriter 

Political Science 

David Northrup 

Chemical Engineering 

Lindley Nowlin 


John Nyvall 

Biosystems Engineering 

Jesse Oates 


Michael O'Dell 

Civil Engineering 

Christopher Ogles 

Biological Sciences 

Laura Oliveria 


200 Portraits 

Mueller — Osn 

dscv Olmsrcad 
( liristinc Olscn 

ilici ( )lson 
Mc-liss., ( )lwcll 
Early (.hiltlhood Etiucation 

Civil Engineering 
Marianne Orr 
John Osborne 
Computer Science 
Melissa Osti 
Biological Sciences 

Seniors 201 

William Overton 

Electrical Engineering 

Ashleigh Owen 


Ayesha Owens 


Christopher Owens 

Mechanical Engineering 

Jody Owens 

Packaging Science 

Kerri Owens 

Communication Studies 

Lauren Owsle\' 

Graphic Communications 

Daniel Packard 


Krista Paczowski 


David Padgett 


Tara Pagano 

Civil Engineering 

Jennifer Page 

Biological Sciences 

Jerry Page 


Robert Parfitt 

Electrical Engineering 

Jessica Parker 


Lawton Parker 

Forest Resource Management 

Nathan Parker 


Robert Parker 

Political Science 

Rosaiyn Parson 

Biological Sciences 

Kelly Paterson 

Early Childhood Education 

IQil Portraits 

Overton — Phillips 

John I'atritk 


KinilKrIy I'jttcrson 


Rebecca Patterson 

Secondary Education 

jane iVarson 


Lauren IVarson 
Ain.uul.i IVtk 
Aquacu/ture, Fisheries & 

Wildlife Biology 
Joy Fetlerson 
Mechanical Engineering 
Kara IVeler 
Special Education 

Scott Pccvy 

Financial Management 

C'hristoplier Pell 
Tara iVllccchia 
Jewel Pelzer 

Anna Pennas 
Health Sciences 
Anthon\' Pesce 
Mechanical Engineering 
Shawn Frank Peterkin 
Electrical Engineering 
Carol Pethci 

William Pettay 

Ceramic dr Materials Engineering 

Brittney Pett)' 


Kyle Phillips 


Lauren Phillips 

Communication Studies 

Seniors 203 

204 Portraits 

Pickett — Reaves 

( ynilii.i I'rovcaux 

Secondary Education 

(!r.iyt()ii I'riJiit 


Krin I'shcnishny 


( ..iss.iiulr.i I'uph 

Animal & Veterinary Sciences 

(Ihristin.i I'ulxs 
Jciiiiitcr I'urslc)' 
Daniel Purvis 
Computer Engineering 
Kate Purvis 

Matthew Purvis 
Joshua Pusser 
Kcrri Quartararo 
Elementary Education 
Kristin Querubin 
Computer Engineering 

Haley Quinn 

Graphic Communications 

Nathan Raine\' 

Chemical Engineering 

Thomas Rainwater 


Michael Rampey 


Douglas Ramsa)- 
Graphic Communications 
Alanda Rash 
Technology & Human 
Resource Development 
Joshua Ratcliff 
Katina Reaxcs 
Environmental Science 

Seniors 205 

Collen Reedy 


Michael Reese 


Chad Reingardt 


Kimberley Reynolds 

Modem Languages 

Ronald Aaron Reynolds 


Meleah Rice 

Elementary Education 

Javone Richardson 

Biological Sciences 

Lindsey Ricketts 


Catherine Ridings 


Kathleen Riley 

Special Education 

William Rishovd 


Jaime Marie Rivers 

Agricultural Economics 

Stephanie Lynn Roberts 


Hillary Robinette 

Early Childhood Education 

Demarrias Rock 

Elementary Education 

Martha Rodde\- 

Health Sciences 

Evan Rodger 


Jon Roeder 

Health Sciences 

Heather Rogers 

Early Childhood Education 

Jeremy Rogers 

Financial Management 

206 Portraits 

Reedy — Sanzo 

Kristcn Rogers 
Biological Sciencei 
N'ii.()lf Rose 
Elementary liductitioii 
Leslie Ross 

Early Childhood l.duititiou 
M.iry Ross 
Biological Sciences 

C Carrie Rouse 

Health Sciences 

Rolurt Rouse 


Howard Royal 


Victoria Rover 

Co m m u n ica tie n Studies 

Scott Runyon 

Mechanical Engineering 

Lisa Ruppcrt 


Rebekah Rushton 

Industrial Management 

Charlotte Rutiedge 

Animal & Veterinary Sciences 

Courtcnay RyaJs 
Political Science 
Kristen Rysinski 

Courtney Salisbury 
Computer Science 
Jennifer Salisbur\- 

Alison Sanders 

C^aroline Sanders 
Agricultural Economics 
Jennifer Sanders 
Biological Sciences 
Michael Sanzo 

Seniors 207 

Katherine Sarvis 
Communication Studies 




Ashlee Savage 


Elementary Education 

W&i ^ 


Jessica Schappell 

Wim -srs^ 



1 <^"i J 


Kate Schreiter 

jV ^ 





Greaton Sellers 
Civil Engineering 

irisnna :5ever 

Ceramic & Materials Engineering 

Raymond Seward 


Brian Seyller 

Forest Resource Management 

Danielle Shatley 

Health Sciences 

Brandon Shaw 

Agricultural Education 

Leah Shelgren 


Marion Shepherd 

Biological Sciences 

Emily Schwarz 

^^Hfc_£n_ "i 

Special Education 

i^mpTi^ ^ 

Blythe Scott 

W Jr^^Mfll 

Health Sciences 

K mf ^^^^1 

Sarah Scott 

Hm ^ '^ VB 

Graphic Communications 

Irlr ' ' ■^^B 

Maureen Selgas 

viiL ^- ^ ^^H! 

Elementary Education 

^\ ^ 

208 Portraits 

Sarvis — Smalls 

J.iM>n Shirley 

A(fu//cu/ture, hishrries & 
Wildlife Biology 

Sclll ShitlcN 

Technology & Hunutn 
Resource Development 

Andrea Sluilxri 
Mary Siliky 
Secondary Education 

Aslilc) Simmons 
Elementary Education 
Matthew Simmons 
Packaging Science 
Joy Simpson 
Packaging Science 
Kristen Simpson 
Production Studies in 
Perfo rtn ing A rts 

Lauren Elizabeth Simpson 
Matthew Simpson 
Computer Engineering 
Ronnie Simpson 
Mechanical Engineering 
Heather Sims 
Elementary Education 

Laney Sims 

Mathematical Sciences 
Kane Sinakhonerath 
Mechanical Engineering 
Dylan Sitterle 
Health Sciences 
John Skelton 
Biological Sciences 

Bodeana Skinner 
Financial Management 
Stephen Slingerland 
Shanika Smalls 
Communication Studies 
lomeka Smalls 
Computer Engineering 

Seniors 209 

Stewart Smallwood 

Financial Management 

Aaron Smith 

Mechanical Engineering 

Brandi Smith 

Early Childhood Education 

Cecil Smith 

Computer Science 

Chris Smith 


David Smith 


Dawn Smith 

Secondary Education 

Jacquehne Smith 


Kalian Smith 


Karen Smith 

Language & International Trade 

Stephen Smith 

Mechanical Engineering 

Kathryn Smoak 

Civil Engineering 

210 Portraits 

Synallwood — Stephens 

Joiiaihan Snipci 
Biological Sciences 
Amy Siiohli- 

Meghan Snyder 
Sti-vtii Sohcr 
Computer Engineering 

Megan Somervillc 
Krystal Soiitherlin 
Biological Sciences 
MiJiacI Spacil 
Aquaculture, Fisheries & 

Wildlife Biology 
HIton Spain 

I"ra\is Spain 
I.atricc Spann 
Packaging Science 
Cynthia Squires 
Joseph Squires 
Agricultural Economics 

Brooke Stafford 
Donna Stang 

Tonya St C^lair 

Katherine StegaJl 


Sarah Steiflc 

Communication Studies 
Jonathan Stein 
Andrew Stephens 
Industrial Engineering 
Ashley Stephens 

Seniors 2 1 1 

Amanda Stevens 

Science Teaching 

Erin Stevens 

Language & International Trade 

Melissa Randi Stevens 

Early Childhood Education 

Jennifer Stevenson 


Rebecca Stewart 

Health Sciences 

Whitten Stewart 

Elementary Education 

James Stofter 


William Stogner 

Biological Sciences 

Eric Stone 

Graphic Communications 

Brett Stoutland 


Andrea Stover 

Communication Studies 

Thomas Stowe 


Christopher Strauch 

Secondary Education 

Rebecca Strong 


Jason Stufflebeam 

Packaging Science 

Stephanie Stutts 

Biological Sciences 

Ann Marie Sullivan 


Rachel Sullivan 

Communication Studies 

Shannon Megan Sullivan 

Elementary Education 

Kellie Sutton 

Financial Managemeu t 

212 Portraits 

Stevens — Thoma 

Amy Swack 


Kiclianl Sw.iiin 

Graphic Communications 

Kathcrinc Sw.insnn 


Ikftt Swiiullc 

Financial Management 

Morj;an S\kora 
Ashley lakr 
Lindsay Taguba 
( lliristiiic laibi 

Nicole Tallcy 

Mathematics Teaching 

Kimbcrl)' laniaccio 

Financial Management 

Jennifer Tanner 

Animal & Veterinary Sciences 

Ciraham lay lor 


JefFcry Taylor 
Electrical Engineering 
Matthew ra\ior 
Political Science 
Olivia Taylor 

Rebecca Taylor 
Communication Studies 

Nicholas Tedesco 
Landscape Architecture 
Jill Templeton 
James Thackston 
Agricultural Education 
Jennifer Thoma 

Seniors 213 

Amy Thomas 

Early Childhood Education 

Phillip Thomas 

Forest Resource Management 

Tamika Thomas 


Chelsea Thomason 

Health Sciences 

Matthew Thomason 

Financial Management 

James Thompson 

Mechanical Engineering 

Jamin Thompson 


Kristin Timm 

Health Sciences 

Nancy Timmerman 


Robert Timmerman 

Biological Sciences 

Glenn Timmons 


Haston Timmons 

Packaging Science 

Heather Tolbert 

Early Childhood Education 

Shea Tolbert 


Ryan Took 


Brannon Traxler 


Erin Tribblc 

Early Childhood Education 

Rebecca Trotter 


Hannah Tucker 

Secondary Education 

Jennifer Tucker 

Early Childhood Education 

214 Portraits 

Thomas — Vo^el 

Carrie lUrncr 
Modem Languages 

1 juric Iiirncr 


Micli.icl liirncr 


Wcs limlc 

Financial M/in/igetnent 

1 indsey Iwigg 


Andrew iylcr 

Communication Studies 

LTurcn Iylcr 

Animal & Veterinary Sciences 

I.cigh Ulmcr 

Biological Sciences 

Jason Underwood 
Jcrcni)' L'ndcr^vood 
Kelly \'alaitis 
Political Science 
James \'alentinc 
Mechanical Engineering 

Laura Vanadore 

Secondary Education 

Katharine V'anpelt 


Heather \'ardell 

Political Science 

Christopher N'argas 

Computer Information Systems 

James Vaughn 


Stephen N'aughn 

Language & International Trade 

Joseph \'itelli 

Language & International Trade 

Ashlev \ogel 

Packaging Science 

Seiiiors 215 

Jennifer Volpe 


Nathan Wagner 


Jarrod Walker 

W^ '^ H^^l 

Production Studies in 

Petforming Arts 

Brandon Wall 

Forest Resource Management 


Joshua Wallace 

Aquaculture, Fisheries & 

Wildlife Biology 

Diane Wallendjack 

Secondary Education 

Kelly Waller 

Computer Engineering 

Staci Walpole 

Early Childhood Education 

Kristen Walsh 

^1^ Wk 

icultural Education 

^Kftkk ^fl 

Jessica Walton 

mm wi^l 


Kevin Walton 


Angela Ward 




Brooks Ward 


Lawson Ward 


Tiffany Warner 

Early Childhood Education 

Todd Warren 

Civil Engineering 

Thomas Waters 


Joseph Watson 

Packaging Science 

Laura Watson 

Elementary Education 

Travis Watts 


216 Portraits 


Volpe — Wilkinson 

lames Way 
Elementary Education 

Alyssa VX'cavcr 
Naihanitl Webster 
Uradlcy Wcclu-i 
Biosystems Engineering 

Jordan VC'ciiibrtnncr 
Graphic Communiculiotis 
riiomas Wcir 
Christopher Welch 
Biological Sciences 

I.aiKe Wessinger 

Jeffrey West 
Rachel West 
Secondary Education 
Rosalita Viest 
Allen NX'ham 

Agricultural Mechanization & 

Oisry WTiite 


Rot;er Whitehead 

Computer Engineering 

Hli/abeth Whitlev 

Language & International Trade 

David Whitt 

Packaging Science 

John \X 'icklifte 

Professional Communications 
Holland Wilgus 
John Wilkins 
Mechanical Engineering 
Thomas Wilkinson 
Landscape Architecture 

Seniors 217 

Brantley Williams 

Communication Studies 

Christina Williams 


Deveraux Williams 

Computer Engineering 

Kevin Williams 


Laterrance Williams 

Industrial Engineering 

Willie Williams 

Computer Science 

Curtis Wilson 

Computer Engineering 

Jared Wilson 

Forest Resource Management 

Jessica Wilson '^ 


Kathlyn Wilson 

Communication Studies 

Marcia Wilson 

Animal & Veterinary Sciences 

Ryan Wingard 


.! \ 

Emily Wingate 
Special Education 

Thomas Winkler 



Ashley Winslow 

Hi mI 


Kassia Wisikoski 


Visual Arts 


Paige Witherington 


Biosystems Engineering 


Cynthia Wood 


Secondary Education 

"If - w 

Jacqueline Wood 

K^'" H 

Political Science 

Amy Woods 



218 Portraits 



'/Alp ail 

Mary NX'oods 


Joshua NXorthington 

Computer Engineering 

Mlair Wri^lu 


jolin W v.m 

Secondary Education 

Neil Yanik 

Mechanical Engineering 
James Yarboroiigh 
Elementary Education 
Holly \ates 

Communication Studies 
Natalie Yost 
Special Education 

Prcssly Yost 
Jcffrc)' 'i'oung 
Sarah Young 
Whitney Zacchctti 
Modem Languages 

Krisr\' Zagorski 

Early Childhood Education 

Adam Zamorski 

Eood Science 

Candace Zipf 


l.indse)- Zittrouer 


Amanda Zobel 


Matthew Zupan 

Language & Internatioiuil Trade 



220 Portraits 

Aahhus — CleveLvui 

James /\akhus 
Koniiic Aniitk 
l-.riiily Andersen 
Jcssita Arlcdpc 
Brandon Ashley 
Jonathan Atkins 

Matthew Austin 
David Baker 
Kellye Baker 
! li/alieth Ballard 

liley Barncil 
^licllev Barrett 

Anderson Baxley 
Sarah Kathleen Baxley 
limothy Benjamin 
Kala Benson 
Russell Bevis 
Amy Black 

Paige Blake 
Kristen Blanding 
Alan Boling 
Lawrence Bowers 
Edward Brake 
Matthew Brown 

I^uren Browne 
Leslie Browne 
Walter Bundy 
Kari Burns 
Joni Byars 
Firtanv Cagic 

Liam Cahalane 
Blake Cannon 
Harry Cantcy Carey 
^nt C^arey 
i nn Carne 

Jacob C^irter 
Jeremy Carter 
Clay Chaplin 
William Childress 
Paige Clark 
John Cleveland 

Juniors 221 

Cassady Coggins 
Richard Coggins 
Jason Coolbaugh 
Jennifer Cooper 
Jennifer Cordell 
Elisabeth Cox 

Jacquehne Cox 

Ashley Craddock 

Ashley Crawford 

Matthew Crawford 

Jessica Croxton 

Amy Culp 

Brian Curry 

Jason Curry 

Creswell Curtis 

Nickolas Dalton 

Alicia Davis 

Judson Davis 

Ashley Dawkins 

Vivian Dover 

Mary Doyle 

Christopher Dyches 

Ashley Edwards 

Sara Edwards 

Lindsey Elbirn 

Chris EUzey 

Lauren Emory 

Anna Eskridge 

Marissa Fann 

Jessica Farris 

Colette Floyd 

Tameka Floyd 

Ashley Flynn 

Tripp Ford 

David Fortenberry 

Kevin Foy 

Lindsey Frankun 

Joshua Eraser 

Marco Friend 

Robert Frisina 

James Frye 

James Galloway 

222 Portraits 

Covins — Johnson 

Stephen Cijnii 
Ryan (iarlingtun 
Mieliacrl Cicddin^s 
Jennifer Ciilnun 
Marcin (iilchriM 


Austin Graham 
Heather (iraham 
John Ciregory 
Krin Ciross 
Charlotte Cirover 
Monica Gucrtin 

Sarah Gustafson 
Cindy Hampton 
Kimberly Hampton 
Amy Hanna 
I .mra Harley 
Kritt Harling 

Allison Hartnett 
Kristen Hartwig 
\lcgan Har\ey 
\tlam Haskett 
I dward Hay 
Robert Haves 

Elizabeth Henderson 
Michael Henderson 
Mary Herlong 
I.ison Hill 
Robert Hincs 
( .irrie Hod^e 

Amanda Hoffman 
Kristyn Hogan 
Eric Holcombc 
Maury Home 
Taylor Horton 
Ada Howell 

Kristina Ihlenfeldt 
Alice Ingram 
Molly Ivester 
Gregory Jackson 
Amanda Johnson 
Robert |ohnson 

Juniors 223 

Hayes Jones 

Matthew Jones 

Benjamin Jordan 

Kristin Jordan 

Sarah Karpel 


Alhson Keck 
Tara Keller 
Jason Kelly 
Stacey Kelly 
Brett Kerce 

Hayley Kern 

David King 

Lindsey Koenig 

Katie Komornik 

Kristina Krzyzanowski 

Ashley Landrum 

Ashley Lentz 

John Lesley 

Richard Litchfield 

Derek Little 

Jennifer Litde 

Stephanie Long 

Robert Luschek 

Brian Macmillan 

Dennis Maeger 

Ashley Major 

Elizabeth Marlow 

Ashley Mauldin 

Amy McAlister 

Ragan McBride 

Margaret McCanless 

Ashley McCluney 

Jennifer McElveen 

George McFaddin 

John McLaurin 

Daniel McMillan 

Kristie McTaggart 

Carrie Meetze 

Patrick Mela 
Susannah Merrell 

Karli Merritt 

224 Portraits 

-Joties — Rofnifigcr 

Hrun Miller 
Shelly Miller 
William Miller 
l-.mily Mills 
(Christopher Minis 
Rob Monday 

I rank Montcrisi 
(Christina Moore 
hrin Moorhead 
I li/abeth Moses 
iJiael Mullen 
' nristophcr Murton 

Jonathan Newton 
Andrew Nufifer 
William Osborne 
Bradle)' Page 
Kathleen Patterson 
\llcn Pcndaruis 

Cilcnn Perrin 
Joel Perr\' 
Re nee Perry 
Justin Peterson 
Jen Pitz 
Jeffrey Plexico 

(Christopher Porter 
Beth Powell 
V'aneishia Rainey 
Anna Rampcy 
Nicole Randall 
Mison Reed 

(Christina Reinhard 
Kristin Retallick 
Cyle Rhoades 
Elliott Rice 

.ither Rice 

iri Rice 

Joel Riley 
Dustin Rinchart 
Stephanie Roberts 
Casey Robinson 
( aleb Rogers 
^hcrman Romingcr 

Juniors 225 

Laura Rukat 

Michelle Rupert 

Joshua Rush 

April Rushton 

Monika Ryba 

Michael Sawyer 

David Schlink 

Brian Schult 

Sally Ann Schwartz 

Nathaniel Senn 

Hudson Shelby 

Jessica Shuler 

Lanier Shuler 

Rebecca Shulick 

Laura Singer 

Tifany Sizemore 

Christopher Smith 

Dennis Smith 

Jared Smith 

David Snyder 

Harriet Spires 

Abby Steele 

Kye Stepp 

Chrissv Stick 

David Stroup 

Benjamin Sullivan 

Aimee Sylvester 

Jonathan Tate 

Lee Taylor 

Stephen Terleski 

Nicole Terry 

Katie Thomas 

Martha Thomas 

William Trammell 

Mary Trice 

James Tripp 

Justin Trotter 
David Tucker 
Crystal Urban 
Courtney Vellenoweth 
Ada Villinger 
Wendi Walker 

226 Portraits 

Rtikat — Zwahlcri 

Alicia Waller 
Janics Watkins 
Mark Watson 
Victoria Watson 
Merrill Weathers 
l.ucia Welch 

Kmiiic Wcrsingcr 
Rachcal Wessell 
Joshua NX'hite 
Mclean Wilson 
Megan Wisz 
Kathleen Wood 

lori Woods 
Jeffrey Young 
Ryan /lafris 
Lauren Zaring 
Jessica Zwahlen 

Juniors 227 


228 Portraits 

AddDis — Bun^ 

April Adams 
( Christopher Adams 
( !ourmcy Adams 
)cirdrc Adams 
l.ii/jhcih Adams 
K.ithcriMc Adams 

(Charles Alexander 
Jessica Allen 
Matthew Allen 
Jessica Ashmorc 
(iabricllf Austin 
Amanda Baktr 

uren Baldwin 
Kristin Balint 
Sarah Ballcntinc 
Klizabcth Ballcw 
mily Barber 

inantha Barnes 

I^urcn Barnctt 
Sara Barnctt 
Elizabeth Barnette 
Lawrence Barr 
Sophia Becchcr 
Mattic Benson 

Benjamin Bentiev 
James Berr\' 
Michelle Blackwcll 
S.irah Blalock 
"^arah Bolden 
leather Bowman 

Allison Bradshaw 
Ben Breazeale 
\ndrea Briscoe 
Reed Brogan 
( harlie Bronzino 
1 niilv Brown 

Stephanie Brown 
Christopher Browne 
Russell Bryant 
Brian Burdyl 
Jessica Burger 
Kristcn Burtz 

Sophomores 229 

Virginia Byars 
Marvin Cagle 
Lindsey Cain 
Kendria Cartledge 
Brian Church 
Jennifer Clarke 

Matthew Cloaninger 
Matthew Coats 
Jason Coleman 
Jonathan Coleman 
Hannah Collins 
Tracy Connelly 

Heather Cooley 

Angela Crawford 

Kerri Crawford 

Michael Crawford 

William Crosswell 

Ashley Crump 

William Cummings 

Anna Daniel 

James Daniel 

Sarah Davidsen 

Charles Davis 

James Davis 

Rodney Davis 
Lauren Deer 
Lisa De lulio 
Kristen Dipaolo 
Dana Dodds 
Brvan Dubav 

Katherine Dunn 

Mary Beth Durst 

Ashley Eaddy 

Scott Edenfield 

Jonathan Edens 

Alan Edwards 

Elizabeth Elliott 

Walter Elliott 

Melissa Elrod 

Louis Esposito 

Daniel Fain 

Walt Farrell 


^ L 


230 Portraits 

By^rs — Home 

"A e . r^ r 


< ircpory Icnskc 
Maxwell Ferguson 
1 )an Icrrcc^bctli Hcckcnstcin 
Bill lorrcst 
Megan lowlcr 

Parker Ciaddy 
William Ciaincy 
Meredith Ciammon 
Kristen (Jarlington 
(Courtney dault 
lirian (iause 

Amanda Gibson 
Jenna (iibson 
Jennifer Glenn 
C^harlcs Greene 
Scntell Greene 
Tara Greene 

John Gregory 
Katie Ciressette 
Kcllc\' Grogan 
Nathan Hafncr 
Christina Hagan 
Michael Hale 

Kelly Hamilton 
R-rri Hancock 
Ghrist)- Hardegree 
Jordan Harmon 
Anne Harris 
David Harris 

Susan Haur\ 
Matthew Hcndrix 
R\an Henkes 
Krystal Hill 
Sandra Hillhouse 
Sarah Hills 

Justin Hipp 
Jcanette Hobby 
Mar)' Hobby 
Alice Holloway 
Claudia Hook 
leftrev Home 

Sophomores 231 

Cynthia Horton 
Lauren Huckaby 
Jennifer Hudson 
Morgan Hughes 
Jessica Jackson 
Dawn Jiang 

Heather Johnson 

Lauren Johnson 

Lindsey Jones 

Teqeia Jones 

Normand Jordan 

Andrew Kasperek 

Sara Katsanevakis 

Amy Keller 

Kevin Kelly 

Kyle Kelly 

Stephen Kennette 

William Kenyon 

Kelly Kesack 
Kaamilya King 
Hannah Kinner 

Tara Kneece 
Roland Knight 
Rebecca Knotts 

Courtney Kramp 

Benjamin Landers 

Lauren Lang 

Christopher Lee 

Deborah LeGette 

Joshua Lemere 

Elizabeth Lester 

Emily Leviner 

Thom Linton 

Stephanie Macdonald 

Aaron Major 

Anne Martin 

Krystal Martin 

Sarah Martschink 

Anthony Mascolo 

Thomas McCullough 

Fran McCutcheon 

John McKee 

232 Portraits 

Hart on — Register 

Luiric McNal>ncv 
Cihristophcr McWhoricr 
Kevin Meadows 
' -ortrcy Mikota 

llisi»n Miller 

:l,.. Miller 

Nick Mills 
Rokrt Mills 
l)..vid Mitchell 
Kvan Mlinar 
William Monts 
Matthew Moore 

Matthew Morgan 
Nicholas Morris 
Clhristina Morrison 
William Mostcrtz 
Maggie Musgravc 
Amanda Mvnatt 

Brent Nelson 
Lindsay Norman 
Brian N\'%ali 
Joseph Nj-vall 
Dustin Oprea 
Casey O'Toole 

Philip Ott 
loel Palmer 
Kimberly Parker 
Jonathan Parris 
Zachary Parris 
Jason Patterson 

Jessica Patterson 
Jonathan Patterson 
Matthew Patterson 
Dan Peeples 
Andrea Pickens 
X'iruinia Porter 

NX'illiam Pouch 
Sabrina Puckett 
Timothy Putnam 
Melissa Putney 
I l.iina Ramsey 
1 \is id Register 

Sophomores 233 

Leslie Renwick 

James Rhodes 

Deborah Rice 

Christina Riddle 

Joseph Riley 

Alex Robeson 

Lindsey Rogers 

Aaron Ross 

Donell Ryan 

Allison Scheele 

Rebecca Schimsa 

Katherine Schooler 

Joel Schooling 
Catherine Shell 
Robert Sherard 

Robert Shirley 
Lindsay Sigmon 

John Simpson 

Laura Smith 

Lily Smith 

Ryan Smith 

Terrell Smith 

Brandon Snell 

Lacy Spearman 

Ronique Staley 

Aaron Stanley 

Jonathan Starling 

Anna Steadings 

Daniel Stephens 

Adryan Stewart 

Sydney Switzer 

William Thomas 

Elliot Thompson 

Laura Tienken 

Mary Timanus 

Joshua Timm 

Jessica Tomlinson 

Robert Tucker 

Veronica Valentine 

Jenkins Wade 

Joshua Wald 

Andrew Wallace 

234 Portraits 

Roiwick — Ziskal 



Melissa Walsh 
Jennifer Wardlaw 
Emily Warren 
Kristen Watson 
I ).ivid Webb 
Ihsabctli Webb 

C Clayton Welborn 
Klizabcth Wcrts 
Jessica Whitaker 
(^arla White 
Marv Williams 



C^arolinc Wilson 
Brad Winn 
Amanda Wyse 
Klizabcth Yost 
Skylar Young 
Jonathan Ziskal 

'.^^"^mcL - • 


/;-^'^'V,r'%>.. A ,, 



%l '>. 


•-.^rrv^^i.^':'- i-^'. 

^S,,»vv • ■ • . -> 

,' \ 

■■;4^w '"• : 


< ■ 

■'\^-^-im. • 

f V 


■>• : 

^- v" 



m^nj i 

Sophomores 235 


236 Portraits 



Ann^hoo — Arpai 

I'orgc Aanghoo 
jamila Abdul-Hakim 
l^iircn Able 
Liurcn Acscll 
(Iharics Adair 
Brittany Adams 

Daniel Adams 
Matthew Adams 
lonathan Addicki 
\iidrea Adkins 
Richard Albee 
1 .ikcena Alexander 

Louise Alexander 
Dino Allen 
Joshua Allen 
Meredith Allen 
Nancy Allen 
Emma Alley 

Matthew Alley 
Robert Allman 
Leigh Alston 
Christopher Altman 
Emerald Amores 
Joseph Ryan Amos 

(^handler Anderson 
' nies Anderson 

lie Anderson 
Mclanic Anderson 
Sarah Anderson 
Scott Anderson 

Emily Andrews 
Sara Anrrich 
C'hristine Ansceuw 
Andrew Apple 
Timothy Arnold 
l^rian Arpaio 

Freshmen lyi 

Justin Arthur 

Elizabeth Asay 

Martha Ashmore 

Derek Atkinson 

Don Atkinson 

Jeffrey Atkinson 

Katherine Atkinson 

Christina Austin 

Emily Ayers 

John Babcock 

Brittany Bach 

Stephen Bacon 

Bryan Baggett 

Kristen Bailey 

Brittany Baker 

Craig Baker 

Paul Baker 

Bradley Ballien 

David Barban 
Francisco Barberi 
Phillip Barham 
Robert Barham 
Thomas Barker 
Britton Barnes 

Kacie Barnette 
Jessica Earnhardt 
Chris Barnhill 
Scott Barnicle 
Alfred Barns 
Mark Barofskv 

Kevin Barrett 
Huntor Barron 
Besty Ruth Barrows 
Matthew Barry 
Daniel Bartsch 
Adam Barwick 

238 Portraits 

Art I) It r — Bishop 

Dominick Baiilc 
Mcrcditli Ha<>slcr 
liickcr Bales 
Brian Bauiiiganncr 
Sarah Bauss 
Jennifer Bawden 

Amy Baxley 
Kristen Baxter 
Bruce Baynard 
I inily Beaslcy 
IvtlK-cca Beatry 
1 li/^beth Beckham 

Kunilu Hell 
Jade Bel lack 
! Vcw Belmont 

icr Bemisderter 
-hristine Bcncsole 
Melanie Benetato 

Melvin Bcnhoff 
David Benjamin 
Aaron Thomas Bcnko 
Eric Bennett 
Tyler Benson 
Caroline Berkey 

Sarah Bernastan 
Laquanna Berry 
Michael Berry 
Doyle Best 
Kary Bettencourt 
Erin Bever 

Harikrishnan Bhanu 
Kristen Bieri 
Candacc Biglow 
Brandon Bilinski 
t l.ilcy Binowski 
Derek Bishop 

Freshmen 239 

John Bishop 
Justin Black 
Joshua Blackwell 
Jackson Blalock 
Scott Blalock 
JuHan Bland 

Kristan Blanding 

Brandon Blue 

Harrison Boant 

Caroline Boden 

Emily Boedecker 

Katie Boehm 

Eric Boessneck 

John Bogwell 

Josh Bonder 

John Boniface 

Katherine Bonner 

Thomas Bonner 

Laura Bonnette 

Trae Borden 

Derrick Bosco 

Marilyn Boss 

William Bostic 

Walter Bouknight 

Adrriaan Bouwer 

Lauren Bowden 

Amy Bowers 

Tyson Bowers 

Erin Bowling 

Meghan Bowling 

Mark Bowman 

Adam Boyd 

Angela Boyd 

Jullius Boyd 

Kelly Boyd 

William Boyles 


240 Portraits 

Bishop — Brown 

Andrea Boymon 
(iarl Brabham 
Ix'c- Bracked 
Joseph Bradford 
Brandon Bradles 
r.rin Bradv 

l.rin Brand 
Scoti Brannan 
Aja Brantley 
Amanda Brantley 
Jacob Branyon 
Lindsay Brasington 

Tabitha Braswell 
Lindsay Braustncr 
Rclu-cca Brawley 
M.itthew Brcgal 
Barbi Brcimann 
Lauren Brewer 

Taryn Brice 
Carla Bridges 
Erin Bridges 
Kelly Bridges 
Jessica Bright 
Leslie Brigman 

Kay Brittany 
Rebecca Britten Meyer 
Sarah Brocker 
Zachary Brogles 
James Brookie 
|ohn Brooks 

Samuel Broome 
Ashley Brosius 
Daniel Brostin 
Brianna Brothcrson 
Christopher Brown 
Dashawn Brown 



Joseph Bryan 

Lori Bryan 

Augusta Bryant 

Jonathan Bryda 

Dori Bryer-Satkin 

Eric Bucholz 

Juhe Buckler 

Amanda Bugg 

Greg Burana 

Barton Burford 

242 Portraits 

Brown — Carraivay 

hCithlccn burturd 
James Burgess 
Jonathan Burghardt 
Patrick Burgis 
(laitlyn Burke 
Megan Burns 

Zathcry Burroughs 
I^urcn Burton 
Justin Paul Bush 
Jcnna Buss 
Amanda Butler 
Klizjbcth Butler 

W. C:ullivan Butler 
Adam Butz 
Nicole Buzzell 
Caleb Bye 
Andrea Byrd 
Tiffany Cain 

Jason Calcagno 
Barrett Caldwell 
David Caldwell 
Lee Caldwell 
Crystal Calhoun 
Sloan Calvert 

Andrew Campbell 
David Campbell 
Elizabeth Campbell 
Jason Campbell 
Lindsay Campbell 
Shannon Campbell 

Christopher Carey 
Kevin Carey 
Dalton Carpenter 
Marifrasier Carpenter 
Taylor Carr 
Katie Carrawav 

Freshmen lA?) 

Stephanie Carroll 

John Thomas Carson 

Christopher Carter 

Jason Carter 

Nicole Carter 

Victoria Carter 

Philip Caruso 

Tyler Caruso 

Thomas Cashin 

Keelin Cassidy 

Megan Catafygiotu 

Micah Cattanner 

Mary Cattrell 

Ashley Cauble 

William Caughman 

Kirkley Caulder 

Mark Celia 

William Chadwick 

Jennifer Chaikowski 

Wai Chan 

Mark Chandler 

Stephen Chaplin 

Candace Chapman 

Edward Chapman 

Guy Chapman 
Robert Chattin 
Aaron Chavous 
Jessica Cheek 
Scott Childs 
Camille Ching 

Seth Chinnis 

Sadarro Chisholm 

Carrie Chiu 

John Christ 

Christopher Church 

Kristi Clardy 

244 Portraits 

(Mrroll — Cook 

|■drc^^■ (Jark 
lason (Jarkc 
1 liomas (Hay 
Dcidrc (Mayburn 
I'amcia C^layton 
Kenneth CJcarv 

(Christopher C.lemmons 
Audreunna (Cleveland 
Mar\'\vynne (Cleveland 
lyier Cleveland 
Melissa (Clevenger 

Reginald Coachman 
Megan CCobb 
Karl Cobden 
Matthew Cody 
Christopher Dale Coker 
Lindscv Cole 

Daniel Coleman 
Matthew Coleman 
William Coleman 
Christopher Collier 
Elizabeth Collins 
Melissa Collins 

Robbie Colosino 
Elizabeth Colson 
Tyler Colvin 
Alexander Comley 
Icssica Comolli 
Met;an Condraskv 

Kyle Conger 
Laura Connell 
Laura Conschafter 
Lauren Cook 
Richard Cook 
Rvan Mark Cook 

Freshmen lA'^ 

Katherine Cooper 

Sarah Cooper 

Megan Copeland 

Michael Copley 

Mallory Corbett 

William Cornwell 

Andrew Corontzes 

Amanda Costa 

Matthew Cousins 

Abigail Cox 

Joshua Cox 

Andrew Coyle 

Jillian Hana Crane 

Tiffany Cranston 

Ryan Craven 

Howard Crawford 

Heather Creel 

Michael Creib 

Nan Crim 

Sarah Croft 

Brookley Cromer 

Justin Cromer 

Ashlyn Crosby 

Chaise Crosby 

Margaret Crouch 

James Crout 

Amanda Crowe 

David Cruz 

Todd Culbertson 

Erin Culhan 

Francis Culler 

Alexander Culp 

Charles Culp 

Trent Culp 

Billie Jo Culver 

Brantley Culver 

246 Portraits 

Cooper — Demetes 


(clicia Cunningham 
l.iam Cunningham 
Michelle Cunningham 
Holly Cutshall 
lara Dallcssandru 
Kvlc Dalton 

Mark D'Amorc 
(Christopher Daniel 
Stephen Daniel 
William Daniels 
Reid Danielson 
Robert Danner 

Kathcrinc Darby 
Rebecca Darr 
Kathleen Davenport 
Paul Davidson 
Andrew Davis 
Ashley Davis 

Corrie Davis 
Katherine Davis 
Kelly Davis 
Landon Davis 
Laura Davis 
Robert Davis 

Rebecca Dawse\' 
Christopher Deal 
Jeffery Dean 
Taryn Deane 
Guillermo Deangulo 
Lauren Decuers 

Candice Defelice 

Christopher Degiovanni 

Brynn Dchay 

Keri Deily 

Steven Dejonckheere 

Brian Demetes 

Freshmen 247 

Ivory Dennard 

Jennifer Dennis 

John Denniston 

Matthew Denny 

Jeanette Destefani 

Brittany Dettman 

Katrina Detyens 

John Devine 

Michelle Devita 

Andrea Devon 

Austin Dial 

Corey Dickerson 

Fletcher Dickert 
Drew Dickinson 
Anthony Didato 
Heather Diebold 
Bradley Dilday 
Bryce Dill 

Matthew Dipietro 
Melissa Discepolo 
Kathryn Dixon 
Robert Dixon 
Matthew Dobson 
Elizabeth Donnan 

William Dorris 

Anne Dorsam 

Dustin Douglas 

Heather Dover 

James Dowdy 

James Downing 

Elizabeth Doyle 

Robert Drake 

Shakiya Drayton 

Sarah Drexler 

Ellen Dreyer 

Brett Drisgula 

248 Portraits 

Dcnnard — Eberenz 


Alexander Drozd 
Margaret Drumm 
Rebecca Dudley 
Marion Dukes 
Michael Dukes 
Wayne Dukes 

Benjamin Dunagin 
Megan Duncan 
Allison Dunlap 
Katherine Dupre 
Caroline Durant 
Jacqueline Dwight 

1 indsa)' Dyer 
Angela ELaddy 
X'irginia Eadon 
Cr)stal Earle 
Taylor Easton 
Robert Eberenz 

Freshmen 249 

Amanda Ebersole 

Carrie Eckel 

Andrew Eckenbrecht 

Crystal Eden 

Heather Edmonds 

Jane Marie Edwards 

Jessica Edwards 

Labairus Edwards 

Emily Egge 

Carl Eichel 

George Elder 

James Elderman 

Kathryn Ellefson 

Christopher Ellepola 

Katherine Ellis 

Bradley Ellison 

Lauren EUzey 

Jillian Elmhorst 

Dennis Elphick 

Megan Elrod 

Christopher Embry 

Joshua Endress 

Emily Ennis 

Alyson Marie Ensley 

Gerad Enterline 

Tera Enterline 

Lauren Epps 

Jayme Erden 

Dawn Erickson 

Johnathan Ertzberger 

John Erwin 

Mary Eskridge 

Brandon Essary 

Emily Estes 

Ryan Etheridge 

Kyle Etters 

250 Portraits 

Ebersole — Floyd 

Amy Hudaly 
l-.niily Kvans 
Meghan Evans 
Ikookc Kvcrard 
Andrew Falcndysz 
Kristcn lanchcr 

Marshall Hant 
Stcphan Faris 
Margaret Parish 
Kenneth Farnham 
Jennifer Faulkner 
Kelly Height 

Charles Feldcr 
Ryan Feldhaus 
Alan Felts 
James Femino 
Dale Fenton 
Jermie Fergusan 

Jennifer Elise Ferguson 
Katherinc Ferguson 
Anthony Fernando 
Gregory Fertig 
Matthew Fessler 
Ian Fields 

Justin Finch 
Amanda Finley 
Jeflfer)' Fisher 
Summer Fitts 
Michael Fitzpatrick 
Andrew Flandr\- 

Craig Fleming 
Megan Fleming 
Jamez Fletcher 
James Flowers 
Adair Floyd 
Anne Niarie Flovd 

Freshmen 251 

Bridget Floyd 

Cassy Floyd 

Dana Floyd 

Elizabeth Floyd 

Matthew Charles Floyd 

William Flovd 

Joseph Flynn 

Jeremy Fogle 

Kimberly Fogle 

Stewart Fogleman 

Kaley Folay 

Whitney Ford 

Crystal Fordyce 

Douglas Forester 

James Forrester 

John Forshey 

David Foss 

Malia Foster 

Anianda Fowler 

Brian Fox 

Laura Foxworth 

Michael Frank 

Alexandra Franklin 

Richard Fraser 

Brandon Freeman 

Jennifer Freeman 

Morgan Freeman 

Willington Freeman 

Rebekah Frisina 

Gehn Fujii 

Mitchell Fulford 
Carroll Caddis 
Alex Caddy 
Robert Caddy 
Anthony Cage 
Crant Caillard 

252 Portraits 

Floyd— Gli 

on I 

Benjamin (iaincy 
John Galloway 
Brittney (iambic 
Megan Ciardncr 
I jura Garick 
Rohcrt (iarnson 

Meghan Garofalo 
James (larren 
Jiisiin (iarrick 
Ryan Ciarrison 
David Ciarvcy 
Brittany Ciarvin 

Margaret Gattis 
Paul Gauche 
Melanie Gavin 
Stephen Gaylord 
Aaron Gentry 
Meredith Gentry 

Kati George 
Dena Georgiades 
Andrew Gettys 
Kevin Gibbs 
Elizabeth Gibson 
Rvan Gibson 

Jennifer Gilbert 
Nicole Gilbert 
Keri Gill 
Louisa Gill 
Sergio Gilliam 
Elizabeth Ginn 

Joshua Ginn 
Matthew Ginn 
Ryan Glaros 
Julia Glazebrook 
Sarah Gledhill 
Ahmad (ilenn 

Freshmen 253 

Elizabeth Glenn 
Carlton Glover 
Suzannah Glover 
William Gobbel 
Justin Goethe 
Christine Goetz 

Austin Goforth 

Robert Goldsmith 

Elizabeth Good 

Adam Goodbar 

Richard Goodenough 

Anthony Goodin 

Victoria Goodwin 

John Gosnell 

Joanna Grabiak 

Anna Grace 

Daniel Graff 

Joel Graham 

254 Portraits 



Stephanie (iramc 
Zachary Cirant 
Randall (irate 
Molly (iravci 
Chad Cray 
Alissa Circen 

Zach Green 
Anthony (ircenc 
Courtney (irccnc 
Margaret Crcenc 
Nicholas Crcenc 
John Crccr 

Mark Grcgor)' 
Nicholas Gregory 
Emma Cresham 
Karly Grice 
Jimmi Griffin 
Sarah Grigg 

Adam Grirpis 
Kara Groff 
Berkley Grydcr 
William Gucrin 
Amanda Guerrero 
Gage Guess 

Elizabeth Gulcke 
Rebecca Gum 
Greg Gunn 
Steven Gunzenhauser 
Amanda Gurganus 
Heather Cwinn 

Amanda Hackenburg 
Stuart Haggerr\- 
Andrew Hagood 
John Hains 
Jordan Haire 
Caroline Hall 

Freshmen 255 

Lauren Hall 

Sarah Hall 

Tameika Hall 

Thomasina Hall 

Paul Halphen 

Vernon Hamilla 

Julia Hamilton 
Kathryn Hamilton 

Sara Hammett 
Lindsey Hammond 

Troy Hampton 
Amanda Hamrick 

Ashley Han 

William Hanahan 

Jesse Hanak 

Brittnee Hancock 

Daniel Hanley 

James Hanna 

Rachel Hannah 

Kelly Hansen 

Margaret Hard\' 

Katie Hare 

Kelly Harless 

Elizabeth Harmon 

Janele Harmon 

Anna Harper 

Eleanor Harrell 

Lindsay Harrelson 

Cornelius Harrington 

Jesse Harris 

Lauren Harris 

Philip Joel Harris Jr 

Lauren Harrison 

Laura Hart 

Mary Hart 

Lauren Hartley 


256 Portraits 

Hdll — Herring 

kcbckah Hartley 
Jarred Harrwig 
Anne Harvinllcr 
Ann Marie Har)'cki 
Kathcrine Hasi 
Aaron Hxsscll 

Mtliolas Hassig 
Rolxrt Hassold 
Kathleen Hatclieil 
NX'iiiiam Hawlev 
Dominique Ha\del 
Nicholas Haves 

C;hris Haymcs 
Ashley Haynes 
Clhristophcr Hays 
lill Hazel 
' l.lissa Heal)' 
1 1 cv Hcarn 

Jacob Heaton 
Mallory Hedingcr 
Daniel Heftcrnan 
Derek Heinz 
l.indsey Heitkamp 
Blaire Henderson 

Christopher Henderson 
Bart Hendricks 
EmiK' Hendrix 
John Hendrix 
Justin Hendrix 
Seth Hendrix 

Thomas Henr\- 
Ashley Hcrgenroeder 
Justin Herndon 
Loren Herndon 
Michael Hcrrihyton 
Nathan Herring 

Freshmen 257 

Katherine Hicks 

Kathleen Hicks 

Thomas Hickson 

Amanda Hill 

Brett Hill 

Kyle Hill 

Timothy Hill 

Ann Hills 

Abbey Hilton 

Ashley Hilton 

Mary Hinkson 

Eva Hirschwann 

Thomas Hixon 

Jill Hodge 

William Keith Hodges 

Daniel Hoeppner 

Charles Hoffman 

Matthew Hoffman 

Douglas Hogan 

Jessica Holder 

Joseph Holley 

Joseph Holliday 

Matthew Hollland 

Kristen Holloway 

Caroline Holmes 

Thomas Holmes 

Justin Holsonback 

Lauren Hood 

Thomas Hood 

Travis Hood 

Matthew Hooper 

Philip Hoot 

Evan Hopkins 

Michael Horton 

Charlie Horton Jr 

Christopher Howard 

258 Portraits 

Hicks — Jacksou 

Jcssi (toward 
Kristcn Howard 
Julie Howell 
C'arulyn F4ubach 
Jonathan Hubbard 
Marv Hubbard 

Bryan Hubcr 
C^hristian Hudson 
Jimmy Hudson 
Amy Hughes 
Melissa Hughes 
Ashlev Hulcit 

Scott Human 
James Humphries 
Cason Hund 
Michael Hunley 
Charity Hunt 
David Hunt 

Rebecca Hunter 
Matthew Hurley 
Kasci Hutchinson 
Leslie Hutto 
Erica Hutton 
Lee Hvsall 

Yuji Inagaki 
Lee Ingraham 
Mark Ingram 
Stephan Inman 
Philip Inncs 
AmbcT Intinger 

Freshmen 259 

Jonathan Jackson 

Kenneth Jackson 

Tyrone Jackson 

Stephanie Jacobson 

D.J. Jamerson 

Andrew James 

Courtney James 

Matthew Janeson 

Kristine Jecen 

Jessica Jefifcoat 

Shelly Jefifcoat 

William Jefifcoat 

Casey Jenkins 

Courtney Jenkins 

John Jenkins 

Logan Jenkins 

Michael Jenkins 

Douglas Jennings 

Sabrena Jeter 

William Jeter 

Barbara Johnson 

Carly Johnson 

David Johnson 

Derek Johnson 

Emily Johnson 

Joel Johnson 

Joseph Johnson 

Nicholas Johnson 

Robert Johnson 

Scott Johnson 

Tracy Johnson 
Zachery Johnson 
Austin Johnston 


Joanna jomes 

Alexander Jones 

Ashley Jones 


260 Portraits 

Jackson — Jojies 

Hr.indon I'aul Jones 
lkyt)n Jones 
(.cdric Jones 
c;iuistophcr Jones 
l.rica Jones 
Joy Jones 

Kiinbcrly Jones 
l^iura Jones 
Megan Jones 
I'icston Jones 
I rati Jones 
Travis Jones 

Freshmen 261 

William Jones 

Christopher Jordan 

John Jordan 

Sara Jordan 

Trevor Jordan 

Benjamin Jose\- 

Daniel Jowers 

Suzanne Jumper 

Allison Justice 

Stephanie Justice 

Barry Kaldenbach 

Rosemary Kalonaros 

Thomas Kapp 
Johanna Katz 
Nicole Keen 
Shakia Keger 
Michael Kein 
Tyler Keisler 

Amy Keller 

Alicia Kelley 

Matthew Kelley 

Andrew Kelly 

Rebecca Kelly 

Ellen Kemmerlin 

Richard Kenkel 

Michelle Kenyon 

Natalie Kerechanin 

Neil Kern 

Brooke Keverline 

Allison Kiernan 

Brittany Kierspe 

Tony Kiger 

Joshua Kimcey 

Grace King 

Griffis King 

Katherine King 

262 Portraits 




Stephanie King 
Ashley Kingsmorc 
Julia Kirby 
Jason Kirkham 
l.indi Kirkland 
Aaron Kirklin 

Kelly Kirkwood 
Danielle Kiitrell 
C Catherine Klein 
Alexandria Klinger 
James Knauss 
Brittany Knick 

Kinscy Knight 
David Knobeloch 
Steven Knobeloch 
Daniel Knott 
Katherine Knott 
lolin Knox 

Erin Koehler 
Caroline Kollar 
knny Korb 
Imily Kosa 
Michael Kreha 
Iv.imesh Krishna 

Spencer Kuper 
Jeremy K\'zer 
Rene Laborde 
Timothy Lack 
Devin Lafata 
Eric Laforcc 

Keith Laforcc 
Gabrielle Lahattc 
Kevin Lamarca 
Ross Lambcrger 
Thomas Lammons 
Jennifer I-ancaster 



Charles Lander 

Jennifer Landis 

Richard Landmesser 

Ashley Lane 

Nicole Lane 

Jennifer Laney 

Daniel Lanford 
Justin Lanham 

Danielle Lanigan 

Daniel Lapp 

Krishuar Larkin 

Meredith Larson 

Laurice Lary 

Clint Latray 

Sabrina Lau 

Anne Lautares 

Britta Lauterwasser 

John Lauther 

Maggie Lawhon 

Andrew Paul Lawley 

Michael Lawrence 

Kasey Lawson 

Maura Louise Lawson 

Henry Leaphart 

David Lebel 

Steven Leclair 

Laura Ledgerwood 


Alexander Lee 
Heather Lee 

Wavne Lee 

Travis Leeper 

Greyson Leftwich 

Thomas Leftwich 

Jacquelyn Lehr 

Bora Leiby 

Matthew Leininger 

C' d^dJM 

264 Portraits 

Lander — Lyerly 

NX'illiaiii ixninion 
William Ixmon 
I-atoya lxx>nard 
Matthew Ixrw 
Alexander l>cwis 
Brandon lewis 

William Lewis 
Kristcn I.eyh 
Dusiin I.ientz 
Thanal l.ileridgc 
Kristin l.indberg 
Rachel I.indsav 

Ryan Lindsay 
Jessica Link 
Robert Linkcnauger 
Cody Little 
Richard Little 
Nicole Litton 

Erin Lloyd 
Justin Lloyd 
Anna Lockhart 
Emily Suzanne l^ng 
Marie Long 
William Long 

Spencer Lord 
Daniel Lott 
Kristina Lott 
Hannah Lowe 
Br)an Lowman 
Elizabeth Lucius 

Mario Lugo 
Andrew Lukshis 
Stephen Lundavist 
Erin Luther 
Adam Lyerly 
Elizabeth Lverly 



Michael Brandon Lynch 

Thomas Lynn 

Jimmy Ma 

Elaine Maccorkle 

Brett Maclennon 

Elizabeth Madigan 

Maureen Mahan 

Natasha Maharaj 

April Renae Majors 

Harrison Malcolm 

Timothy Malinowski 

Candice Renee Mallory 

Brooke Manger 

Jennifer Mann 

Jessica Mann 

Robert Manning 

Andrew Mansfield 

Kathryn Manson 

Eric Marecki 

Jordan Marra 

Christopher Marshall 

Wesley Marthers 

Jennifer Martin 

Jessica Martin 

I !■ iiimi/m 

266 Portraits 


Lynch — McFadden 


Justin l'.uil Martin 
Meredith Martin 
Stephanie Martin 
Oystal Martowski 
Sara Mascola 
Marialice Ma,shburn 

Allyson Masie 
C'ammic Mason 
Jennifer Mason 
Jacob Kyle Masters 
Pllizabeth Mastromaonico 
Adam Mathis 

Bret Mathis 
Amir Matlock 
('hristopher Matthews 
Roy Matthews 
Aehcca Chere Mattison 
Christina Matzke 

Brooke May 
Rob McAJistcr 
Carey McArthur 
Kristen McCall 
\idan McCalhon 
1 )a\ id McCammon 

C I race McCarley 
Meredith McCaskill 
Jessica McCay 
Andrew McClure 
Jason McClure 
Jessica McCord 

Robert Ryan McCran,- 
William McDonald 
Michelle McDonough 
' ; u McElveen 
I 'iiiiel McElwey 
Caroline McFadden 

Freshmen 267 

Jonathan McFall 

John McFarland 

Donald McGaw 

Corey McGec 

Megan McGee 

AJisa McGehec 

Margaret McGill 

Megan McGregor 

EHzabeth McGuan 

John Mclnryre 

Ryan Mclntyre 

Jenna McKeever 

Andre McKenzie 

Heather McKenzie 

Nicholas McKie 

Allison McKinley 

Daniel McKinney 

Judson McKinney 

Lance Elliott McKnight 

John McLaurin 

Lauren McLees 

William McLendon 

Philip McLoud 

Kristen McMichael 

Lindsey McMillion 

Erin McNamara 

Celeste McNeil 

Paula McNeill 

Meghan McQuiston 

Rebecca Melchers 

Lindsey Meleski 

Sarah Mellon 

Jonathan Melquist 

Genevieve Mendes 

Kaidin Merchant 

Ashley Merck 

268 Portraits 

McFall — Moore 

Chriiiophcr Merrick 
Hugh Mcrriman 
Janna Mcrritt 
Ijiircn Mickey 
Kli/jbcch MifHeton 
C:had Milhousc 

l^dward Miller 
M Miller 
i'hilip Miller 
Rebecca Miller 
William Miller 
Brvna Mills 

David Mitchell 
Hannah Mitchell 
Ashley Mixon 
Justin Moats 
•u Mocrsen 
vachel Mollica 

Levi Monday 
Diego Montes 
Erin Montgomer)' 
Leah Moody 
Joshua Moore 
K;issandra Moore 

1 ance Moore 
Lindsey Michelle Moore 
Lisa Moore 
Matthew Moore 
Norman Moore 
Rebekah Moore 

M ff jS 



Tara Moore 

Megan Moran 

Victoria Morgan 

Merrideth Morris 

Michael Morrone 

Jeffery Morton 

Katherine Morton 

Jessica Moses 

Kyle Mottern 

Marshall Moultrie 

Derek Mrozik 

Molly Muething 

Edward Mullan 

Shannon Mulligan 

Emily Mullins 

Jessica Mulz 

Marilawren Mundy 

Matt Mundy 

Maria Murphree 

Jenna Murphy 

Allison Murray 

Cameron Murray 

Jason Murray 

Jeffrey Murray 

Kristina Murray 

George Richard Murtaugh 

Kevin Musselman 

Charles Richard Mustin III 

Barbara Ann Muzzillo 

Trent Nadeau 

Esther Natta 

Syntna Neal 

Jessica Nelson 

Maria Nemec 

Matthew Nesbit 

Mark Joseph Nesbitt 

270 Portraits 

Moore — Oxen dine 

Icrolyn Ncsmith 
John Nctclcs 
Ihai Nguyen 
Ijura Nichols 
l^ura Nicholson 
Margaret Nicklc-s 

/achary Nicks 
Mary Nilcs 
Aubrey Nilsen 
Lydia Nims 
Nicole Nissen 
Matthew Nodtvedi 

Christopher Nolph 
Kristie Nordcen 
Edgar Norris 
William Norwood 
Cara Mia Noto 
Seth Novick 

Tara Gates 
Daniel ODell 
Olatomiwa Ogunsola 
Virginia O'Lain 
Sarah Oliver 
Timothy Oliver 

Jennifer Olmstead 
Michael O'Neill 
Derek Orders 
Adina Orce 
Marshall Ormand 
Conwell Ottenritter 

Matt Otterson 
Meagan Outlaw 
Kristen Owen 
Mark Rile\- 0«en 
Tabitha Owen 
Shane C^xendine 

Freshmen 271 

Heather Oxentine 

Christopher Pace 

Benjamin Padget 

Ronald Padsett 

Cody Palmer 

Evan Palmer 

Christynne Papincak 

Ashley Parker 

Jessica Parker 

Steven Parodi 

Charles Parsons 

Todd Garrett Parvis 

Meredith Pate 

Dina Patel 

Vadang Patel 

Christy Patterson 

Kendra Patterson 

Kyle Paxton 

Samantha Paynter 

Christopher Pearson 

Erik Pearson 

Stephanie Pearson 

Matthew Peets 

Christian Pemington 

Timothy Pennekamp 

Jessica Peralta 

Jennifer Perdue 

James Pererson 

Michael Perkins 

Stephanie Permar 

Amanda Perry 
Brent Perry 

Kimberly Perry 

Travis Perry 

Adrianne Peters 

Amanda Peters 

272 Portraits 

Oxoitifie — Pirchmoser 

Amy Peterson 
Dava Peterson 
I lieodore I'ei rides 
Minh I'lum 
Kristi I'hillips 
Me^an I'hillips 

Ryan I'hillips 
Sarah I'hillips 
(Christopher Piacentini 
Nicholas Piccirilli 
Charlie Pickens 
Rvan Pickhardt 

\X'illiani I'ietkiewicz 
Brandon Pilgrim 
Klisabcth Pinion 
Kristinc Pinto 
Chelsea Piper 
Marc Pirchmoser 

Freshmen 273 

William Pittman 
Jessica Plagman 

Emeline Planche 
Matthew Player 

Jeffery Plumblee 
Brandi Plumley 

Jennifer Plummer 

Chris Poerschmann 

Anthony Ponce 

Steven Ponch 

Deshaundra Pondexter 

Philip Poole 

Sara Poole 

Matthew Porter 

Caleb Poston 

Amber Poteat 

Marian Pouch 

Jennifer Poulas 

Stephanie Powell 

Adam Price 

Ashleigh Price 

Emily Price 

Travis Price 

William Price 

Michael Pridmore 

Robert Priester 

Christopher Prince 

Luke Prinslou 

Jonathan Pritchard 

Paul Prohaska 

Srven Prokupek 

Coker Prosser 

Craig Pruner 

Laila Pudhorodsky 

Curtis Puechl 

Jayvant Pujara ^ 


^^ c ^ 


274 Portraits 

Pittman — Reynolds 

SaminucI I'urncI 
Kyle I'ucnam 
Andrew Pyrch 
Kathleen Quin 
Jacob liaelin 
Daniel Ralph 

Kyle Ralph 
Arthur Ralycrs 
Daniel Ramsey 
Heather Ramsey 
Katherine Ramsey 
Samantha Ramsey 

Jessica Randolph 
Katherine Ranken 
Mclinda Rapp 
Robert Raymond 
Richard Reams 
Jodi Rcdiingcr 

Caroline Redmond 
Daniel Reed 
Walker Reed 
Brandon Reese 
Matthew Reese 
Karen Reeves 

Laura Register 
Brian Regone 
Anna Reid 
George Reid 
Sean Rcilly 
Alezandra Reinarz 

Andrew Rensi 
Rachel Rentz 
William Renwick 
Alisha Revotskie 
Benjamin Reynolds 
F.\an Re\nolds 

Freshmen 275 

Henry Reynolds 

Nancy Reynolds 

Evan Rhoadcs 

Rachel Rhync 

Katheryn Ricalde 

Casey Rice 

Doree Richardson 

Gregory Rickenbakci 

Philip RideoLit 

Elizabeth Ridgewa\' 

Jeremiah Ridle\' 

Paul Riechman 

Alison Riemann 

Ryan Riggins 

Gina Rigler 

Monica Riley 

Christen Ritchie 

Derrick Rivers 

Christopher Robbins 

John Robbins 

Catherine Roberts 

Katherine Roberts 

Matthew Roberts 

Michael Roberts 

Betsy Robertson 
Trevor Robertson 
Jeffrey Robinson 
Kevin Robinson 
Philip Robinson 
Raymond Robinson 

Benjamin Roddey 

Anna Rodgers 

Drake Rogers 

Frankie Rogers 

Katherine Rogers 

Mark Rogers 

276 Portraits 


Reynolds — Savant 

NX'illiJiii l^)|;crs 
Amanila Roll 
Kristcn Kosati 
Mary Roscmond 
l.indscy Roscniicb>cth Ross 

K.iilicrinc Ross 
Ijurcn Ross 
Michael Rostck 
Anna Rowc 
Daniel Rubin 
Andrew RufHn 

Bethany Ruffncr 
Patrick Runcy 
l^rsyn Runion 
Philip Runyon 
Timothy Runyon 
Alan Rusnak 

Emily Russell 
Rebecca Russell 
Samantha Russell 
Jennifer Rutledge 
Patrick Ruttulo 
Pamela Rvan 

Priscilla Ryon 
Warren Salley 
Justin Salter 
Robert Salvo 
Edward Sanders 
Jennifer Sanders 

Seth Sanders 
Joy Sanga 
Michael Sapicnza 
Pareka Sartor 
Marshall Saunders 
Andrew Saxant 

Freshmen 211 

Zack Savitz 

Kenneth Saylous 

Garrett Scarborough 

Bret Schaller 

JuUa Schell 

Andrew Schendel 

Zackary Schoemer 

Mary Schroch 

Kathryn Schuaf 

Nathan Schuppert 

Tammy Schwalm 

Andrew Scott 

Jamarr Curtis Scott 

Jennifer Scott 

Jessica Scott 

Keeley Scott 

Lindsay Scott 

Ronald Scott 

Sarah Scott 

Weston Scroggs 

Charles Robert Seaberg 

Katherine Seaman 

Paul Searc)' 

Joshua Sebree 

John Segars 

Bryce Seifert 

Kesina Selch 

Sherene Semsar 

Velummylum Senthooren 

Michael Setford 

Melanie Setzer 

Carl Benjamin Setzler 

Brian Sharp 

Wilbur Sharpc 

Matthew Shea 

Melissa Shea 

278 Portraits 

Savitz — Simmons 

Kellic Shealy 
Justin Shelby 
Kely Sheldon 
Casey Shelley 
Bradley Shenefelt 
Caroline Shewmakcr 

Aleksey Shimanski\' 
Brandon Shimer 
Whitney Lynn Shipman 
Jessica Shirley 
Luther Shock 
l^uren Shocklev 

Kcll\ Shook 
C^alin Shope 
Diana Shuler 
John Shuler 
Christopher Simmons 
Lawrence Simmons 

Freshmen 279 

Kenton Simon 
Malerie Simons 
Andrew Simpson 
Bennett Simpson 
Lindsey Simpson 
Rebecca Simpson 

Brooke Sittloh 

Ashley Skelton 

Sara Sketon 

Jonathan Skinner 

Christopher Skorton 

Keith Slagle 

Adrienne Slappey 

Bradley SmaUing 

Lerone Smalls 

Adam Smith 

Andrew Phillip Smith 

Ashley Smith 

Ashley Smith 

Brandon Smith 

Christen Smith 

Courtney Smith 

Javan Smith 

Jeffrey Smith 

Joanna Smith 

Katherine Smith 

Lauren Smith 

Leigh Smith 

Lindsey Smith 

Meredith Smith 

Michael Anthony Smith 
Rebecca Smith 
Rebecca Smith 
Sarah Smith 
Timothy Smith 
William Smith 

280 Portraits 

Siino)] — Stiiiirt 


:* \mL 

Virginia Snccd 
I'a{»c Snyder 
Jeremy Solomon 
Bart Surce 
hCiuhcrinc Sovik 
l.iiius Spann 

I )canna Sparkman 
Katie Spearman 
I lanna Sprott 
Macy Sprott 
(Christopher Stabler 
Jennifer Stanley 

Jerold Stasulis 
Christopher Steele 
Michael Steele 
Martin Steinborn 
Caria Stephens 
Shawn Stephens 

Amber Stevens 
Courtney Stewart 
Emily Stewart 
Megan Stewart 
lohn Stiglbauer 
Andrew Stoeber 

Allyson Stoffel 
C'arrie Stokes 
Leslie Stoll 
Justin Stone 
Matthew Straughan 

Benjamin Street 
Brantley Stribling 
Timothy Strickland 

lax or Strom 

\nn- Stroud 
\I.irs;aret Stuart 

Freshmen 281 

Lauren Sturla 

Katherine Sturtevant 

Adam Sullivan 

Michael Summer 

Andrew Suski 

David Suszko 

Alexandra Sutton 

James Swan 

Nicole Swavely 

Wesley Sweeten 

Matthew Swendrzynski 

Gary Swingle 

Meagan Sykes 

Laureen Tabor 

Charles Tahara 

Kevin Talbott 

Mark Tamulionis 

Danielle Ashley Tardift 

- ■'■•' *'- 

■k ^ - -^^m \ 


'^^^^^^^^^il^r^^^^^^^^^B'**' '^ ^^^^^^^B^B 

1 ju- •*>» 


.-^; Wl,^ 







BHUBMB^VS^ifiLJk^^^^RSSB^^iiiM''' SBHEGVi^C 


i*^ - 

^ »- vJl^^^^Ks^^-i . 


282 Portraits 

SturLj — 7/7/i 


Melissa Tarluny 
I'homai Taic 
IclTcry latum 
iijamin Tavarcs 
I lie Taylor 
! idlcv lavlor 

Kathy Taylor 
Kinibcrly Taylor 
Litasha Taylor 
Matilicw iaylor 
Morgan Nachcilc Taylor 
Tiffany Taylor 

Rickey Eugene Taylor Jr 
Caroline Teal 
Christopher Temples 
Ernest Terry 
Leigh Thackston 
Kristen Theo 

Jacob Thiry 
Clyde Preston Thomas 
Lauren Thomas 
Patricia Thomas 
Max Thomason 
Anna Thompson 

Brandi Thompson 
Brian Thompson 
C^aitlyn Thompson 
Dasid Thompson 
Matthew Thompson 
Caitlin Ihomson 

Sara Thomson 
Lauren Thorne 
Luke Thorstenson 
Debrorah "Threadgill 
Sarah Tiedge 
Blake Tillman 

Freshmen 283 

Jennifer Timms 

Roxanna Tinsley 

Elizabeth Todd 

John Todd 

Tolly Todd 

Grayton Tomkinson 

Stephen Tomlinson 

Jayson Tompkins 

Tracy Toothman 

James Tormum 

Sara Towne 

Allison Townson 

Chris Tramount 

Sarah Traylor 

Judith Trevino 

Mary Tribble 

Ashley Triplet! 

Taylor Trotten 

Matthew Trowbridge 

Stella Tucker 

William Tumblin 

Caroline Turnblad 

Amanda Turner 

Courtney Turner 

Rachel Turner 

Trevor Turner 

Sarah Tuten 

Eric Tutde 

Megan Tutde 

Sarah Tyler 

Kyle Tymeson Ef 

Sean Tynan 

Katherine Uehling 

Tyler Ulmer 

Caroline Utsey 

Eric Vails 

284 Portraits 


Von Kaeyu'l 


Jessica \'ancc 
Amy \'amlcbourgh 
( handler Vaiidcwater 

• \'arn 

11 \'ariiadoe 
\inanda Vaughan 

Daniel Vaughan 
Jason Vaughn 
1 )avid Vcnncburg 
Peter V'enuto 
I jura Verth 

Natalie Vereen 
C^hristophcr Villcry 
Nguyen Vo 
Jacqueline Voigt 
Christopher Volk 
Karin Von Kaenel 

Freshmen 285 

Vincent Vumbaco 

Aynsley Wade 

Kathryn Wait 

Sheldon Waiters 

Megan Wakefield 

Michael Waldrop 

Kathryn Alyssa Walker 

Rachel Walker 

Sarah Walker 

Adam Wall 

Frederick Wall 

Andrew Wallace 

Jennifer Waller 

Michael Waller 

Joshua Walls 

David Walter 

Christie Walters 

Mary Ellen Walters 

Thomas Walters 

Katherine Walton 

Stephen Ward 

Tiffany Wargo 

Tammy Warner 

David Warren 

Laura Watkins 
Matthew Watkins 

Felicia Watson 
Jefferson Watson 
Winifred Watson 

Michael Watts 

Courtney Weathers 

Lawrence Weathers 

Suzanne Weaver 

Noah Webster 

Meghan Weinheimer 

Brian Welch 

.■'■7 ■J.iV- A m 


286 Portraits 

Viimhaco — Wilh 



David Wells 
Jennifer Wester 
Sarah Wesion 
Donald Wetwl 
Elizabeth Wheal! 
Kvan Wheeler 

Kenneth Wheeler 
Anna Whelchel 
Justin Whitaker 
C'hristopher White 
Jonathan White 
Kvie White 

Mary White 
Ryan White 
William White 
Austin Whitley 
Vivian Whitlock 
Jonathan Whittingtc 

Edward Wien 
Stephanie Wiesner 
Jason Wiggam 
Chani Wilborne 
Candace Wiles 
Leanne Wilkerson 

Craig Wilkie 
JefiFrey Wilkins 
Mary Wilkinson 
Rebecca Will 
William Willand 
Daniel Jonathan Willard 

Jessica Willct 
Christopher Williams 
Diana Williams 
Jason Williams 
Joshua Williams 
Kavla Williams 

Freshmen 287 

Keja Williams 

Mary Williams 

Rebecca Williams 

Justin Willingham 

George Willis 

Leah Wills 

Elizabeth Wilson 
Katherine Wilson 
Kevin Wayne Wilson 
Matthew Wilson 
Wesley Wilson Jr 
Miriam Wingate 

Kimberly Winn 

Andrew Winsch 

Crystal Wise 

Emily Wise 

Kevin Wittenberger 

Natalie Wittig 

Charles Wolfe 

Amanda Wolk 

Stephanie Wolla 

Laura Womack 

Nicholas Wonus 

Ashley Wood 

Michael Woodard 

Andrew Woodhan 

Richard Woodlee 

Kelly Woods 

Raymond Wooten 

Meghann Workman 

Britni Worley 

Charles Wright 

Forrest Wright 

Hannah Wright 

Kristina Wright 

Lena Wright 

*rs m T) 

'•^ ^, 




288 Portraits 

Williams — Zirik 

Wcsmn Wrighc 
Charles Wylic 
Kamon Yaden 
Amy Yap 
Rccna Yajnik 
Jcnnircr Yannatonc 

Christine Ycagcr 
Sara Ycrkcs 
David Yodcr 
Amber Yon 
.|i, Justin Yon 

y,\\ Rachel Yost 

Amanda Youcll 
Amanda Young 
Kelly Young 
Laura Young 
Laura Young 
Matthew Young 

Raccine Young 
Sara Young 
Sharonda Young 
Meghan Yowell 
Richard Yu 
Amanda iCafcropulos 

Kristin Zarandi 
Matthew Zbin 
Meghan Zeal\- 
Denise Zcbrowski 
Anne Zciler 
Katherine Zeilstra 

Fresh men 289 



Here the Tiger lair is nestling 
Swept by storm and gale 

Shakin the Southland 

Above: The Tiger Town Trumpets shake the southland in wha 
is said by many to be the "most exciting 25 seconds in college 

Right: The Clemson Un 
Drumline keeps the beat. 

Opposite Top: Betsy Harper keeps 
the bass with the other Tiger Tubas. 

Opposite Bottom: Tiger Band warms 
up the fans as they play Tiger Rag 
while entering the field before kick off 

292 Student Activities 



IiacrBduci 293 

Opposite: Jenn Starkey 
enjoys the refresh 
and spending time 
with her friend at the 
Halloween part)-. 

294 Student Activities 


Giving Back by Gaining Friendships 

The Best Buddies program at Clemson provided a great way tor students to give back to the communit)' this 
school year. Each college student was paired with an intellectually challenged individual from the communit)' 

to spend time with and form friendships. The program, which was started a year and a half ago, paired 

approximately thirty five Clemson students with about forty individuals from the Tribble center, the host site. 

Students had the opportunit}' to form friendships with their buddy one-on-one through weekly phone calls 

and visits; students often got together with fellow Best Buddies members to host socials with their buddies. 

Social functions added variety^ as all of the students in the program got together to host Halloween and 

Christmas parties and even a Thanksgiving dinner for their buddies. The friendships that have developed will 

carry on as Clemson students continue to help make a difference in their buddies' lives. 

Best Buddies 295 

Get motivated... choose a major or career direction. ..learn abou 

the "world of work" through holding a leadership position with 

campus organization, part-time job or internship! 

Get with it... set up on campus interviews through the 

MCC. .attend career fairs. ..or prepare for graduate school and 

et us help you with your letter of intent.. .get ready for a srella 

professional image with all the right stufiP. 

296 Studen t Activities 




Equipping Students with Skills for Success 


The staff ar the Career Center has the knowledge and the professional contacts to help 

guide Clemson students in their career search and development. With their wealth ot 

information they can focus on helping students by providing the following services: 

• Career Counseling/Career Direction/Choosing or changing your major 

• Networking Skills Development 

• On-campus recruiting and job listing system 

• Experiential Education/Internships 

• Part-Time Employment 

• Fuil-Time Employment 

• Resume/Cover letter Critiques 

• Interview Preparation and Mock Interviews 

• Career Fairs/Teacher Job Fair (UPREP)/Graduate and Professional School Fair 

• Burlington Career Library 

• Satellite Offices 

• Alumni Career Services- targeted toward alumni one year beyone graduation 

• and much more... 
(864) 656-6000 

Career Center 297 



298 Studen t Activities 

Shaking Their Tails 

Above: Form and grace are important to t 
Clemson Dancers. Their dedicated practice and skill 
can be seen in their graceful performances in the 
Brooks Center. 

Left: Swinging to the beat of the music. 
This Clemson Dancer shows determination 
in her face. 

Right: Agility and telixibiliti.- arc a 
must for a good dancer. This dancer 
works on pushing her muscles to 
the limit in order to succeed. 

Opposite Top: Leaning towards 
iIk- floor. This dancer stretches out 
for learning the dance for the night. 

Opposite Bottom: Stretching out for class. rwo dancers are loosening their legs 

Clemson Dajicers 299 

300 Studen t Activities 

* Ml 

Brooks Center 

A Decade of Stunning Performances 

More than seventy-five events are presented each year at The Brooks Center for the Performing Arts. 
Professional artists and performers are showcased as well as student ensembles, including music ensembles, 

choruses, and theatre productions. The Brooks Center is unique in that it ser\'es as both a place for 

academic opportunit)' and professional entertainment. Tri-ART, an educational outreach program, is also 

an integral part of the Brooks Center. More than thirteen thousand children participate by attending 

live performances throughout the school year. For many, Tri-ART performances are the children's first 

opportunities to witness performing arts first hand. To celebrate the 10''' Anniversary, the Brooks Center 

hosted twenty-five visiting soloists and ensembles as well as 600 student artists. The Kaleidoscope 
Concert, one of the main events, featured the talent of instrumental music ensembles, choral groups, and 
the Clemson Players as well as a piece written by music professor Andrew Levin especially for the occasion. 

The Brooks Center 30 1 

302 Student Activities 

euowship of 


Designed for Worship.., All for an Audience of One 

The Fellowship of Christian Athletes of Clemson 

Universit)' is the largest student led Christian 

organization in the United States. Students can 

participate in the Thursday night worship service at 

9:19 or choose from a host of other activities to 

participate in. There are Bible studies for men, women, 

upperclassmen and lower classmen. The organization 

also started an one-on-one discipling program to 

help each other grow in Jesus Christ. Outreach and 

discipleship are the missions of the Fellowship of 

Christian Athletes. From the spring break mission trip 

to Washington, DC to day mission trips to Adanta, FCA 

tries to cater to the needs of those around us and witness 

to everyone. Athlete outreach witnesses to the athletes 

of Clemson University and puts on a weekly worship 

service for just the student athletes and does anything to 

meet the needs of our fellow students. 

Fellowship of Christian Athletes 303 

'I Pay Ten A Yearr 

Above: Student IPTAY members enjoy the 
benefits of block seating at all home football games 
This year IPTAY promoted Solid Orange events as 
a symbol of Clemson pride. 

Right: The IPTAY organization 
funds scholarships for many of 
Clemson's premiere student athletes. 

Opposite Top: The IPTAY 
Student Advisory Board serves as 
the leadership of this long-standing 
Clemson tradition. 

Opposite Bottom: Students grab 
a bite to eat at the IPTAY tailgate 
before a Tiger baseball game. 

WSjmM^^^^^m^^^''' ^m^ ^^M^^t^^^^^^S^a 

"\ f.^ -; 


SB : 




ifjy //yi| 

i-« ^^* I- i 


f /^gW 

? ■*>^-'^^- -'w^ 

StM. ^MM^B 

1 "=^^u 

304 Student Activities 


Collegiate Club 

IP TA } ' Collegiate Club 305 


Above: The Student Alumni Association 
presented the university with a check for 
nearly tour thousand dollars. The organization 
raised the money for an outdoor study area 
behind Cooper Library. 

306 Studen t Activities 



Keeping the Clems on Community Connected 

Started just a few years ago by the Clemson Student Alumni Council, the Student Alumni 
Association has quickly become a big name on campus. The mission of the group is to connect 
the Clemson facult}^ students, alumni, and community for the benefit of both the universit)' and 
all its supporters. It offers a variety of business workshops and networking receptions for current 

students to prepare them for a job search and life after Clemson. To help preserve Clemson 

tradition, SAA also helps plan events on campus like Big Thursday and the Ring Ceremony. 

Additionally, the senior members of the organization also help decide on their class gift to the 

university. By allowing the students to become involved with the Alumni Association while still 

attending Clemson, they are more likely to stay connected after graduation and find valuable 
resources through the services Clemson has to offer. 

Student Alumni Association 307 

308 Student Activities 





Tigers Making Good Marks 

Vickery Hall is the first stand alone facility in the nation dedicated to the support of student 

athletes. Built in 1991, the academic support center was a $3.5 million investment funded by 

IPTAY. The 28,000 square foot building has 10 classrooms, 28 tutoring rooms, and a fully 

equipped computer laboratory with 40 Pentium Class Gateway computers. Vickery Hall has 

a staff of six full time academic counselors, a career enhancement specialist, a learning resource 

specialist, four graduate assistants, and 90 tutors. The mission statement of the student athlete 

enrichment program is to monitor, guide, and encourage student athletes to fulfill their long-term 

academic, athletic, personal, and career goals. 

Tutoring 309 

310 Studen t Activities 


Educating and Entertaining Clemson Students 

The eight committees of UPAC, the Universit)' Programs and Activities Council, plan and organize concerts, 

events, and classes for Clemson students. From the Welcome Back Festival and First Friday in August, 

to Tiger Gras in the spring, members are busy throughout the year. Weekly karaoke nights and bowling 

tournaments at Edgar's give students a way to have fun and relax on campus. Loggia Latte in the University 

Union opened last year; it is a great meeting place that just happens to have some much-needed caffeine. 

One of the most popular programs is the sneak previews of popular movies shown in McKissick Theater. 

Students learn outside of class with programs like CPR training, Latin Fest, and dance short courses. 

The "Toilet Paper" enlivens bathrooms across campus with interesting trivia questions and a calendar of 

upcoming events. UPAC's events help to unify the student body and bring some fun to campus. 

UPAC 311 




The Clemson University Student Government (CUSG) is dedicated to enhancing the 

"Clemson experience" for all students. Just sit in on a Senate or a Cabinet meeting, and you can 

see how seriously these students take their jobs as representatives of the Clemson student body. 

Generally, when a new policy goes into effect, the Student Government had a hand in it. Recently, 

for example, the Student Senate passed legislation for the new Academic Redemption Policy. One 

of the things these Senators are focusing on this academic school year is improving various student 

services around the campus. They want all aspects of the campus to reflect the pride Clemson 

students have in this University. Although the Student Senate and the President's Cabinet may be 

the first things that come to a student's mind when they hear "Student Government," there are three 

other important groups within CUSG. Similar to the United States government, CUSG also has a 

Judicial Branch. Perhaps the reason students don't always think about this body when they think of 

Student Government is because the Judicial Branch deals with violations to University regulations, 

and all students hope to never appear before them. Also at Clemson University, there are a Minority 

Council and a Freshman Council, both of which are committed to representing these two groups, 

minorities and freshmen, respectively, on campus. As always, you don't have to look far to see the 

presence of Clemson University Student Government on this campus. 

3 1 2 Student Activities 

Leading Clemson to a New Era 

Above Left: Public Relations Chair 
Franklin Davis informs the Student Senate 
of his committee's current projects in his 
weekly report. 

Above Right: Will Student Body Vice President 
Anna Kellalian and President Fletcher Anderson 
still graduate after entering the John C. Calhoun 
house on Fort Hill? 

Left: Cabinet members Amit Toprani and 
Hafizah Geter are hard at work but having 
fun, too. 

Opposite: Student Senate officers 
Parliamentarian Michael Dobson, Clerk Emily 
■Anderson, Vice President Anna Kellahan, Senate 
President David Dickcrson, President Pro-Temp 
Todd Robertson, and Secretary Christina 
Baldwin are the driving forces behind the weekly 

Student Government 3 1 3 

Leading Clemson to a New Era 

Above: Senate President David Dickerson calls 
Vice President Anna Kellahan into his office to 
discuss important Senate business. 

Right: Nishant Karamchandani, 
Kat Lee, and Drew Blass are excited 
to welcome new freshmen to 
campus by offering their services on 
Freshman Move-In Dav. 

Opposite Top: Inside the Senate 
Chambers during a Monday night 

Opposite: Senators Josh Lee, 
Richard Hartke, and Amber Finley 
chat about recent Senate events after 
a productive meeting. 

314 Studen t Activities 



Student Government 3 1 5 

The Clemson University Union offers many Short Courses and Excursions to wide range of 

students' tastes. Two of the Short Courses offered this year are pictured. 

The Short Course shown above was offered for the first time this year. Basic Dog 

Obedience: "Starting Out on the Right Paw" was an introductory class for positive dog 

training and behavior management. While covering fundamental obedience, the course 

included instruction pertaining to necessary commands and the basics of good manners 

for dogs. The main goal of this course was to teach owners how to train their dog and to 

incorporate training excercises as part of daily life with their pet. 

The Leave No Trace Trainer Course is portrayed on the right. The Subaru/LNT "Traveling 

Trainers" were in residence at Clemson University and trained twelve Clemson students and 

community members during the fall. This course was designed for people with an interest 

in outdoor recreation, a commitment to training others, and a desire to protect wilderness 

resources. Low-impact camping skills, wildland ethics, and teaching techniques were 

emphasized. After completing the course, the participants became certified LNT trainers 

and were required to lead at least two LNT Awareness Workshops during the following year. 

316 Student Activities 

Short Courses 



Inviting Students to Participate in Many Interesting Opportunities 

Short Courses 3 1 7 

318 Studen t Activities 


Cooking with the Tigers 

This school year is the first time that Clemson students have been able to cook in class! As part of the Food 

Chemistry program, students are able to learn about how to make recipe ingredients, taste test them, compare them 

to commercial products of the same type, and then use them to make dishes. This results in a delicious meal to 

enjoy! Culinary Science is Clemsons newest emphasis area in Food Chemistry and is sure to produce graduates 

well equipped to enter the food science industry and find success. The program's recent accomplishments include 

first place in the 2003 National Almond Innovations Product Development Contest, and some of our fellow Tiger 

students were featured on Turner South Network's top rated show "Off the Menu" during the fall 2003 season. 

Food Chemistry 319 

I screamy you scream,,. 

Above Left: Stadents are part of every step ot the ice 
cream making process. Here, a student pours our the 
flavoring to add to the delicious peach ice cream. 

Above Right: Cookies and Cream is another all- 
time favorite at Clemson. The cookie crumbs are 
crucial to this classic flavor. 

Right: A special chemical is used 
to test the ice cream for bacteria so 
that we will be sure to get top-qualir\- 

Opposite Top: The microcreamery 
staff gathered for a picture outside of 
Newman, where all of the action takes 
place every Tuesday and Thursday 

Opposite Left: Pouring the 
ingredients for the ice cream in the 
machine is how it all starts. 

Opposite Right: Students also 
brew coffee beans for Microjoe, 
located in the Loggia of the Student 

320 Student Activities 



Ice Cream 32 1 

322 Student Activities 


Crusade for 


Sharing the Faith Through Fun and Fellowship 

For students wanting to get involved and make a 

difference on campus this year, Campus Crusade for 

Christ, dedicated to sharing the word of Christ, was the 

perfect organization. Members held weekly meetings 

every Tuesday night and also had the opportunity to 

participate in small group Bible studies. Students 

participated in summer projects all over the United 

States as well as other countries, including Slovakia, 

Clemson's partnership country. Many members also 

enjoy a spring break trip with three other colleges to 

Daytona Beach, Florida. Campus Crusade brought 

members together to meet each other through fun 

social events like a masquerade costume party and the 

annual pig pickin'. Members not only shared their faith 

through such programs as Greek outreach and Athletes 

in Action, but enjoyed sharing in the fellowship and 

friendships that will last a lifetime. 

Campus Crusade for Christ 323 

Right: One of the many 
walking trails throughout 
the gardens. 

flowers and greenery. 



...u'liere nature and culture meet 




324 Student Activities 


Where Nature and Culture Meet 

Stop and smell the roses in the Botanical Gardens right here in Clemson! Many students do not realize they have 
access to such an amazing place here on campus. The South Carolina Botanical Gardens began in 1957 as a small 

Camellia collection on a reclaimed landfill site. Today it is a 295-acre public garden offering diverse cultivated 

and natural landscapes, and year-round public programming. Throughout the gardens are beautiful walking trails, 

sculptures, waterfalls, and ponds. After walking through the gardens you should visit the Fran Hanson Discovery 

Center, where you will find many of the natural and historical treasures oi the Palmetto State. These exhibits depict 

natural, historical and cultural information. The Bob Campbell Geology Museum is next door, where you can 

explore the many facets of the earth. The South Carolina Botanical Gardens has so much to offer. 

BotiDiical Gardens 325 


326 Studen t Activities 

Great Junk Raft Race 

The Ourdoor Lab hosts a Great Junk Raft 

Race on Lake Hartwell each summer. 

Camp Sertoma and Camp Odyssey are 

both involved in the race. These camps are 

for underprivileged children and children 

who are deaf or hard of hearing. There 

were 100 campers who participated with 

65 of the finest counselors and activit)' 

instructors anwhere in the world. The 

categories in the raft race included best 

costumes, best floater, most creative, and 

fastest. All of the children and counselors 

enjoyed racing the rafts they created 

during the week. 

Outdoor Lab 327 



328 Studen t Activities 

Recording the History of Cleinson University 

Opposite Top: The Student Media leaders enjoy 
.1 dinner with President Barker. They were able to 
discuss the many aspects of their leadership positions 
and how to reach the community. 

Opposite Bottom: The members of Semantics meet 
to discuss articles for the latest issue. 

Top: The members ofThe Tiger Town Obscr\er 
c.itch up on the latest events for their organization. 

Above Left: Members WSBH, C'lcmson's 
r.idio station, meet in Columbia for a joint 
concert with USC before the big game. 

Above Right: CCN alwaj-s made sure 
on-campus residents could view the latest 

Left: Members of Clcmson Cable Network 
strive to capture the latest news on campus. 

Stufinn Media .^20 

Above: The racing fleet consists of 420 style 
sail boats. These two team members are 
setting up the main sail. 

Right: The racing fleet still holding on 

330 Student Activities 




Taking a True Break From Studying 

The Clemson University Sailing Team is located 

on Lake Hartwell at the YMCA off Hw)^ 93. The 

team earned Clemson University's first National 

Championship and the team continues to race today, 

representing Clemson all over the Southeast. In 

addition to the Sailing Team, the club offers many 

services to the Universit)' including instructional 

classes to students and facult)' free of charge. 

Clemson Sailing is a fun and rewarding organization 

to be involved in. The current members are always 

encouraging students to join the club and race on 

their exceptional sailing team. 

Sdilinq Tcain 331 


332 Organizations 

Orcrauizntiom 333 

Blue Key 

334 Organizations 

Catholic Student Association 

^ £.0 er« 

Clemson Auto Racing Society 

Clems o n 
— Cable 

336 Organizations 


Oyq(Uiiz^tio)i< 33' 

Cletnson University Gospel Choi} 

Clemson Improv 

338 Organizations 

Clemson NORML 

Cletnson Rowing Association 

Organizations 339 

Computer Science Association 
of African Americans 

Dixie Skydivers 

340 Organizations 

Eta Sigma Gamma 


'anizations 341 

Cletnson Field Hockey 

342 Organizations 

Omicron Delta Kappa 

Student Alumni Council 

Organizations 343 


Tigers Who Care 

344 Organizations 

Tiger Brotherhood 

:? JLl 


' > 'iLi ^ 

9i ^ 

Rwrjt^^ ^'^n 


^^^^H^H ^l^l^^^^^^l ^^B^^^^ "^r^^^m^iJ^ ' ^^^HHI^A ''^^^^^^A '^^^^■tJ'' 


7^'i ^^ii^R. ¥ ^-iii j^ 

Or<7^uiz/7tions 34 S 

Clemson University 
Tour Guide Association 

346 Organizations 

Psychology Club 


Or<zanizat'wus 347 


Tiger Town 

348 Organizations 

9^ •-' m^^^fff^^^^^ 

■9 ^^^1 


Organizations 349 


350 Organizations 

Orqanizations 3"^! 

352 Organizations 

Organizations 353 


354 Organizations 


31^ ] 









Organizatio7is 355 

The Tiger 

356 Organizations 


< ^> 



358 Organizations 

Organizations 359 

Tiger Band 

360 Organizations 

Organizations 361 



% 'm 


We are brothers strong in manhood 
For we work and strive 




Alpha Chi Omega 

364 Greeks 

Greeks 36 S 


Alpha Delta Pi 

366 Greeks 

Greeks 36' 

Beta Theta Pi 

Lambda Chi Alpha 

»i18 a 8r- »'Tr. i . , rrwdg , n 


368 Greeks 


Kappa Alpha Theta 

Greeks 369 

F V y 

Gamma Sigma Sigmc, 

370 Greeks 


Greeks 3"^! 

Kappa Delta 

372 Greeks 





Greeks 373 

IT ir T^ 

Kappa Kappa Gamma 

'57 A Greeks 

Greeks 3^^ 

Sigma Chi 

'57 G Greeks 

Greeks 3' 

.V A T7. 

Sigma Alpha Epsilon 

378 Greeks 

Delta Delta Delta 


Grcch 379 

380 Greeks 


Zeta Tau Alpha 

Greeks 381 












And our Alma Mater reigneth 
Forever in our lives 


t*.'^^'*^ 5 

'-^^ IVHI^" 



Lindsey Mathis 


38 S 








k' i 



^^Love is patient^ love is kind. It does 
not envy, it does not boast, it is not 
proud. It is not rude, it is not self- 
seeking, it is not easily angered, 
it keeps no records of wrongs.. 
always protects, always trusts, 
always hopes, always perseveres.. .^^ 
1 Corinthians 13:4-5,7. 




^ ^ 



A_'_^ a^ 

V ^ 


the C^uf- ^^fy/cin^'> l(^ pu^/jpn fjO(( (ind n(^l A' /u/>//f 

fjou/ n/atf^'> lo s^it}e f/OK hope cjn(/ (>i {((/((u^'' 

G/e^erniah ^^^: / / 




/. '■; 



i •• ' j.f 

^ n 






ifutet A£cng^, 10- fkal:&httji:mcu/.dux£llin f/0Ut keadi 
(hzMigh fiiifh. C^ftdc/ pmt/.(hatt/{ULAjdn^t/^/^M 
£jiaMlJk£dln 1/UX£, m£U/.hjaa£ pMfX£t, b%^£lk£i: ufSi all 
flu lalnti, (i% gioAp^ kMtx w^ amllsn^ andhi^ and 
d££:fi U ffu ia^£ ^&ktlJl^ and fi0-knamikUla^£ thai 
aU knawled^'-ffial: i/ML ma//. A£ ^dLed fi% Ike 
meoAute {^allllufidbteM o^^ad*' 
'am 3:1 6-19 

<St -BO- 






W/u/^ hiltfUmxll biLng, (Uitttu 


V* — ' 




''/4 ^^Ue^ (Ha(f 

^ %ec^^.(M€d 


Take your straight line for a curve 
Make it stretch, the same old line 
Try to find if it was worth what you spent 

"Celebrate t^e fiappmess 
\f\a\ friends are alwaujs 
giving, make every day a 
(noliday ay\d 
celebrate JMStiivingi" 


you dream of colors- tnat nave never been made 
you imagine ?ongs- tnat Kave never been placed. 
I ne4 will trij to bui^ 40U and qour mind. 
Onlij tne curious- nave ?ome-tning to find. 

you know this living is not so hard as it seems 

dont let your dreams be dreams 









'May they Lord/ We^ 

y<yw OA^xd/ protect you/. 

Hay Hey^rvyuZe/on/you/ 


yow." h]uumber-y6:2^-25 

"There/ cire/three/thiyn^ " 
thatwM/enxiurey- f 

... .rr^H^^. - and/they greater of ■ 

ihe^^ iylovey" I 

1 CoriynthCa4^13:13 I 


Thiin you will biZ filled with thu fulln(Z3§ oflik and pownr that comns from 6od/' ^€ph(Z3ian§ 5: 19 

Wiz can makiz our own plans. 



/ ..v,^' 

^^''' %t7' 


n>^ v^^^M^^^- /^' 








tiL ' 

Ifip^^'f^— ^^^^ 

^:. _^ 


Iv A^ :^^yuk^iki«^<r^^§^ 

\ V 


: .,-^,/J 






Hr^r^ »^^.S -^^ ^^^-.'^^mm. 

r. f; 


Josh Worthi'^&(^^ 


"Sons are a heritage from the Lord, children a 
reward from Him." Psalms 127:3 

Once more you have completed a goal that has 
required discipline and hard work. You may be taking 
fire behind a dorito or hammering out a computer 
engineering project but you always do your best. Your 
talents, hard work, and caring attitude will ensure your 
continued success. We are proud of you. 

"I can do all things through Christ who gives me 
strength." Philippians 4:13 


Mom and Dad 

412 Senior Ads 

It feels like yesterday you were off to Clemson for the first time 
The past four years have gone so quickly for us, but I am sure 
they seemed long to you. We are so proud of all the hard work 
you have done while at Clemson! As you continue to work 
hard after you graduate, we look forward to seeing how God 
will continue to bless you. We love you very much. 
Julie and David 

"All hard work brings a profit, but mere talk leads only to 
poverty." Proverbs 14:23 

Be one with your oneness. 

So what did you think the wings were for? 

Some people just don't understand underwater physics. 

"Let us run the race and never give up." Hebrews 12:1 

You're just one person to the world, 
but you may be the world to one person. 
" Christy 

Darius R. Hajf 

Dear Darius, 

Life isn't about keeping score. 

It's not about how many friends you have or how accepted you are. 

It's not about who you're dating, whom you have dated, or how 

many people you have dated. 
It's not about who your family is or what they have. 
It's not about what grades you receive or how intelligent you are. 
Life is about what you love and who you are. 

It's about who you make happy and how happy you make yourself 
It's about how you use your life to touch others. 
Only you can choose the way your life is affected and those you 


Your family has stood by you through the tough times and the 

happy times. 
We are proud of your accomplishments and respect your dreams. 
Never let anvone ever tell vou, vou can't. 

Love, Dad, Mom and Dan 

Haley Whiteside Quinn 

You grew from being a preschool Tiger fan 
to a Clemson graduate! 
The future is all yours! 

With much pride, love, and prayers. 
Your Family 

Amy E. Barrows 

Your Clemson years have been full of experiences you 
will always carry with you. Whether they are secret trips 
to far off places, car troubles, kitty tales, Olivia stories, 
papers due, exam anxiety, internship meetings, or middle 
of the night phone calls — they all helped to shape the 
vivacious young woman you've become. You showed 
us this past summer you're very capable of becoming a 
successful, compassionate, professional young lady. 

You made it!!! We're so proud!!! 
Mom and Dad 

Senior Ads 413 

Erin Rebecca Mines 


Congratulations! We are so proud of you and your many 
collegiate accomplishments. May success continue to follow 
you as you move on to your next endeavor. Remember — that 
wherever you go, there you are; We love you, and God loves 
you best of all; And never forget that "your ancestors came 
from Switzerland!" (Where they actually do speak Swiss.) 

Love, Mom and Dad 
Go Tigers! 

Rory Marsoun 


You truly amaze us with your ability to live life in harmony. 
Your time has now come to show the world all that you can be 
We trust and know that you will succeed at all that you do. Yoi 
bring joy to our hearts and know that others you encounter wi 
experience the same joy. We love you and wish you the best an. 
happiest life. 

Dad, Mom, and Gabrielle 

Brett Swindle 

Erin Elizabeth Stevens 

Dear Brett, 

Words are inadequate to convey our feelings 
of how "Proud" we are of "YOU" as our son 
and of your accomplishments! Remain the 
same special person you are today and you will 
succeed in all your goals. Always cherish the 
memories and embrace the future. You are our 
shining star! 


We love you with all our heart. 

Mom and Dad 


Beer Pong, cup flips, shooters, late nights and HUGE phone 
bills aside... Mom and I are very proud of your academic and 
social accomplishments. You're our last to go through Parents 
Weekends with and we will miss it. You amaze us in how you 
continue to grow and we are happy that you will be able to go 
out in the world and continue to succeed. 

We love you very much. 
Mom & Dad 

Christie Ann Burson 


When you first saw Clemson University you fell in love 
with the campus. It was hard when you went so far away 
to college, but we are so proud and delighted that you 
have done so well here! 

From the time you were only three years old, we could 
see how much you have always loved to dance and sing. 
That is why it was such a joy to watch you perform as a 
Clemson Rally Cat! 

Congratulations as you graduate and move on to your 
next challenge. . .we still believe you can do what you 

We love you so much. 
Mom, Dad, and Jeff 

414 Senior Ads 

Jennifer Leigh Hoeben 

Jennifer Leigh, 

You have made us very proud as your parents. Your lofty goals and level of accomplishments have rewarded 
you with a strong character. This has made you what you truly are... a beautiful person on the inside as well as 
the outside. 

A devotion to dance and involvement with children have given you a sense of self-satisfaction along with 
the gift of love shard only the way a child can. The title of Miss Liberty 2002, placing third runner up in the 
Miss South Carolina pageant, along with being the current Miss Greenville USA 2003-2004, have given 
you a true understanding of the competitive world we live in. Character and self-esteem are words that best 
describe Jennifer Hoeben. Life's ups and downs will only show everyone more about you and that you are a 
true winner. 

As you come to the finish of your senior year at Clemson University, make the most of friendships, hard 
work, life-long memories, and fun. Go out into the world and the next phase of your life with that same 
positive attitude and zest for life. With that, you will always be rewarded. Walk tall, roll with the punches, and 
most of all be true to yourself and listen to you heart and you will continue to have a beautiful life. 

Every parent should experience the joy that you have given us. Your family will always love and support 
you. Count on us to be there... "Fur-Bear." 


Mom & Dad 

Senior Ads 4 1 ^ 

Eleanor Bissell 

Congratulations EUie, 

For all you are and all you have yet to be... 

Much love, 
Mom & Dad 

John L. Hamilton III 

on your Graduation! 

We love you and 

are proud of you! 


Mom, Dad, 

Michael & Sarah 



Kathryn Ann Jt 


Sweet Katie... 

So much has happened; so much to cheer 

During all of your Clemson years. 

Roommate disasters; items marked with an "N" 

What an interesting way to begin. 

Boring classes sometimes made you yawn, 

Or was that Rowing Team practice each day at dawn? 

Friendships for keeping even when you're away; 

Of course, Bryan's devotion comes into play. 

Memories incomplete just would not suit, 

Since you are a Dean's List and Golden Key recruit. 

No doubt, your talents brought success to the group 

In The Clemson Players and Mock Turtle Soup. 

As your college days come to an end; 

We want you to know: We are so proud again!! 

Wishing you only happiness as your life's dreams begin. 

Love always! 

Dad, Mom, Laurie, and Jeremiah 

416 Senior Ads 

Christina Williams 

Where have all the years gone? It seems like 
just yesterday that you were a little girl. Now 
you have become a beautiful young woman 
about to go out into the world. You know 
what you want out of life and I am sure that 
you will achieve everything that you set out 
to do. I want you do know how very much I 
love you and how very proud I am of you. 



Jessica Adams 

Clemson has been a significant force that has 
helped shape you these last four years. We arc very 
proud of your maturity as you have developed 
into a well-rounded Christian nursing graduate. 
Continue the lifelong quest of learning and 
growing. We love you! 

"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the 
Lord, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, 
plans to give you hope and a future." 

Jeremiah 29:1 1 

Dominique Cavalluzzi 

Douglas William Flood 

Your childhood days have come and gone 
Beach breakfasts with Dad so free 
Aunt Jean and shopping at Bloomingdale's 
Meeting Mom and the Plaza for tea. 

Cinderella gown at the wedding 
Frankie's "Sissy" since his birth 
Overcoming your illness with faith and hope 
Were the very best times on earth! 

Embarking now on a beautiful life 
Enjoying whatever you do 
Stay close to family and the friends you love 
And may all your dreams come true!! 



Congratulations, Douglas, on four great years at 
Clemson, including a semester at the University 
of Newcastle in Australia. We are proud of you. 

Go, Tigers! 


Dad, Mom, Bryan, and Robin 

Senior Ads 41 7 

Jared S. Wilson 



WjW \ Vv« 





W ^£1 



WK '^4^Hb. 


^'i^^^^^*' VE^I 

j^aP'^'^ ^ j^ 



You are about to achieve another milestone in your Hfe as you 
graduate from Clemson and begin a new path in your Ufe and we 
celebrate with you. May you always have faith and love of good 
friends and family to sustain you in challenging times and share your 
joys, and the courage and determination to realize your dreams. No 
matter the distance you may travel along your life's journey, you are 
always in our hearts and thoughts. Remember, "born free"... free 
to follow your heart. We are so proud of the young man you have 
become. You are my truest blessing! 


Mom, Larry and all of your family 

Ryan Bean 

Congratulations on your graduation! We are so proud 
of your accomplishments and the effort you made to 
achieve them. You've become a mature, strong young 
man with a great sense of humor. From the Big Wheel 
to the Jeep, you've always kept moving. We appreciate 
your outlook on life and your willingness to share it 
with us. Always keep a positive outlook and know that 
we'll always love you. 

Mommy and Eric 

418 Senior Ads 

Jason Armstrong 


You continue to bless our life, and we are 
proud of the wonderful man you have 


Mom, Dad, and Heather 
Proverbs 3:5 & 6 

Gary L. Standi 
B.S. in Technology and Human Resources 

May 7, 2004 
From a loving son and father 

The Taps Stajf wishes all 

Clems on University Seniors 

good luck in the future. 

Go Tigersi 


Senior Ads 419 

We walk the talk... 


Positions available in 
the following areas: 

Women's Center 

Cancer Center 

Heart Center 

Home Health and Hospice 

Medical-surgical Nursing 

Critical Care Nursing 

Emergency Nursing 

If you want to be the best at your 
work, you need to work with the 
best. At Spartanburg Regional 
we've put our heart and soul into 
being the finest healthcare team 
around, not for the sake of a slogan, 
for the sake of saving lives. 

and ire provide 
exciting opportunities. 

No matter the number of professional 
experiences you've had, it doesn't 
take a career to learn how critical it is 
to be a part of a team of people 
respected for who they are and 
respected for what they do. 

At Spartanburg Regional our 
commitment to trust, openness and 
integrity begins with the way we 
care for our own employees. We 
work hard to create a teamwork 
environment and empower 
employees to make decisions 
affecting their work environment. 
Every employee's voice is valued 
through monthly employee forums 
and through an annual employee 
survey. Fostering trust, openness 
and integrity comes from the 
bottom-up with the creation of a 
Strategic Plan that improves the 
product for both the employees 
and patients. So why don't you join 
our team today... 


Delivering quality care for life. 


To be recognized as a provider of 
excellent tiealthcare services ttiat 
improves the quality of life for the 
communities we serve. 


^^ Regional Healthcare System 
Job Line: 1-864-560-6044 

101 E. Wood Street ■ Spartanburg, SC 29303 

Fax (864) 560-7393 

apply online 

Equal OppfxiLinity Employer 

Working Together. 

The collaborative process. At Doctors Hospital, it's an integral part 
of our daily caregiving. Multi-ijisciplinary teams working hand-in- 
hand, side-by-side delivering the optimunn in healthcare. Here, the 
people you'll work with and the facilities you'll work in are among 
the finest. From our nationally acclaimed Joseph M. Still Burn 
Center, to our extensive array of medical and surgical services, 
you'll find Doctors a progressive facility vigorously pursuing 
healthcare excellence. 

Add to that our location in Augusta, Georgia and you've got a 
winning combination. Nestled along the banks of the Savannah 
River, Augusta is the second largest and oldest city in Georgia. 
Experience the historic charm of this very affordable, progressive 
and bustling city. You'll always find plenty of recreational, cultural 
and entertainment offerings. 

Doctors Hospital is a 354-bed general acute care hospital 
employing over 1250 nursing and medical professionals. To discover 
the special camaraderie that prevails here, and a community 
devoted to advancing the practice of patient care, contact: 

Doctors Hospital, Attn: Human Resources, 3651 Wheeler Rd., 
Augusta, GA 30909 Email: 
Jobline: 706.651.2418. 


'^€^er UJe.'^ci^d ^nryy^f- 

w w \\' . d c 1 1 ■ s - 1 1 s p 1 1 a 1 . 11 e t 

420 Advertising 


At Souihcrn Rrgiuiul HraJih Sysicni. many of our cniployco dtivc p.iii other hospiiaU m yc 
to work. Our siatYciijnys the family oriented atmosphere Southern KeponjI llrahh SvMcri 
provider, and going the extra mile prove* it. Our etnployeej also go the extra mile for tin 
people they are trusted to care for. We're an A* F.mployer. voted among the Top IS AiLini, 
F.mployers hy Atlanta Businc« Chronicle. Will yon go the extra mile? 



$2,500.00 tuition repayment assi.stance available 
with a one year commitment! 

We offer 10-12 week class time to new graduates to help make an easy 
transition from graduate to a practicing nursing professional. 

Visit our website at for a 
detailed list of positions and to apply online. 

® Southern Re^onal Health S'stcm 


Committed to You. 

Axe you ready to go the extra mile to start your career? Join SRHS today and live the excitement 
of a career with true meaning. Our family of employees Is well rewarded with competitive pay 
and outstanding benefits. You may apply online or contact us at: 

Southern Regional Health System • Human Resources 

1 1 Upper Riverxlalc Rd., SW • Riverdale, GA .30274 

Fax: (770) 991 -80S 1 • Phone: (770) 991-8040 

email: hrsrmc^ • Jobline; (770) 991-8037 • 

A member of the PROMINA Hralthcare Nervvork, FOF./.AA. 



Nursing Scholarships are available to students m ii> 

final year ot nursinji school. 

Student Nurse Externship Prcxiram di^ijsncd for 

students in their last semester of nui^in^ sihool to enhance their 
clinical experience, critical thinkinj{ and time mana>;emrnt skil^ \ ■ 
working in a nuning area of choice. 

Nurse Internship Program is an 8 wok piugnw offering- 

clinical and class time desijjncd (or ^TaJuate nurses to assist them in 
making a smooth transition (rom school into their new nursing roltrs. 

Benefits: Competitive Salar>' and Benefits | Caittr Advancement 
Opportunities | Tuition Assistance | Relocation Assistance 



Come be a part of oiii distingiishid thu oi 


Care Sv.stem. For mure information aikh t a 


Grand Strand 
Regional Medical Center 

809 82nd Parkway, Myrtle Beach, SC 29572. 

nmj amj w mm^ (mi) . 

From sim-khied shores to beautiful health care opportunities, you'll be 
drawn to Myrtle Beach which was recently named the Best Family Beach 
in the U.S. by the Travel Channel. 

Let your talent shine with the hospital the community looks to for care. 

\oin us at Grand Strand Regional Medical Center 

We have a wide range of opportunities available in the following areas: 

Registered Nurses 

(Valid South Carolina Nursing license Is required) 

Allied Health 

S3. 000 in reiocation assistance awllable lor the full time iimlified applUant'. 

We are a 219-bed acute care facility serving residents and visitors of 
Horry and surrounding counties. Our growing facility offers comp)etitive 
salaries and comprehensive benefits including tuition reimbursement, 
student loans, scholarships and mentor programs for new nurses 

Interested professionals should call (8001 222-1859 
(out-of-state); (800) 922-6234 (In-statel: (843) 692-1639 (local) 

Visit our website at i 

Advertising 421 


ork in a warmer climate. 

At Colleton Medical Center, a 131-bed facility, the latest in health care 

technologies meets with one of the oldest philosophies - providing a warm, 

caring environment for our patients and our team. If you're looking for it 

all. your're getting wanner with Colleton. 



Ambulator} Surgery Center 







Colleton Medical Center offers competitive salaries and comprehensive 

benefits. To learn more, experienced professionals should forward resumes 

to; Colleton Medical Center, Human Resources Department, 

501 Robertson Blvd., Walterboro. SC 29488. (843) 549-0631. 

Fax (843) 549-0246. EOF.. 

Colleton Medical Center 

"We have a 
to employee 



RN, Women's 
LifeCare Center 
3-year employee 

'Our commitment includes 
flexible scheduling, up-to-date 
equipment, technological development, 
competitive salaries, and assistance with getting 
advanced certifications in our area of specialty, as well as 
NALS. PALS, and ACLS. ' Join o medical center that Inelps 
employees look forward to many years of accomplishment 

For more information on these and other opportunities 
'- ." ' ' , >: ■• y. ■ please visit our Careers Dotobose at To apply, please forward your 
;; : ■ ■, ■ ;'j 'rorTiQur wobsite) orresume Address 

Aiken Regional Medical Centers, Human Resources, 
302 University Parkway, PO Drawer 1117, Aiken, SC 
29802- 1117. Fax: (803) 641 -5636. 

Q Aiken Remonal 

The Future Is Now 


Pass by the beach. Look up at the sun. Feel the breeze. Hear the palm trees blowing in 
the wind. You can experience it all. ..on your way to work! Southeast Georgia Health 
System is a growing, cutting-edge healthcare organization in the beautiful coastal region 
of southeast Georgia. Situated inland from St. Simon's Island, GA, gourmet dining, 
historic sites, activities to suit every lifestyle and a high quality of life are just minutes 
away from many of our facilities. With our two full-service hospitals, Brunswick Campus 
and Camden Campus, two family care centers and a prompt care walk-in facility, you'll 
find the career you've dreamed of in the environment you desire. 

Registered Nurses 

Physical Therapists 

Physical Therapy Assistants 

Radiological Technologists 

Information Systems 
•Full-time, part-time ancJ PRN 
• Most clinical areas available 

We offer: 

Sign-On Bonus for Selected Positions 

Relocation Assistance 

Student Loan Forgiveness Program (for select positions) 

Flexible Work Schedules 

If you are ready to join a team that takes 

PRIDE in their work, please contact us at: 

Southeast Georgia Health System 

Attn: Human Resources 

2415 Parkwood Drive 

Brunswick, GA 31520 

Phone: (800) 678-9250 

Fax: (912) 466-3113 


Southeast Georgia 
Health System 

422 Advertisi 


Wallace Thomson Hospital 

WALLACE THOMSON HOSPI I'AL, a 143-K'd communitv 

hospital located in the beautiful South Carolina foothills, 

has Nursing and Allied Health opportunities for full time, 

part time and PRN positions in several departments 

throughout the hospital. 

WTH offers a competitive base salary, high shift and 

weekend differentials plus a generous fringe benefit package 

for selected candidates. A recruitment incentive is also 

offered in several departments. 

Union, S.C. is located in the upstate amid rolling hills, 
close to Spartanburg, Greenville and Columbia. 
The atmosphere is friendly and family oriented. 

Don't pass up this opportunity to become part of a 
close-knit team within a family-oriented facility. 


Wallace Thomson Hospital 

P.O. Drawer 789 • Union, S.C. 29379 

(864) 429-2620 • Fax (864) 429-2524 


Opportunities Of A Lifetime 

For Registered Nurses 

AnMed Health is a progressive Upstate South CaroUna 
healthcare system that offers nurses an opportunity to 
practice in a variety of settings. 

Based in Anderson and serving residents in an eight- 
county region, the AnMed provider network includes 
the state's 5th largest hospital, a comprehensive home 
care service, a state-of-the-art outpatient health campus 
and a network of community health centers. 

AnMed offers competitive salaries, flexible staflfmg 
options and an excellent benefits package, as well as 
opportunities for continuing education at nearby 
Clemson University. 

Easy to get to mountains and lakes, a comfortable 
climate and an affordable cost of living make Anderson 
a great place to call home. 

For consideration, contact or send resume to: 

Stephanie West, Nursing Recruitment 

Anderson Area .Medical Center, 800 North Fant Street 

Anderson, South Carolina 29621 


AnMed #Vl\ Health System 



Greenville Hospital System 

Healthcare to a Higher Standard 

The Greenville Hospital System is the most comprehensive 
non-profit medical, teaching and research healthcare system in 
Upstate S.C. w/ith 5 campuses and 1100 beds. We continue to 
increase and improve our critical and high volume services. 
Recently opening a new Children's Hospital and Heart Institute 
Tower and Long Term Acute Care Hospital, we have on-going 
plans for additional new hospital expansion. 

Our Nurses Take Healthcare to a 
Higher Standard! 

• Low nursing vacancy rate 

• fvlagnet hospital application status 

• Excellent professional practice model 

• Planetree philosophy of patient and 
family-centered care focus 

Experienced Registered Nurses are welcome for staff and 
Nurse Manager positions in our Medical-Surgical, Critical Care 
and Perioperative Services. 

Please apply online at to join our staff of caring experts. 





Ai7 Jiddic ^iK^wlfi 


EH Memorial 

.^r<ii•mx a JilfiTcna- lor hie HOSpital 

298 Memorial Drive. Seneca. SC 29672 
864-885-7653 • 

Advertising 423 


Grow your career with The Regional 

Medical Center, where our vision is to 

be the healthcare provider of choice 

and the employer of choice. 

The Regional Medical Center 

of Orangeburg & Calhoun Cotmties 

For more information, explore our website 

Champions for life. 

AnMed salutes the students, facult)- and 

administrators of Clemson University for 

beins "Champions for life" by generously 

supporting the annual Clemson-SC Blood Drive 

sponsored by the Alpha Phi Omega fraternity, 

as well as other blood drives held 

throughout the year. 

An MEDi^^^ Health 

Blood Center 



Manufacturer of Quality 
Industrial Conveyor Belting 

21 Laredo Drive • Scottdale, Georgia 30079 • USA 

404-294-5272 • Fax: 404-296-5165 


The road to 
success is 
often paved by 
Titan America. 

Send your resume to: 




Opportunities for: Chemical, Electrical, 
Mechanical, Mining and Civil Engineers 

Titan America is one of the premier cement and building materials 
producers in the Eastern United States. We are best l<nown by our 
brand and business names: Essex Cement, Roanoke Cement, STI 
and Tarmac. 

Titan America operations include cement plants, ready-mix concrete 
plants, concrete block plants, quarries, import and rail terminals, as 
well as fly ash production facilities. We provide great opportunities 
for Engineering graduates to get in on the ground floor and learn 
the industry. 

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In America u Right Here in 
South Carolina 

Re0ons Bank 




Go Tigers! 

Anderson, SC • Williamston, SC 

burton properties 

Apartment living with a personal touch. 



105 Heritage Riverwood Drive 
Central, South Carolina 29630 

HClemson 's Premier 
Student Living Community 
I 350 Cross Creek Road • Central. SC 29630 

TheSuMMTT 864-639-7416 


• Wireless High Speed Iniemet Services 

• Fully Equipped Kitchens 

• W/D Conn./Laundry Facilities 

• Cathedral Ceilings/Fireplaces* 


• Flexible Lease Terms 

• Roommate Matching 


Pool/Tenni.s/Basketball/Volleybail/Billiards Community is located on 

' Garages/Storage Units 
' Grill/Picnic Areas 
' CAT Busline 
■ Gym Membership Offer 

*Available in Sclcctfd Apartment 

Highway 93 between 
CIcmson and Central. 
Turn right on Cross Creek Rd 
Take second right and follow 
up hill to Summit Clubhouse. 

Bank of America is nrQuH 

»° support ^^^ 

Ctanson Taps 

For your banking needs, visit us at: 

521 College Avenue 
Clemson, South Carolina 29631 

7e/ (864)654-1667 
Fax: (864) 654-0532 

Bank of America 

Higher Standards 



Bank of America, N.A. Member FDIC. 
©1999 Bank of America Corporation. 991544 


Branch Banking & Trust Co. 
of South Carolina 



1070 Tiger Blvd. 
Clemson, SC 29633 

(864) 653-7092 

Fax (864) 653-7099 

Pager (864) 390-3776 

Deanna W. Bolding 

Assistant Vice President 
Branch Manager 

689 College Avenue 
Clemson, SC 29631 

(864) 653-7070 
Fax (864) 653-7079 

Best Bank in Town 

(General Contractors, Inc. 


PO Box 842 Seneca, SC 29679-0842 

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Manufacturers of Lift Truck Attachments 



Is proud to support Clemson University 

Congratulations TIGERS!!! 

(864)226-8799 (864) 231-6718 :Fax 

David B. Jones 


P.O. Box 547 Belton, SC 29627 




Dynamic software solutions for; 

► e-supply chains 

► product content management 

► logistics data management 

P.O. Box 1842 • Clemson, SC 29633 • USA 

>- >- ♦:♦♦♦♦♦:♦♦:♦♦>♦♦♦♦> 

4^ 4^ 4^ ♦J* ♦J* ♦J^ ♦!♦ ♦!♦ ♦> ♦!♦ ♦!♦ ♦!♦ ♦!♦ ♦> ♦> ♦> ♦> 


P.O.BOX 446 

(864) 235-r449 

i^ <^ ^ 4^ <^ 4^ 4^ 4^ 4^ 4^ 4^ 4^ ♦}► 4^ 4^ ^ 4^ 


i eagle! 



2861 Aviation Way 

West Columbia, SC 29170 

803-822-5555 phone 

803-822-5594 fax 

Your TOTAL Aviation Experience! 

4 ^ 




Paint & Interior 

Aircraft Sales 
Executive Charter 

Flight School 
24 hr Line Service 


Nothing Runs 
Like a Deere 


5046 Highway 29 North 
Williamston, SC 29697 


(864) 847-8400 
FAX: (864) 847-8888 

Parts • Sales • Service • Rentals 

Steve Barton 

Division Manager 

Pennington Seed, Inc. 
(^aroiiua DivisioD 
IXJfi Eden St. 
Columbia. SC 29201 


Lawn& Garden Products 

Phone: 1-803-771-4222 
Wats: l-SOO-763-6377 
Fax; 1-803-771-4225 

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Ozie L. Garrett 

Garnet A. Barnes 





School Photographers 


Congratulations Class of 2004 


Ciemson Seneca 

S* 1 065 Tiger Blvd. 1 305 SancJifer Blvd 
^ Ciemson, SC Seneca, SC 

I West Union 

^ 143 Scenic Plaza Dr. 

■5 West Union, SC 

>^ we love to see you smile / 


Chicago Style Pizza 

Ask Me About Rebate Program 

// \Y'/( (lon'l hiiv from n\. \±c (dii'l make no inoncv! 


Mark Conrad 


203 Pendleton Road 
riemsi)n. SC2963I 




Advertising Specialists and Consultants providing 

professional sales and service support for 

University and College Publications 





to the 

Class oP 2004! 

Come back to see us when you visit. 
Phone: (864) 656-2050 • F^x: (864) 656-0366 





Our 30th Year! 

♦Service designed to R 



■lillllMJ||KMHHlMlMMHll for 

family* pets. | 

ll||9|ll|^J|Ba|ll|ijj||^^H prevention. 


SERVICE by trained 


654-7900 -COMMERCIAL 
OR 1-800-922-2596 pes, prevention 




A world leader in the 
manufacture of ceramic 
and tantalum capacitors 


Advertisifig 427 

Management Training Program 

Entry-Level Management Training Program 

Sales, Management, Marketing, Retail, Customer Service and Human Resources 

You've dreamed of creating your own startup. Of mastering skills that help you take ownership 
of your future. Okay, so you never dreamed of working at Enterprise. But we can make your 
dreams a reality. As a Management Trainee at Enterprise, you'll learn to run a profit center, 
manage people and grow your own fast-paced business. You'll enjoy big earning potential, with 
performance-based promotion that many MBAs would envy. Plus you'll find great opportunities, 
fun people and a $5 billion company recognized as one of America's best to work for. 

It's your personal enterprise. And it starts today. 

Management Trainee Opportunities at Enterprise 

The chance to run your own business and share in the profits you help create. 
Highly marketable skills and training in business, management, sales and service. 
Rapid promotion based on performance. 
A fun, team-oriented workplace. 

For more information, please visit our Web site: 

To contact a local recruiter, please call 1-888-WWW-ERAC 

We are an equal opportunity employer. 


m^^ ^^ 

' If you cah 

At Northeast Georgia Health System, Inc., our team 
is extraordinary in the way they care for patients, families 
and each other. Led by visionary management, people 
here leverage the best technology and practices with a 
commitment to give back to our community. Join a team 
fulfilled by new challenges and satisfying rewards. 

With Atlanta just an hour away, as well as Lake Lanier 
and the Blue Ridge Mountains right in our backyard, 
you'll never run out of things to do. Hometown spirit is 
everywhere. An affordable lifestyle, fewer hassles and 
year-round recreation complement our attractive salaries 
and benefits package. 

Imagine your career here. Apply to: Northeast Georgia 
Health System, Inc., Attn: Tina Walden, 743 Spring 
Street, Gainesville, GA 30501-3899. Telephone: 
1-800-391-5601. Fax: 770-538-7128. Email: tina. Equal opportunity employer. 

r^lt can be done. 

. ^ 



i I 


Nursing & Allied Health 
Positions Available! 


Northeast Georgia 
Health System, Inc. 

i 1 

428 Advertising 


Medical Cenier 

960 Joe Frank Harris Parkway 
P.O. Box 200008 
Cartersville, GA 30120 

You May Also Visit Us At 

Thank you for your interest in joining our team at 
Cartersville Medical Center. We are always looking 
for dedicated professionals to join our dynamic 
healthcare team. 

Please visit our website to search through the jobs 
posted on our site or call our job line: 770-387-8173 
(Nursing 770-387-8184). 

Cartersville Medical Center is an 
equal opportunity employer. 

^- r-t 


Ty Cobb Healthc 

We're Your Neighbor... 

Over 50 years ago Ty Cobb 
help begin what is now a 
progressive 7 facihty 
healthcare system. Ty Cobb 
Healthcare feature 3 hospi- 
tals. 3 nursing homes, and 
an assisted living facility. 

We provide state-of-the-art 
equipment in surgery, 
radiology, laboratory, 
respiratory, rehabilitative 
services, and more. Our 
doctors, nurses, pharmacists, 
therapists, and staff are all 
highly trained to provide 
you with the best care 

He are the /l^mtffcare system in your community 
where neighbors take care of neighbors 

Barrow Community 

Cobb Memorial H< 

Hart County H" 

www. tycobbhealthcare. org 

.\ family-friendly workplace. Now, that's a great benefit. 

Hutcheson is the focal point of 
healthcare delivery in Northwest 
Georgia and surrounding areas. 
Our 1 79-bed hospital is located in 
historic Fort Oglethorpe, Georgia- 
one of the fastest-gnowing areas in 
North Georgia and just 1 5 minutes 
fixim scenic Chattanooga Hutcheson 
has been recognized several times 
as one of the top three communtty 
hospitals in Georgia. 

Hutcheson offers competitive 
compensation, and an excellent 
benefits package. Some of the 
many benefits include: medical 
insurance, dental insurance. 403(B) 
pension plan, paid time off, on-site 
employee pharmacy, on-site credit 
union, tuition reimbursement and 
a nationally accredited on-site 
children's learning center 

To learn more, please \isit our website at 
v\-v\T\-. or call our job line at ~06-8S8-2U4. 


100 Gross Crescent Circle • Fort Oglethorpe. GA 30742 

Advertising 429 

''Supporting Education 
Through Athletics" 

Join IPTAY Today! 


For tickets call 1-800-CLEMSON 

Champion Aviation 

(864) 843-1162 

230 Old Norris Road • Liberty, SC 29657 


mac papBHS 

Thanks to the 
University from 

mac papers company 

Phone: (864) 281-99]! 
Fax: (864) 281-9763 


4607 Dairy Drive • Greenville, South Carolina 29607 


; ScHiag g.tGGniiC^e Since 1959 

-^ 1306 Stallings Road 
-^ ] Greenville, SC 29609 
-y (864) 322-6492 


r 522 Mills Avenue 
(864) 235-7211 
Fax (864) 235-3392 

Fax 859-9634 

Clemson 885-1133 
654-0042 Fax 885-1144 

The C.F. Sauer Company 
A Tradition of quality since 1887 


I Spice Hunter 


Richmond VA 
Mauldin SC * Sandston VA * New Century KS * San Luis Obispo CA 



n t e r i r s 

127 Old Mill Road -Unit A 
Greenville, SC 29607 
Phone (864) 458-7050 
Fax (864) 458-7433 



2207 Old Buncombe Road 
Greenville, SC 29609 

WWW. wieinc. com 

Office: (864) 235-8334 


Fax: (864) 235-8827 



Phone: (864) 845-7879 
Toll Free: (800) 726-1439 
Facsimile: (864) 845-5122 

108 Hurricane Creek Road • Piedmont, SC 29673 

430 Advertising 



Scientific Research 

Corporation is an advanced 

technology, engineering firm that was 

founded for the express purpose of 

providing innovative concepts, 

technology, and economic solutions for 

diverse government and private industry 

problems. Our company's projects and products 

span a broad range of information systems, 

communication systems, radar systems, and 

advanced processing systems. We are currently 

recruiting professionals who seek a challenging 

career opportunity with a dynamic company. 

For more Information check out our website 

2300 Windy Ridge Parkway 

Suite 400 South 

Atlanta, GA 30339 

^^^ Email: 

An Equal Opportunity EmpTSyer 


Joining I ho I .A. liuillctt Ircc 
i:xpcrt Company guarantees 
you unliniilcd growth 
potcnlial. the use orculting- 
eclge teciinology and 
membership in one of the 
most prestigious firms in 

I amily-owned since U>()7. 
Bartlett is experiencing rapid 
growth and expansion. We're 
looking for the best and the 
brightest. C urrently we ha\e 
positions available at all levels 
in these regions: 

Northeast. Metro-NY. Mid- 
Atlantic, Southeast. Midwest. 
Texas. ( alif'ornia. and 


We oiler 401 K. 
medical and dental 
^^ benefits, flexible 

tTords you the stability ot '^ ^ ^pending accounts and 
working for one of the oldest^ ^ competitive compensation, 
ind most renowned companies"® 
n the business. fqual Opportunity fmployer 

At Bartlett. we're not 
just utilizing the latest 
scientific advances in 
tree care we're pioneer 
ing them. A career at 
Bartlett Tree Experts 


Carmen BeiTios. 

Manager of Employmcni and Benefits 

P.O. Box 3067 

Stamford, CT 06905 

Toil-Free: (888) 427-1203 Ext. 238 


Scientific Tree Care Since 1907 

(J^tncrican Proteins 

You don't have to look a world avva^/ 
find the most promising careers. 
Based in Georgia for half a 
century/. American Proteins offers 
emploj'ment opportunities in a 
company that has risen to 
success on the wings of the 
fast-paced poultry industry. 
American Proteins produces 
nutrient-rich poultry meal, 
poultry fat and feather meal 
for ingredients in poultry. 
fish, and livestock feeds. It 
also produces custom-blended 
protein concentrates, in addition 
to operating a complete analytical 

tie fiauttzcf. 

fiet ^oad 
,/ cfidu^trced. 

A whole worlcd 
that's not a 
worlcj away. 

For opportunities call: (770) 886-2250 or forward your resume to: 
American Proteins, 4705 Leland Drive, Gumming, Georgia 30041 

Advertising 43 1 


Aakhus, James 221 

Aanghoo, Porge 237 

Abdul-Hakim, Jamila 237 

Able, Lauren 237 

Abies, Matthew 169 

Abstance, Joseph 169 

Acevedo, Josh 169 

Acsell, Lauren 237 

Adair, Charles 237 

Adams, April 229 

Adams, Brittany 237 

Adams, Christopher 229 

Adams, Courtney 229 

Adams, Daniel 237 

Adams, Deirdre 229 

Adams, Elizabeth 229 

Adams, Jeremy 169 

Adams, Jessica 169 

Adams, Katherine 229 

Adams, Louise 169 

Adams, Matthew 237 

Addicks, Jonathan 237 

Addison, Jordan 169 

Adkins, Andrea 237 

Ahlfinger, Hailey 169 

Alavi, Saba 169 

Albayalde, Joanne 169 

AJbee, Richard 237 

Alderman, David 169 

Alexander, Charles 229 

Alexander, Jennifer 169 

Alexander, John 169 

Alexander, Kevin 169 

Alexander, Lakeena 237 

Alexander, Louise 237 

Alexander, Wesley 169 

Allen, Charles 169 

Allen, Dino 237 

Allen, Jessica 229 

Allen, Joshua 237 

Allen, Matthew 229 

Allen, Meredith 237 

Allen, Nancy 237 

Allen, Nicholas 169 

Alley, Emma 237 

Alley, Matthew 237 

Allison, Ashleigh 169 

Allison, Jena 169 

Allman, Robert 237 

Alston, Leigh 237 

Altman, Christopher 237 

Amick, Ronnie 221 

Amores, Emerald 237 

Amos, Joseph Ryan 237 

Anders, Jessica 169 

Andersen, Emily 221 

Anderson, Chandler 237 

Anderson, James 237 

Anderson, Julie 237 

Anderson, Katherine 170 

Anderson, Melanie 237 

Anderson, Sarah 237 

Anderson, Scott 237 

Andrews, Alexia 170 

Andrews, Emily 237 

Andrews, Sara 170 

Anrrich, Sara 237 

Ansceuw, Christine 237 

Apple, Andrew 237 

Apple, Megan 170 

Architect, Andrew 170 

Ard, Darrell 170 

Ardrey, Laura 170 

Arledge, Jessica 221 

Armiento, Bryan 170 

Armstrong, Jason Keith 170 

Arnold, Meghan 170 

Arnold, Timothy 237 

Arnold, William 170 

Arpaio, Brian 237 

Arrasate, Christie 170 

Arsiniega, Alan 170 

Arthur, Justin 238 

Asay, Elizabeth 238 

Ashley, Brandon 221 

Ashley, Laurie Denise 170 

Ashmore, Andrew 170 

Ashmore, Jessica 229 

Ashmore, Martha 238 

Atkins, Jonathan 221 

Atkinson, David 170 

Atkinson, Derek 238 

Atkinson, Don 238 

Atkinson, Dorothy 170 

Atkinson, Frank 170 

Atkinson, Jeffrey 238 

Atkinson, Katherine 238 

Attaway, Carreen 170 

Aughtry, Robert 170 

Austin, Christina 238 

Austin, Gabrielle 229 

Austin, Matthew 221 

Ayers, Chad 171 

Ayers, Christopher 171 

Ayers, Emily 238 

Azcuy Karla 171 


Babb, Jonathan 171 

Babcock,John 238 

Bach, Brittany 238 

Bacon, Stephen 238 

Baggett, Bryan 238 

Bailey, Erica 171 

Bailey Kristen 238 

Bailey, Lindsey 171 

Bailey Sarah 171 

Baker, Amanda 229 

Baker, Brittany 238 

Baker, Craig 238 

Baker, David 221 

Baker, Kellye 221 

Baker, Kerri 171 

Baker, Paul 238 

Baker, Samuel 171 

Balassone, Steven 171 

Baldwin, Lauren 229 

Bahnt, Kristin 229 

Ballard, Elizabeth 221 

Ballentine, Sarah 229 

Ballew, Elizabeth 229 

Ballien, Bradley 238 

Bandy, Jeffrey 1 

Bane, Rachel 1 

Banks, Raeneeva 1 

Baptiste, Steve 1 

Barban, David 2 

Barber, Emily 2 

Barberi, Francisco 2 

Barham, Phillip 2 

Barham, Robert 2 

Barker, Thomas 2 

Barnes, Britton 2 

Barnes, Samantha 2 

Barnes, Shaun 1 

Barnett, Ashley 2 

Barnett, Lauren 2. 

Barnett, Sara 2 

Barnette, Elizabeth 1. 

Barnette, Kacie 2, 

Barnhardt, Jessica 2. 

Barnhill, Chris 2. 

Barnhill, Laura 1 

Barnicle, Scott 2. 

Barns, Alfred 2. 

Barofsky, Mark 2. 

Barr, Lawrence 2. 

Barrett, Kevin 2, 

Barrett, Shaun 1 

Barrett, Shelley 2 

Barron, Huntor 2; 

Barron, Katie 

Barrows, Amy 1/ 

Barrows, Besty Ruth 2: 

Barry, Matthew 2: 

Bartlett, Kevin 1 

Bartsch, Daniel 22 

Barwick, Adam 23 

Basile, Dominick 23 

Bass, Stephanie 17 

Bassler, Meredith 23 - 

Bates, Coleman 17 

Bates, Tucker 23 - 

Batson, Clint 17 

Baumgardner, Emily 17 

Baumgartner, Brian 23 

Bauss, Sarah 23 

Bawden, Jennifer 23 

Baxley, Amy 23 '.'- 

Baxley, Anderson 22 

Baxley, Sarah Kathleen 22 

Baxter, Kristen 23 

Baynard, Bruce 23 

Bayne, Audrey 17 

Bayne, James 17 

Beach, Erin 17' t 

Bean, Ryan 17 c 

Beasley, Emily 23 

Beason, Marion 17 

Beatty, Rebecca 23 

Beckham, Elizabeth; 23 

Beecher, Sophia 22 

Belknap, Katherine 17 ; 

Bell, Jennifer 23 

Bellack,Jade 23 

Bellamy, Nathan 17 

Belmont, Drew 23' 

Bemisderfer, Peter 23' 

Benesole, Christine 23' 

Benetato, Melanie 23' 

Benhoff, Melvin 23' 

Benjamin, David 23' 


jamin, Timothy 221 

ko, Aaron Thomas 239 

nett, Andrew 172 

nctt, Eric 239 

son. Kala 221 

son, Mattie 229 

son, Tyler 239 

tley, Benjamin 229 

tlcy. Will 172 

jeron, Carin 172 

key, Caroline 239 

koski, Allison 172 

nastan, Sarah 239 

ry, Christopher 172 

ry, James 229 

ry, James Michael Jr 172 

ry, Laqiianna 239 

ry, Michael 239 

t, Doyle 239 

sill, Casey 172 

tencourt, Kat)' 239 

is, Russell 221 

•er. Erin 239 

inu, Harikrishnan 239 

ri, Kristen 239 

low, Candace 239 

nski, Brandon 239 

owski, Haley 239 

hop, Derek 239 

hop, John 240 

hop, Michael Andrew 172 

sell, Eleanor 172 

lano. Marc 173 

by, Elizabeth 173 

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ck, James 173 

ck, Justin 240 

ck, Kimberly 173 

ckwell, Amanda 173 

ckwell, Joshua 240 

ckwell, Michelle 173, 229 

ir, Courtney 173 

Jce, Joshua 173 

ke, Paige 221 

lock, Jackson 240 

lock, Sarah 229 

Jock, Scott 240 

md, Julian 240 

nding, Kristan 240 

nding, Kristen 221 

iss. Drew 173 

•vins, Ashley 173 

Brandon 240 

ant, Harrison 240 

den, Caroline 240 

dycott, Jason 173 

edecker, Emily 240 

ehm, Katie 240 

essneck, Eric 240 

•gan, Kristen 173 

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•gwelkjohn 240 

Jden, Sarah 229 

'ling, Alan 221 

ilton, Jocelyn 173 

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.nder,Josh 240 

iniface, John 240 

inner, Jessica 173 

mner, Katherine 240 

)nner, Thomas 240 

)nnette, Laura 240 

Booth, i-aura 173 

Borden, Trac 240 

Bosco, Derrick 240 

Boss, Marilyn 240 

Bostic, William 240 

Bouknight, Walter 240 

Bouwer, Adrriaan 240 

Bowden. Ijuren 240 

Bowen, Ashlea 173 

Bowen, Christopher 173 

Bowen, Martin 173 

Bowers, Amy 240 

Bowers, Lawrence 221 

Bowers, Tyson 240 

Bowie, Morgan 174 

Bowling, Erin 240 

Bowling, Meghan 240 

Bowman, Heather 229 

Bowman, Mark 240 

Boyd, Adam 240 

Boyd, Angela 240 

Boyd,Jullius 240 

Boyd, Kelly 240 

Boyle, Daniel 174 

Boyles, Benjamin 174 

Boyles, William 240 

Boylston, Staci 174 

Boynton, Andrea 241 

Brabham, Carl 241 

Brackctt, Lee 241 

Bradford, Joseph 241 

Bradley, Brandon 241 

Bradshaw, Allison 229 

Brady, Erin 241 

Brake, Edward 221 

Brand, Erin 241 

Brannan, Scott 241 

Brantley, Adam 174 

Brandey, Aja 241 

Brantley, Amanda 241 

Branyon, Jacob 241 

Brasel, Bayne 174 

Brasel, Elizabeth 174 

Brashier, Stacey 174 

Brasington, Lindsay 241 

Braswell, Tabitha 241 

Braustner, Lindsay 241 

Brawley, Rebecca 241 

Breazeale, Ben 229 

Bregal, Matthew 241 

Breimann, Barbi 241 

Breton, Luis 174 

Brewer, Lauren 241 

Brice, Taryn 241 

Bridges, Caria 241 

Bridges, Emory 174 

Bridges, Erin 241 

Bridges, Kelly 241 

Bridges, Lauren 174 

Bright, Jessica 241 

Brigman, Laurie 174 

Brigman, Leslie 241 

Briscoe, Andrea 229 

Brittany, Kay 241 

Broeker, Sarah 241 

Brogan, Reed 229 

Brogles, Zachary 241 

Bromley, Evan 174 

Bronzino, Charlie 229 

Brookie, James 241 

Brooks, Frances 174 

Brooks, John 241 

BrjMjmc, Samuel J « I 

Brophcy, Erin | "" , 

Brusius, Ashley « 2t i 

Brostin. Daniel , 241 

Brothcrson, Brianna 241 

Brown, Christopher 24 1 

Brown, Dashawn 241 

Brown, Diane 242 

Brown. H^mily 229 

Brown, Jennifer 242 

lirown, Jenny 174 

Brown, Kathleen 174 

Brown, Ijtcia 242 

Brown. Matthew 174, 221 

Brown, Megan 174 

Brown, Peter 242 

Brown, Rebecca 242 

Brown, Robert 242 

Brown, Stephanie 229, 242 

Browne, Christopher 229 

Browne, Lauren 221 

Browne, Leslie 221 

Brownlee, Martha 174 

Bruce, Jessica 242 

Bruce, Tanya 175 

Bruno, Chris 175 

Brunson. Laura 175 

Bryan. Joseph 242 

Bryan, Lori 242 

Bryant, Augusta 242 

Bryant, Russell 229 

Bryda, Jonathan 242 

Bryer-Satkin, Dori 242 

Buchanan. Kevin 175 

Bucholz, Eric 242 

BucWer, Julie 242 

Buddin, Justin 175 

Bugg, Amanda 242 

Bull, Kathr)'n 175 

Bull, Sally 175 

Bullington, Emily 175 

Bulwinkle, Ashley 175 

Bundy, Walter 221 

Burana, Greg 242 

Burbage, Maryann 175 

Burdette, Desiree 175 

Burdyl, Brian 229 

Burford, Barton 242 

Burford, Kathleen 243 

Burger, Jessica 229 

Burgess, James 243 

Burgess, Joshua 175 

Burgess, Kelly 175 

Burghardt, Jonathan 243 

Burgis, Patrick 243 

Burke, Caitlyn 243 

Burkett, Roxanne 175 

Burnett, Amanda 175 

Burns, Henry 175 

Burns, Kari 221 

Burns, Megan 243 

Burrell, William 175 

Burroughs, Zacher)- 243 

Burson. Christie 175 

Burton, Lauren 243 

Burtz, Kristen 229 

Bush, Justin Paul 243 

Buss, Jenna 243 

Butler, Amanda 243 

Butler. Elizabeth 243 

Butler, Joseph 175 

Butler, Shavon 175 


Butler, Stacy 176 

Butler, W. Cullivan 243 

Butz, Adam 243 

Buzzell, Nicole 243 

Byars, Joni 221 

Byars, Virginia 230 

Bye, Caleb 243 

Byrd, Andrea 243 

Cagle, Marvin 230 

Cagle, Tiffany 221 

Cahalane, Liam 221 

Cain, Lindsey 230 

Cain, Tiffany 243 

Calcagno, Jason 243 

Caldwell, Amanda 176 

Caldwell, Barrett 243 

Caldwell, David 243 

Caldwell, Lee 243 

Calhoun, Crystal 243 

Calvert, Sloan 243 

Campbell, Andrew 243 

Campbell, David 243 

Campbell, Elizabeth 243 

Campbell, Jason 243 

Campbell, Jonathan 176 

Campbell, Lindsay 243 

Campbell, Ruth Ann 176 

Campbell, Shannon 243 

Campbell, Steven Harold 176 

Cannon, Blake 221 

Cannon, Jesse 176 

Cantey, Harry 221 

Caple, Kellie 176 

Cappola, Richard 176 

Card, Brian 176 

Carey, Brad 221 

Carey, Brent 221 

Carey, Christopher 243 

Carey, Kevin 243 

Carmody, Laura 176 

Came, Erin 221 

Carney, Neil 176 

Carpenter, Dalton 243 

Carpenter, Marifrasier 243 

Carr, Taylor 243 

Carraway, Katie 243 

Carroll, Stephanie 244 

Carson, John Thomas 244 

Carter, Christopher 244 

Carter, Jacob 221 

Carter, Jason 244 

Carter, Jeremy 221 

Carter, Nicole 244 

Carter, Ronatta 176 

Carter, Victoria 244 

Cardedge, Kendria 230 

Caruso, Philip 244 

Caruso, Tyler 244 

Cashin, Thomas 244 

Cassidy, Keelin 244 

Catafygiotu, Megan 244 

Cattanner, Micah 244 

Cattrell, Mary 244 

Cauble, Ashley 244 

Caughman, William 244 


Caulder, Kirldey 244 

Cavalluzzi, Dominique 176 

Celia, Mark 244 

Cesareo, Christopher 176 

Chadwick, William 244 

Chaikowski, Jennifer 244 

Chambers, Valerie 176 

Chan,Wai 244 

Chan, Wendy 176 

Chandler, Jennifer 176 

Chandler, Laurel 176 

Chandler, Mark 244 

Chaplin, Clay 221 

Chaplin, Megan 176 

Chaplin, Stephen 244 

Chapman, Candace 244 

Chapman, Edward 244 

Chapman, Guy 244 

Charles, Tiffany 176 

Charron, Christine 177 

Chase, Orville 177 

Chattin, Robert 244 

Chavous, Aaron 244 

Cheek, Jessica 244 

Childress, William 221 

Childs, Scott 244 

Ching, Camille 244 

Chinnis, Seth 244 

Chisholm, Sadarro 244 

Chiu, Carrie 244 

Christ, John 244 

Christiansen, Courtney 177 

Church, Brian 230 

Church, Christopher 244 

Clair, Tonya St 21 1 

Clardy, Kristi 244 

Clark, Edrew 245 

Clark, Lamibia 177 

Clark, Paige 221 

Clark, Sarah 177 

Clarke, Jason 245 

Clarke, Jennifer 230 

Clarke, Margaret Abigail 177 

Clay, Thomas 245 

Clayburn, Deidre 245 

Clayton, Pamela 245 

Cleary, Jeremy 177 

Cleary, Kenneth 245 

Clemmons, Christopher 245 

Cleveland, Audreunna 245 

Cleveland, Drew 177 

Cleveland, John 221 

Cleveland, Marywynne 245 

Cleveland, Tyler 245 

Clevenger, Melissa 245 

Cline, Adam 177 

Clinkscales, Dimetrius 177 

Clinkscales, Jeffery 245 

Cloaninger, Matthew 230 

Coachman, Reginald 245 

Coats, Matthew 230 

Cobb, Megan 245 

Cobden, Earl 245 

Cober, Kimberly 177 

Cody, Matthew 245 

ins, Cassady 222 

ins, Lauren 177 

Richard 222 

Cohens, Portia 177 

Coker, Betsy 177 

Coker, Christopher Dale 245 

Cole, Lindsey 245 

Coleman, Daniel 2 

Coleman, Jason 2 

Coleman, Jonathan 2 

Coleman, Matthew 2 

Coleman, Michael 1 

Coleman, William 2- 

Collier, Christopher 2 

Collins, Cheryl 1 

Collins, Christopher 1 

Collins, Christy. 




.24 fe 
.24 ii 
.22 a 

Collins, Elizabeth 2' 

Collins, Hannah % 

Collins, Melissa 2' 

Colosino, Robbie 2' 

Colson, Elizabeth 2' 

Colvin, Tyler !• 

Colwell, Jamie 1 

Comley, Alexander 2- 

Comolli, Jessica 2 

Compton, Christopher 1 

Compton, William 1 

Condrasky, Megan 

Conger, Kyle 

Connell, Erin 

Connell, Laura 24 

Connelly, Tracy 

Conschafter, Laura 

Conti, Christi 

Conyers, Crystal 

Cook, Bridget 17 

Cook, Lauren 

Cook, Richard 

Cook, Ryan Mark 

Coolbaugh, Jason 

Cooley, Heather 23 

Cooney, Michael 17 

Cooper, Jennifer 22 

Cooper, Katherine 24 

Cooper, Sarah 24 

Copeland, Megan 24 

Copeland, Nicole 17 

Copley, Michael 2A\ 

Corbett, Mallory 24 

Cordell, Jennifer 22 

Cornwell, William 24 

Corontzes, Andrew 24ii 

Corwin, Jaclyn 17 

Costa, Amanda 24 

Cothran, Carter 17 

Couch, Robert 17 

Cousins, Matthew 

Cox, Abigail 

Cox, Andrea 

Cox, Elisabeth 

Cox, Jacqueline 

Cox, Joshua 

Cox, Mary 17S 

Coyle, Andrew 24( 

Crabtree, Lauren 17J 

Craddock, Ashley 221 

Craig, Caroline 17f 

Craig, Chfford 17f 

Crane, Jillian Hana 

Cranston, Tiffany 

Craven, Ryan 

Crawford, Angela 

Crawford, Ashley 

Crawford, Howard 

Crawford, Kelly 

Crawford, Kerri 

Crawford, Matthew 

Crawford, Michael 

24C . 
246 ■ 

222, . 
246 • 


222 J 

;1, Heather 246 

b, Michael 246 

ghton, Jami 178 

is, Steven 178 

vc, Tara 178 

>b, Frances 178 

n, Nan 246 

.cola, Jennifer 179 

ckett, Cassandra 179 

ft, Sarah 246 

met, Brooklcy 246 

mer, Justin 246 

sby, Ashlyn 246 

sby, Bradley 179 

sby, Chaise 246 

ss, Kristian 179 

sswell, William 230 

uch, Margaret 246 

ut, James 246 

we, Amanda 246 

wther, Jeffrey 179 

xton, Jessica 222 

mp, Angie 179 

mp, Ashley 230 

itc, Jennifer 


irnak. Amy 

Ibertson, Amanda . 
Ibcrtson, Octavia.. 

Ibertson, Todd 

Ibreath, Curtis 

Ihan, Erin 

Her, Francis 

Ip, Alexander 


Ip, Charles 

Ip, Trent 

[pepper, Karen 

Iver, Billie Jo 

Iver, Brantley 

mmings, William., 
nningham, Felicia, 
nningham, Kara.... 




















nningham, Liam 247 

nningham, Michelle 247 

rry, Brian 222 

rry, Jason 222 

rry, Jennifer 179 

,Creswell 222 

tshall, Holly 247 


Amico, Brain 179 

Amore, Mark 247 

ihl, Ashley 179 

Jlessandro, Tara 247 

ton, Kyle 247 

Jton, Nickolas 222 

ton, Whitney 179 

Meredith 179 

miel, Anna 230 

iniel, Christopher 247 

inlel, James 230 

miel, Stephen 247 

miel, William 179 

Daniels. Charles 179 

Daniels, William 247 

Daniclson, Reid 247 

Danner, Robert 247 

Dansby, David 180 

Darby, Katherine 247 

Darby, Ijura 180 

Darnell, Clwendolyn 180 

Darr, Rebecca 247 

Davenport, Kathleen 247 

Daveta, Caryn 180 

Davidsen, Sarah 230 

Davidson, Paul 247 

Davis, Alicia 222 

Davis, Andrew 180, 247 

Davis, Anna 180 

Davis, Ashley 247 

Davis, Charles 230 

Davis, Corrie 247 

Davis, James 230 

Davis, Jerod 180 

Davis, John 180 

Davis, Judson 222 

Davis, Katherine 247 

Davis, Kelly 247 

Davis, Landon 247 

Davis, Laura 247 

Davis, Matthew 180 

Davis, Robert 180, 247 

Davis, Rodney 230 

Davis, Steven 180 

Dawkins, Amy 180 

Dawkins, Ashley 222 

Dawsey, Rebecca 247 

Day, Scott 181 

Deal, Christopher 247 

Dean,Jeffery 247 

Deane, Taryn 247 

Deangelis, Tara 181 

Deangulo, Guillermo 247 

Decuers, Lauren 247 

Deer, Lauren 230 

Defelice, Candice 247 

Degiovanni, Christopher 247 

DeHaas, Peter 181 

Dehay, Brynn 247 

Deierlein, John 181 

Deily, Keri 247 

Dejonckheere, Steven 247 

Deloach, Angie 181 

Demetes, Brian 247 

Dennard, Ivory 248 

Dennis, Jennifer 248 

Denniston, John 248 

Denny, James 181 

Denny, Matthew 248 

Denton, Jennifer 181 

Depalma, Michael 181 

DePrimio, Nicholas 181 

Destefani, Jeanette 248 

Dettman, Brittany 248 

Deryens, Katrina 248 

Devincjohn 248 

Devita, Michelle 248 

Devon, Andrea 248 

Dial, Austin 248 

Dibiase, Angelo Robert 181 

Dibiase, Gabriel Gene 181 

Dickerson, Corey 248 

Dickerson, David 181 

Dickert, Clinton 181 

Dickert, Fletcher 248 

Dickinson. Drew 248 

Didaio, Anthony 248 

Dicbold. Heather 248 

Dilday, Bradley 248 

Dill, Brycc 248 

Dillon, Virginia 181 

Dilorcnzo, Nicole 181 

Dipaolo, Kristcn 230 

Dipictro, Matthew 248 

Discepolo, Melissa 248 

Dixon, Kathryn 248 

Dixon, Robert 248 

Dobbins, Charlie 181 

Dobson, Matthew 248 

Doctor, Rencc 181 

Dodds, Dana 230 

Dodson, Cheryl 181 

Dodson, Seadar 181 

I^onnally, Jason 181 

Don nan, Elizabeth 248 

Donohue, Christan 182 

Dooley, Kevin 182 

Dorion, Margaret 182 

Dorris, William 248 

Dorroh, Margaret 182 

Dorsam, Anne 248 

Douglas, Dustin 248 

Dover, Heather 248 

Dover, Vivian 222 

Dowdy, James 248 

Downing, James 248 

Doyle, Elizabeth 248 

Doyle, Mar)' 222 

Drake, Robert 248 

Drake, Tiffany 182 

Drayton, Shakiya 248 

Drexler, Sarah 248 

Dreyer, Ellen 248 

Driggers, Krystal 182 

Driscoll, Mollie 182 

Drisgula, Brett 248 

Drozd, Alexander 249 

Drumm, Margaret 249 

Dubay, Bryan 230 

Dube, Jonathan 182 

Dubose, Sally 182 

Dubose, Steven 182 

Dudley, Rebecca 249 

DufR-, Joshua 182 

Dukes, Marion 249 

Dukes, Michael 249 

Dukes, Wayne 249 

Dunagin, Benjamin 249 

Duncan, Candis 182 

Duncan, Megan 249 

Duncan, Tina 182 

Dunlap, Allison 249 

Dunmyer, Sarah 182 

Dunn, Katherine 230 

Duprc, Christopher 182 

Dupre, Katherine 249 

Dupuis, Derek 182 

Durant, Caroline 249 

Durant, Christopher 182 

Durant, Elizabeth 182 

Durant, Jon 182 

Durst, Mar)' Beth 230 

Dwight, Jacqueline 249 

Dyches, Christopher 222 

Dver, Lindsav 249 


Eaddy, Angela 249 

Eaddy, Ashley 230 

Eadon, Virginia 249 

Eargle, Austin 182 

Earle, Crystal 249 

Easton, Taylor 249 

Eberenz, Robert 249 

Ebersole, Amanda 250 

Eckel, Carrie 250 

Eckenbrecht, Andrew 250 

Eckley.John 183 

Eden, Crystal 250 

Edenfield, Scott 230 

Edens, Jonathan 230 

Edmonds, Heather 250 

Edwards, Alan 230 

Edwards, Ashley 222 

Edwards, Jane Marie 250 

Edwards, Jessica 250 

Edwards, Labairus 250 

Edwards, Sara 222 

Eger, Dorothy 183 

Egge, Emily 250 

Eggert, Damon 183 

Ehlert, Daniel 183 

Eichel, Carl 250 

Eipper, Shaun 183 

Elam, Alexandra 183 

Elbirn, Lindsey 222 

Elder, George 250 

Elderman, James 250 

Elender, Amanda 183 

Ellefson, Kathryn 250 

Ellepola, Christopher 250 

Elliott, Elizabeth 230 

Elliott, Michele 183 

Elliott, Walter 230 

Ellis, Joshua M 183 

Ellis, Katherine 250 

Ellison, Bradley 250 

Ellisor, Ashleigh 183 

Ellzey, Chris 222 

Ellzey, Lauren 250 

Elmhorst, Jillian 250 

Elphick, Dennis 250 

Elrod, Megan 250 

Elrod, Melissa 230 

Elvis, Brandon 183 

Emanuel, Emil 183 

Embry, Christopher 250 

Emory, Lauren 222 

Endress, Joshua 250 

Enfinger, Jennifer 183 

Ennis, Emily 250 

Ensley, Alyson Marie 250 

Enterline, Gerad 250 

Enterline, Tera 250 

Epps, Lauren 250 

Erden, Jayme 250 

Erickson, Dawn 250 

Ertzberger, Johnathan 250 

Erwin, John 250 

Eskridge, Anna 222 

Eskridge, Mary 250 

Esposito, Louis 230 

Essary, Brandon 250 

Estes, Emily 250 

Estes, Kimberly 183 

Etheridge, Ryan 250 

Etters, Kyle 250 

Eudaly.Amy 251 

Evans, Catherine 183 

Evans, Emily 251 

Evans, Meghan 251 

Evans, Rachel 183 

Everard, Brooke 251 

Fain, Daniel 230 

Falendysz, Andrew 251 

Fallon, Katelyn 183 

Fancher, Kristen 251 

Fann, Marissa 222 

Fant, Marshall 251 

Fant, Meredith 183 

Faris, Stephan 251 

Farish, Margaret 251 

Farmer, Adam 183 

Farmer, Julie 183 

Farnham, Kenneth 251 

Farrell, Wak 230 

Farris, Jessica 222 

Faulkner, Jennifer 251 

Feight, Kelly 251 

Felder, Charles 251 

Feldhaus, Ryan 251 

Felts, Alan 251 

Femino, James 251 

Fenske, Gregory 231 

Fenton, Dale 251 

Fergusan, Jermie 251 

Ferguson, Jennifer Elise 251 

Ferguson, Katherine 251 

Ferguson, Maxwell 231 

Fernando, Anthony 251 

Ferree, Dan 231 

Fertig, Gregory 251 

Fessler, Matthew 251 

Fields, Ian 251 

Finch, Justin 251 

Finley, Amanda 251 

Fisher, Jeffery 251 

Fitts, Summer 251 

Fitzpatrick, Michael 251 

Flandry, Andrew 251 

Fleckenstein, Elizabeth 231 

Fleming, Craig 251 

Fleming, Megan 251 

Fletcher, Jamez 251 

Flowers, James 251 

Floyd, Adair 251 

Floyd, Anne Marie 251 

Floyd, Bridget 252 

Floyd, Gassy 252 

Floyd, Colette 222 

Floyd, Dana 252 

Floyd, Elizabeth 252 

Floyd, Matthew Charles 252 

Floyd, Tameka 222 

Floyd, William 252 

Flynn, Ashley 222 

Flynn, Joseph 252 

Fogle, Jeremy 252 

Fogle, Kimberly 252 

Fogleman, Stewart 

Folay, Kaley 

Ford, Tripp 

Ford, Whitney 2 

Fordyce, Crystal 2 

Forester, Douglas 

Forrest, Bill 

Forrester, James 

Forshey, John 

Fortenberry, David 2 

Foss, David 

Foster, Malia 

Fowler, Amanda 2 

Fowler, Megan 2 

Fox, Brian 2 

Foxworth, Laura 2 

Foy, Kevin 2 

Frank, Michael 2 

Franklin, Alexandra 2 

Frankun, Lindsey 2 

Eraser, Joshua 2 

Eraser, Richard 2 

Free, Ernest 1 

Freeman, Brandon 2 

Freeman, Jennifer 2 

Freeman, Kirk If 

Freeman, Morgan 2' 

Freeman, Willington T 

Friend, Marco 2. 

Frisina, Rebekah 2! 

Frisina, Robert 2. 

Frye, James 2. 

Fujii, Gehn 2 

Fulford, Mitchell 2; 

Fulmer, Amanda 1^' 

Fulton, Kayce IS' 

Furse, Mark 18 

Gaddis, Carroll 25 

Caddy, Alex 25 

Caddy, Parker 23 

Caddy, Robert 25 

Gage, Anthony 25 

Gaillard, Grant 25 

Gaillard, William 1 

Gainey, Benjamin 25 

Gainey, William 23 

Gallivan, Henry 18 

Galloway, James 22 

Galloway, John 25 

Gambel, Thomas 1 

Gamble, Brittney 25 

Gammon, Meredith 23 

Gantt, Stephen 22' 

Gardner, Cos 18' 

Gardner, Megan 25: 

Garick, Laura 25^' 

Garlington, Kristen 231 

Garlington, Ryan 22; 

Garnson, Robert 25: 

Garofalo, Meghan 25: 

Garrett, Brandon 18 

Garrett, James 25: 

Garrick, Jennifer 18! 

Garrick, Justin 25: 


rison, Brian 185 

rison, Ryan 253 

•vcy, David 253 

vin, Brittany 253 

tis, Margaret 253 

ichc. Paul 253 

lit, Clourtney 231 

ise, Brian 231 

■in, Mflanic 253 

'lord, Stephen 253 

Jdings, Michael 223 

iitry, Aaron 253 

ntry, Meredith 253 

srge, John 185 

Kge. Kati 253 

jrge, Mary 185 

argiadcs, Dena 253 

meroth, John 185 

tys, Andrew 253 

tys, Kristin 185 

lbs, Kevin 253 

•)son, Amanda 231 

)son, Clayton 185 

son, Elizabeth 253 

son, Grace 185 

son, Jenna 231 

3son, Jennifer 223 

3son, Ryan 253 

bert, Jennifer 253 

ibert, Nicole 253 

Ichrist, Martin 223 

Jennifer 185 

l,Keri 253 

, Louisa 253 

les, Jeffrey 185 

liam, Sergio 253 

mon, Lee 223 

more, Jordan 186 

nn, Elizabeth 253 

nn, Joshua 253 

nn, Matthew 253 

aros, Ryan 253 

azebrook, Julia 253 

edhill, Corey 186 

edhill, Sarah 253 

enn, Ahmad 253 

enn, Elizabeth 254 

enn, Jennifer 231 

enn, Marie 186 

over, Carlton 254 

over, Suzannah 254 

jbbel, William 254 

aethe, Justin 254 

>etz, Christine 254 

jforch, Austin 254 

Dldsmith, Robert 254 

Dod, Elizabeth 254 

aodbar, Adam 254 

idenough, Richard 254 

Dodin, Anthony 254 

odwin, Victoria 254 

iSnelKJohn 254 

abiak, Joanna 254 

race, Anna 254 

raff, Daniel 254 

raham, Austin 223 

raham. Heather 223 

raham, Joel 254 

ramc, Stephanie 255 

nt, Zachar)' 255 

,te, Randall 255 

.Molly 255 

Gra)^Chad 255 

Green, Alissa 255 

Green, Zach 255 

Greene, Anthony 255 

Greene, C Charles 231 

Greene, Clourtncy 255 

Cireene, Margaret 255 

Cireene, Nicholas 255 

Greene, Sentcll 231 

Greene, Lara 231 

Greer, John 255 

CJregory, Alex 187 

Gregory, John 223,231 

Gregory, Mark 255 

Gregory, Nicholas 255 

Gresham, Emma 255 

Gressette, Katie 231 

Grice, Karly 255 

Griffin, Daniel Ray 187 

Griffin, Jimmi 255 

Grigg, Sarah 255 

Grirpis, Adam 255 

Groff, Kara 255 

Grogan, Erin 187 

Grogan, Kelley 231 

Gross, Erin 223 

Grover, Charlotte 223 

Grover, Joseph 187 

Gr>'der, Berkley 255 

Guerin, William 255 

Guerrero, Amanda 255 

Guerr>-, Russell 187 

Guertin, Monica 223 

Guess, Gage 255 

Guleke, Elizabeth 255 

Gulledge, Leslie 187 

Gulyas, Peter 187 

Gum, Rebecca 255 

Gunn, Greg 255 

Gunter, Nancy 187 

Gunzenhauser, Steven 255 

Gurganus, Amanda 255 

Gusick, Robert 187 

Guscafson, Angela 187 

Gustafson, Sarah 223 

Gwinn, Heather 255 


Haas, Jessica 187 

Hackenburg, Amanda 255 

Haff Darius 187 

Hafner, Nathan 231 

Hagan, Christina 231 

Haggerry, Stuart 255 

Hagood, Andrew 255 

Hains,John 255 

Haire, Jordan 255 

Hairfield, Jason 187 

Hale, Michael 231 

Haley, Brandon 187 

Hall, Caroline 255 

Hall, Jessica 187 

Hall, Lauren 256 

Hall, Reginald 187 

Hall, Sarah 256 

HalLTameika 256 

Hall, I hoinoKuu 250 

Halphcn, Paul 2% 

Hamilla. Vernon 256 

Hamilton. Jade , 187 

Hamilton, John 187 

Hamilton, Julia 256 

Hamilton. Kathryn 256 

Hamilton, Kelly 231 

Hamilton, Quinnyccta 187 

Hammett. Sara 256 

Hammctt, Sarah 187 

Hammond, Oockctc 188 

Hammond, Lindscy 256 

Hampton, Cindy 223 

Hampton. Kimberly 223 

Hampton, Troy 256 

Hamrick. Amanda 256 

Han. Ashley 256 

Hanahan, William 256 

Hanak, Jesse 256 

Hancock, Alison 188 

Hancock, Brittnee 256 

Hancock, Tcrri 231 

Hanlcy, Daniel 256 

Hanna. Amy 223 

Hanna. James 256 

Hanna. Mary 188 

Hannah. Rachel 256 

Hansen. Kelly 256 

Harbold, Lisa 188 

Hardegree, Christy 231 

Hardin, Caroline 188 

Harding, Elizabeth 188 

Hardy, Diane 188 

Hardy, Margaret 256 

Hare, Katie 256 

Harless, Kelly 256 

Harley, Laura 223 

Harling. Britt 223 

Harmon. Elizabeth 256 

Harmon. Janele 256 

Harmon, John Patrick 188 

Harmon. Jordan 231 

Harmon. Neil Spencer 188 

Harper. Anna 256 

Harrell, Charles 188 

Harrell, Eleanor 256 

Harrell, Matt 188 

Harrelson, Lindsay 256 

Harrington, Cornelius 256 

Harris, Anne 231 

Harris, David 231 

Harris, Jesse 256 

Harris, Lauren 256 

Harris, Parke 188 

Harris, Philip Joel Jr 256 

Harris, Samuel 188 

Harrison, Lauren 256 

Harrison, Leigh 188 

Harrison, Valerie 188 

Hart, Laura 256 

Hart. Mary 256 

Harris, Jason 188 

Hartley, Lauren 256 

Hartley, Rebekah 257 

Hartnett, Allison 223 

Hartvsig, Jarred 257 

Hart^vig, Kristen 223 

Harvey, Megan 223 

Harvinller, Anne 257 

Har\cki, Ann Marie 257 

Haskett.Adam 223 


Hass, Katherine 257 

Hassell, Aaron 257 

Hassig, Nicholas 257 

Hassold, Robert 257 

Hastie.Amy 188 

Hastings, Kathryn 188 

Hasto, Brittany 188 

Hatchell, Kathleen 257 

Haury, Susan 231 

Hawkins, MeHssa 188 

Hawley, William 257 

Hay, Edward 223 

Haydel, Dominique 257 

Hayden, Jessica 189 

Hayes, Holly 189 

Hayes, Nicholas 257 

Hayes, Robert 223 

Haymes, Chris 257 

Haynes, Ashley 257 

Hays, Christopher 257 

Hazel, Jill 257 

Healy, Melissa 257 

Hearn, Jeffrey 257 

Hearon, Emily 189 

Heaton, Jacob 257 

Heaton, William 189 

Heck, Sarah 189 

Hedgepeth, Brian 189 

Hedinger, Mallory 257 

Heffernan, Daniel 257 

Heinz, Derek 257 

Heitkamp, Lindsey 257 

Henderson, Blaire 257 

Henderson, Christopher 257 

Henderson, Elizabeth 223 

Henderson, Michael 223 

Hendrick, Jack 189 

Hendricks, Bart 257 

Hendrix, Emily 257 

Hendrix, George 189 

Hendrix, John 257 

Hendrix, Justin 257 

Hendrix, Matthew 231 

Hendrix, Seth 257 

Henkes, Ryan 231 

Henry, Thomas 257 

Hergenroeder, Ashley 257 

Herleman, Matthew 189 

Herlong, Mary 223 

Herndon, Justin 257 

Herndon, Loren 257 

Herrihyton, Michael 257 

Herring, Cody 189 

Herring, Nathan 257 

Hickman, Lauren 189 

Hicks, Katherine 258 

Hicks, Kathleen 258 

Hickson, Thomas 258 

Hill, Amanda 258 

Hill, Brett 258 

Hill, Jason 223 

Hill, Krystal 231 

Hill, Kyle 258 

Hill, Timothy 258 

Hillhouse, Sandra 231 

Hills, Ann 258 

Hills, Sarah 231 

Hilton, Abbey 258 

Hilton, Ashley 258 

Hines, Erin 189 

Hines, Robert 223 

Hinkson, Mary 258 

Hinson, Amanda 189 

Hinson, Kelley 189 

Hipp, Justin 231 

Hirsch, Justin 189 

Hirschwann, Eva 258 

Hitchcock, Matthew Ray 189 

Hixon, Thomas 258 

Hobby, Jeanette 231 

Hobby, Mary 231 

Hodge, Carrie 223 

Hodge, Jill 258 

Hodges, William 189 

Hodges, William Keith 258 

Hoeben, Jennifer 189 

Hoeppner, Daniel 258 

Hoffman, Amanda 223 

Hoffman, Charles 258 

Hoffman, Colleen 189 

Hoffman, Matthew 258 

Hoffman, Zack 189 

Hogan, Douglas 258 

Hogan, Kristyn 223 

Hohmann, Paul 190 

Hoke, Erin 190 

Holcombe, Eric 223 

Holder, Jessica 258 

HoUey, Joseph 258 

Holliday, Joseph 258 

Hollland, Matthew 258 

Holloway, Alice 231 

Holloway, Kristen 258 

Holmes, Caroline 258 

Holmes, David 190 

Holmes, Nancy 190 

Holmes, Thomas 258 

Holsonback, Justin 258 

Hood, Kelly 190 

Hood, Lauren 258 

Hood, Thomas 258 

Hood, Travis 258 

Hook, Claudia 231 

Hook, Sholanda 190 

Hooper, Matthew 258 

Hoot, Philip 258 

Hopkins, Evan 258 

Home, Jeffrey 231 

Home, Maur)' 223 

Hornick, Andrew 190 

Horton, Charlie 258 

Horton, Christian 190 

Horton, Cynthia 232 

Horton, Michael 258 

Horton, Taylor 223 

Howard, Christopher 258 

Howard, Jessi 259 

Howard, Kristen 259 

Howell, Ada 223 

Howell, Julie 259 

Howell, Laura 190 

Howie, Jerry 190 

Hubach, Carolyn 259 

Hubbard, Jonathan 259 

Hubbard, Mary 259 

Huber, Bryan 259 

Huckaby, Lauren 232 

Hudson, Christian 259 

Hudson, Jennifer 232 

Hudson, Jimmy 259 

Huggins, Christopher Andrew 190 

Hughes, Amy 259 

Hughes, Ashley 190 

Hughes, Melissa 190, 259 

Hughes, Morgan ... 
Hughey, Kristen .... 

Hulett, Ashley 

Hull, Stephanie 

Human, Scott 

Humphries, James . 

Hund, Cason 

Hunley, Michael.... 
Hunnicutt, Blair.... 

Hunt, Charity 

Hunt, David 

Hunt, Ian 

Hunt, Noelle 

Hunter, Katherine . 

Hunter, Latasha 

Hunter, Rebecca.... 

Hunter, Ryan 

Hurley, Matthew... 
Hutchinson, Kasci. 

Hutto, Leslie 

Hutton, Erica 

Hyma, Lindsay 

Hyrowski, Amy 

Hysall, Lee 

Ihlenfeldt, Kristina 

Inagaki, Yuji 

Ingraham, Lee 

Ingram, Alice 

Ingram, Katherine. 

Ingram, Mark 

Inman, Stephan 

Innes, Philip 

Intinger, Amber 

lori, Lindsey 

Irby, Natalie 

Ireson, Michael 

Irick, William 

Irmiter, Kathleen... 

Isbell, Ashley 

Iselin, Tinsley 

lulio, Lisa De 

Ivester, Molly 






Jacks, Erskine 

Jackson, Gregory 

Jackson, Jacob 

Jackson, Jessica 

Jackson, Jonathan.... 
Jackson, Kenneth .... 

Jackson, Martina 

Jackson, Tyrone 

Jacobs, Jami 

Jacobs, Paul 

Jacobson, Stephanie. 

Jacobus, Blair 

Jamerson, D.J 

James, Andrew 



ics, Courtney 260 

eson, Matthew 260 

.-n, Kristinc 260 

"coat, Jessica 260 

"coat, Shelly 260 

"coat, William 260 

kins, Casey 260 

kins, Courtney 260 

kins, John 260 

kins, Logan 260 

kins, Michael 260 

nings, Douglas 260 

:r, Sabrena 260 

rr. William 260 

ig. Dawn 232 

inson, Amanda 223 

inson, Barbara 260 

nson, Benjamin 191 

inson, Carly 260 

inson, David 260 

inson, Derek 260 

inson, Emily 260 

mson, Heather 232 

inson, Jamie 192 

inson, Jeremy 192 

inson, Joel 260 

inson, Joseph 260 

inson, Kevin 192 

inson, Lauren 232 

inson, Nicholas 260 

nson, Robert 223, 260 

inson, Scott 260 

inson, Tracy 260 

inson, William 192 

inson, Zachery 260 

inston, Austin 260 

nes, Joanna 260 

ly, Nancy 192 

Alexander 260 

les, Ashley 260 

les, Brandon Paul 261 

les, Bryon 261 

les, Cedric 261 

les, Christopher 261 

ics, Courtney 192 

les, Emily 192 

nes. Erica 261 

Hayes 224 

nes, Joy 261 

nes, Kathryn 192 

nes, Kimberly 261 

nes, Laura 261 

nes, Lindsey 232 

nes, Matthew 224 

nes, Megan 261 

nes, Morgan 192 

nes, Preston 261 

nes, Tabitha 192 

nes, Teqeia 232 

nes, Traci 261 

nes, Travis 261 

nes, William 262 

rdan, Amanda 192 

rdan, Benjamin 224 

rdan, Christopher 262 

rdan, Frazier 192 

rdan, Janice 192 

rdan, John 262 

rdan, Kristen 192 

rdan, Kristin 224 

>rdan, Normand 232 

rdan, Sara 262 

Jordan, Trevor 262 

Josey, Benjamin 262 

Jowcrs, Daniel 262 

Joyce, Robert 192 

Joyncr, Shannon 192 

Jubinvillc, Cregory 192 

Jumper, Su/annc 262 

Justice, Allison 262 

Justice, Elizabeth 192 

Justice, Stephanie 262 


Kaldenbach, Barry 262 

Kalonaros, Rosemary 262 

Kaney, Deanne 192 

Kapp, Thomas 262 

Karpel, Sarah 224 

Kasperek, Andrew 232 

Katsanevakis, Sara 232 

Katz, Johanna 262 

Keaton, Jessica 224 

Keck, Allison 224 

Keefer, Kristen 192 

Keen, Nicole 262 

Keger, Shakia 262 

Kein, Michael 262 

Keisler, Tyler 262 

Kellahan, Anna 193 

Keller, Amy 232,262 

Keller, Randall 193 

Keller, Tira 224 

Kelle)^ Alicia 262 

Kelley, Matthew 262 

Kelly, Andrew 262 

Kelly, Brendon 193 

Kelly, Christopher 193 

Kell>^ Jason 224 

Kelly, Kevin 232 

Kelly, Kyle 232 

Kelly, Rebecca 262 

Kelly, Stacey 224 

Kelly, Yvonne 193 

Kelsey,John 193 

Kemmerlin, Ellen 262 

Kemmerlin, Jennifer 193 

Kenkel, Richard 262 

Kennedy, Cassandra 193 

Kennette, Stephen 232 

Kenney, Tyler James 193 

Kennington, Kimberly 193 

Kenyon, Michelle 262 

Kenyon, William 232 

Kerce, Brett 224 

Kerechanin, Natalie 262 

Kern, Hayley 224 

Kern, Neil 262 

Kesack, Kelly 232 

Keverline, Brooke 262 

Kiernan, Allison 262 

Kierspe, Brittany 262 

Kiger, Tony 262 

Kimcey, Joshua 262 

King, David 224 

King, Grace 262 

King, Griffis 262 

King, Kaamilya 232 

King, Kathcrinc 2C^ 

King, Stephanie 263 

Kingsmorc. Aihlcy 263 

Kinginiorc, Kacic .^ 193 

Kinncr, Hannah 232 

Kirbv. Julia 263 

Kirby, Leonard 193 

Kirkham, JaMjn 263 

Kirkland, Lindi 263 

Kirklin, Aaron 263 

Kirkwood, Kelly 263 

Kissiah, Ashley 193 

Kittrell, Danielle 263 

Klein, (Catherine 263 

Klein, Nathan 193 

Klinger, Alexandria 263 

Klotzbach, Adam 193 

Klutz, Athena 193 

Knauss, James 263 

Kneece, Tara 232 

Knick, Brittany 263 

Knight, Kinsey 263 

Knight, Roland 232 

Knobeloch, David 263 

Knobeloch, Steven 263 

Knott, Daniel 263 

Knott, Katherine 263 

Knotts, Rebecca 232 

Knox, John 263 

Koehler, Erin 263 

Kocnig, Lindsey 224 

Kolb, Robert 193 

Kollar, Caroline 263 

Komornik, Katie 224 

Korb, Jenny 263 

Kosa, Emily 263 

Kozlik, Lauren 193 

Krafsig, William 193 

Kramp, Courtney 232 

Kreha, Michael 263 

Kreidler, Caroline 193 

Krieg, Nathan 194 

Krishna, Ramesh 263 

Krzyzanowski, Kristina 224 

Kuhlmann, Alison 194 

Kuper, Spencer 263 

Kyzer, Candice 194 

Kyzer, Jeremy 263 

Laborde, Rene 263 

Lack, Timothy 263 

Lackey, Emily 194 

Lafata, Devin 263 

Laforce, Eric 263 

Laforce, Keith 263 

l^hatte, Gabrielle 263 

Liible, Jonathan 194 

Lamarca, Kevin 263 

Lamberger, Ross 263 

l^mmons, Thomas 263 

Lampson, Carrie 194 

Lancaster, Jennifer 263 

Land, Andrew 194 

Lander, Charles 264 

Landers. Benjamin 232 


Landis, Jennifer 264 

Landmesser, Richard 264 

Landreth, Elizabeth 194 

Landreth, John 194 

Landrum, Amber 194 

Landrum, Ashley 224 

Lane, Ashley 264 

Lane, Nicole 264 

Laney, Jennifer 264 

Lanford, Daniel 264 

Lang, Kevin 194 

Lang, Lauren 232 

Lanham, Justin 264 

Lanigan, Danielle 264 

Lapp, Daniel 264 

Larkin, Krishuar 264 

Larson, Meredith 264 

Lary, Laurice 264 

Latham, April 194 

Latray, Clint 264 

Latta, Jonathan 194 

Lattimore, John 194 

Lau, Sabrina 264 

Lautares, Anne 264 

Lauterwasser, Britta 264 

Lauther, John 264 

Lawhon, Maggie 264 

Lawhorne, Christy Shawn 194 

Lawley, Andrew Paul 264 

Lawrence, Lakeisha 194 

Lawrence, Michael 264 

Lawson, Kasey 264 

Lawson, Maura Louise 264 

Lawson, Stephanie 194 

Leaphart, Henry 264 

Lebel, David 264 

Leclair, Steven 264 

Ledgerwood, Laura 264 

Lee, Charles Alexander 264 

Lee, Christopher 232 

Lee, Heather 264 

Lee, Kathryn 194 

Lee, Kristina 194 

Lee, Wayne 264 

Leech, Teri 194 

Leeper, Travis 264 

Leftwich, Greyson 264 

Lefrwich, Thomas 264 

Legare, Shermaine 195 

LeGette, Deborah 232 

Lehman, Richard 195 

Lehr, Jacquelyn 264 

Leiby, Bora 264 

Leininger, Matthew 264 

Lemere, Joshua 232 

Lemmon, William 265 

Lemon, William 265 

Lentz, Ashley 224 

Lentz, Sandra 195 

Leonard, Latoya 265 

Leonard, Melinda Ann 195 

Leroy, Michael Wayne 195 

Lesley, John 224 

Lester, Elizabeth 232 

Leviner, Emily 232 

Lew, Matthew 265 

Lewis, Alexander 265 

Lewis, Brandon 265 

Lewis, William 265 

Lewis, Zac 195 

Leyh, Kristen 265 

Licwinko, Susan 195 


Lientz, Dustin 265 

Liferidge, Thanal 265 

Limbaugh, Lindsey 195 

Lindberg, Kristin 265 

Lindley, Shelley Leigh 195 

Lindsay, Rachel 265 

Lindsay, Ryan 265 

Link, Jessica 265 

Link, William 195 

Linkenauger, Robert 265 

Linton, Thorn 232 

Lisk, David 195 

Litchfield, Richard 224 

Little, Cody 265 

Little, Derek 224 

Little, Jennifer 224 

Litde, Jocelyn 195 

Little, Richard 265 

Litton, Nicole 265 

Lively, Kelly 195 

Lloyd, Erin 265 

Lloyd, Justin 265 

Lockett, Michelle 195 

Lockhart, Anna 265 

Long, Emily Suzanne 265 

Long, Marie 265 

Long, Stephanie 224 

Long, Steven 195 

Long, William 265 

Lord, Spencer 265 

Lore, Fallon 195 

Loso, Joshua Scott 195 

Lothridge, Amy Lynn 195 

Lott, Daniel 265 

Lott, Harold 195 

Lott, Kristina 265 

Lowe, Hannah 265 

Lowman, Bryan 265 

Lowrey, Carolyn 195 

Lucius, Elizabeth 265 

Lugo, Mario 265 

Lukshis, Andrew 265 

Lundavist, Stephen 265 

Luschek, Robert 224 

Lusk, Lindsey 196 

Luther, Erin 265 

Lyerly, Adam 265 

Lyerly, Elizabeth 265 

Lynch, Michael Brandon 266 

Lynn, Thomas 266 


Ma, Jimmy 266 

Maccorkle, Elaine 266 

Macdonald, Stephanie 232 

Macisaac, Patrick 196 

Mackey, Sonya 196 

Maclennon, Brett 266 

Macmillan, Brian 224 

Madigan, Elizabeth 266 

Maeger, Dennis 224 

Maglione, Anthony 196 

Mahan, Maureen 266 

Maharaj, Natasha 266 

Major, Aaron 232 

Major, Ashley 2. 

Major, Traci ]' 

Majors, April Renae 2( 

Malcolm, Harrison 2( 

Malinowski, Timothy 2f 

Mallory, Candice Renee 2( 

Malone, Lauren IS 

Malone, Lindsey 1< 

Manger, Brooke 2(- 

Mann, Jennifer 26 

Mann, Jessica 2(; 

Manna, Michael I'j 

Manning, Joshua 19 

Manning, Robert 26 

Mansfield, Andrew 26 

Manson, Kathryn 26 

Marecki, Eric 26 

Marklin, Jill 19 

Markos, Alaina 19 

Marlow, Elizabeth 22 

Marra, Jordan 26' 

Marshall, Christopher 26i 

Marthers, Wesley 26i 

Martin, Anne 23 

Martin, Ashley 19i 

Martin, Greg 19i 

Martin, Jennifer 26( 

Martin, Jessica 26( 

Martin, Justin Paul 26'.. 

Martin, Krystal 23Htt 

Martin, Meredith 26'|ffe 

Martin, Myron 19( 

Martin, Stephanie 26' 

Martowski, Crystal 26T 

Martschink, Sarah 231 

Mascola, Sara 26/ 

Mascolo, Anthony 23'Ali.i 

Mashburn, Marialice 267il.i 

Masie, Allyson 26' 

Masiello, Michael 19(: 

Mason, Cammie 267ji. 

Mason, Jennifer 267j|!i 

Mason, Kenneth 196|h 

Masters, Jacob Kyle 267|H 

Mastromaonico, Elizabeth 267i|K 

Mathers, Danielle 196Jp; 

Mathis, Adam 267jk 

Mathis, Bret 267Jp 

Mathis, Lindsey I96jk 

Matlock, Amir 267jp; 

Matthews, Christopher 267jld 

Matthews, Roy 2671,1 

Mattison, Aelicea Chere 267|Li 

Matzke, Christina 267||;d 

Mauldin, Ashley 224||:;i 

Mauldin, Crystal 196 la 

Maxwell, Matthew 196 L' 

May, Brooke 267 b' 

Mayberry, Leanne 197|: 

McAbee, Amy 197 1: 

McAlister, Amy 224|!:' 

McAlister, Rob 2671: 

McArthur, Carey 267 lie; 

McAulay, Ashley 1971;' 

McBride, Ragan 224 1;: 

McCall, Kristen 267 jl:: 

McCallion, Aidan 2671.: 

McCammon, David 267 ll; 

McCanless, Margaret 224 jl; 

McCants, Matthew Jarrod 197 ll:; 

McCarley, Grace 267 1^ 

McCaskiU, Meredith 267 

cCay, Jessica 267 

cCay, Ryan 197 

cClendon, Joshua 197 

cClintock, Justin 197 

cCluney, Ashley 224 

cClure, Andrew 267 

cClure, Jason 267 

lord, Jessica 267 

!own, Mary 197 

cCrary, Robert Ryan 267 

!ullough, Thomas 232 

lutcheon, Fran 232 

cDaniel, Meghan 197 

cDonald. William 267 

cDonough, Michelle 267 

cDowell, Brennan 197 

cElveen, Gray 267 

cElveen, Jennifer 224 

cElveen, Nicholas 197 

cElwey, Daniel 267 

cFadden, Caroline 267 

cFadden, Lakeisia 197 

cFaddin, George 224 

cFall, Jonathan 268 

cFarland, John 268 

cGaw, Donald 268 

cGee, Corey 268 

cGee, Megan 268 

cGehee, Alisa 268 

cGill, Margaret 268 

cGregor, Megan 268 

cGuan, Elizabeth 268 

cGuinness, Joseph 197 

cintyre, John 268 

cintyre, Ryan 268 

Kay, Sheri 197 

Kee.John 232 

Keever, Jenna 268 

cKelvey, Jennifer Lin 197 

cKenzie, Andre 268 

cKenzie, Heather 268 

cKeown, Gwynn 197 

cKie, Nicholas 268 

Killip, Jennifer 197 

cKinley, Allison 268 

cKinney, Daniel 268 

cKinney, Judson 268 

cKinney, Julia 197 

cKissick, Foster 197 

cKnight, Lance Elliott 268 

cLaurinJohn 224, 268 

iLees, Lauren 268 

'cLendon, William 268 

!cLeod, Amanda. 
icLeod, Elizabeth 
■cLoud, Philip 




icMichael, Kristen 268 

[cMiUan, Daniel 224 

[cMillion, Lindsey 268 

[cMurray, Philip 198 

icNabney, Laurie 233 

icNair, Edward 198 

IcNamara, Erin 268 

(cNeil, Celeste 268 

[cNeiU, Elizabeth 198 

[cNeiU, Paula 268 

IcQuiston, Meghan 268 

[cTaggart, Kristie 224 

[cWhirter, Lindsay 198 

IcWhorter, Christopher 233 

[eadows, Jared 198 

leadows, Kevin 233 

Medina, Mary 198 

Meek, Margaret 198 

Meetze, Carrie 224 

Mela. Patrick 224 

Melchers, Rebecca 268 

Meleski. Lindsey 268 

Mcllard, Anna 198 

Mellard. Brian 198 

Mellon. Sarah 268 

Mclquist. Jonathan 268 

Mendcs, Genevieve 268 

Merchant, Kaitlin 268 

Merck, Ashley 268 

Merrell. Susannah 224 

Merrick, Christopher 269 

Merriman, Hugh 269 

Merritt, Andrew 198 

Merritt, Janna 269 

Merritt, Karli 224 

Merritt, Marc 198 

Metcalfe, David 198 

Metts, Carrie 198 

Meyer, Rebecca Britten 241 

Michael, Kristen 198 

Mickey, Lauren 269 

MifBeton, Elizabeth 269 

Mikell, Jason 198 

Mikota, Geoffrey 233 

Milhouse. Chad 269 

Milleman, Daniel 198 

Miller, Allison 233 

Miller, Brian 225 

Miller, Cameron 198 

Miller, Edward 269 

Miller, Gregory 198 

Miller, Jared 198 

Miller, Julia 233 

Miller, Julie 199 

Miller. M 269 

Miller, Osborne 199 

Miller. Peter 199 

Miller, Philip 269 

Miller, Rebecca 269 

Miller. Shelly 225 

Miller. Thomas 199 

Miller, William 225.269 

Mills, Br)'na 269 

Mills, Christopher 199 

Mills, Emily 225 

Mills, Nick 233 

Mills. Robert 233 

Milton. Anna 269 

Mims. Christopher 225 

Mims. Parker 269 

Minel, Wyatt 269 

Miner, Emily 269 

Minor, Bradley 269 

Mirza, Sarah 269 

Mitchell. David 233,269 

Mitchell. Hannah 269 

Mitchell. Macgregor 199 

Mitchum, Daniel 199 

Mixon, Ashley 269 

Mlinar, Ryan 233 

Moats, Justin 269 

Moersen, Jay 269 

Mollica, Rachel 269 

Molnar. Brianne 199 

Monday. Levi 269 

Monday, Rob 225 

Monteith, Elizabeth 199 

Monterisi, Frank 22S 

Monies, 1 )icgo 2W 

Monigonicry. Flrin 269 

Monts, William 233 

Moody. Dana ;. 199 

Moody. Uah 269 

Moudy. William 199 

Moore. Charles 199 

Moore, ( Ihristina 225 

Moore, Daniel 199 

Moore, Joshua „ 269 

Moore, Justin 199 

Moore, Kassandra 269 

Moore. Lance 269 

Moore, Lindsey Michelle 269 

Moore. Lisa 269 

Moore. Matthew 233. 269 

Moore. Norman 269 

Moore. Rcbekah 269 

Moore. Reed 199 

Moore. Lara 270 

Moorhead. Erin 225 

Moran. Megan 270 

Morgan. Jennifer 199 

Morgan. Matthew 233 

Morgan. Victoria 270 

Morris, Carl 199 

Morris, Kensey 199 

Morris, Merrideth 270 

Morris, Nicholas 233 

Morris, Stephanie 199 

Morrison, Christina 233 

Morrone, Michael 270 

Morrow, Melissa 199 

Morton, Jeffery 270 

Morton, Katherine 270 

Moses, Elizabeth 225 

Moses, Jessica 270 

Mostertz, William 233 

Mottern, Kyle 270 

Moultrie, Marshall 270 

Mrozik. Derek 270 

Mueller, Kurt 200 

Muething, Molly 270 

Muldrow, Stefanie 200 

Mullan. Edward 270 

Mullen. Michael 225 

Mulligan. Shannon 270 

Mullins, Emily 270 

Mulz, Jessica 270 

Mundy. Marilawren 2"?0 

Mundy. Matt 270 

Mungo. Kia 200 

Murphree. Maria 2~0 

Murphy. Jenna 270 

Murphy. Lindsey 200 

Murray. Allison 270 

Murray. Cameron 270 

Murray. Jason 270 

Murray. Jeffrey 270 

Murray. Kristina 270 

Murrin. Kara 200 

Murtaugh. George Richard 270 

Murton. Christopher 225 

Musgrave. Maggie 233 

.Musselman, Kevin 270 

Mustin. Charles Richard III 270 

Muzzillo, Barbara Ann 270 

Myers, Gregory 200 

Myers. Lindsay 200 

Myers. Scott 200 

Mvnatt. Amanda 233 



Nadeau/rrent 270 

Nagy, Sarah 200 

Natta, Esther 270 

Neal, Syntna 270 

Nelson, Brent 233 

Nelson, Jessica 270 

Nemec, Maria 270 

Nesbit, Matthew 270 

Nesbitt, Mark Joseph 270 

Nesmith, Terolyn 271 

Nettles, John 271 

Newton, Alan 200 

Newton, Jonathan 225 

Nguyen, Thai 271 

Nicholas, Bradley 200 

Nichols, Heather 200 

Nichols, Laura 271 

Nicholson, Laura 271 

Nickles, Margaret 271 

Nicks, Zachary 271 

Niederriter, Drew 200 

Niles, Mary 271 

Nilsen, Aubrey 271 

Nims, Lydia 271 

Nissen, Nicole 271 

Nodtvedt, Matthew 271 

Nolph, Christopher 271 

Nordeen, Kristie 271 

Norman, Lindsay 233 

Norris, Edgar 271 

Northrup, David 200 

Norwood, William 271 

Noto, Cara Mia 271 

Novick, Seth 271 

Nowlin, Lindley 200 

NufFer, Andrew 225 

Nyvall, Brian 233 

Nyvall, John 200 

Nyvall, Joseph 233 


O'Dell, Daniel 271 

O'Dell, Michael 200 

O'Lain, Virginia 271 

O'Neill, Michael 271 

O'Toole, Casey 233 

Gates, Jesse 200 

Dates, Tara 271 

Ogles, Christopher 200 

Ogunsola, Olatomiwa 271 

Oliver, Sarah 271 

Oliver, Timothy 271 

Oliveria, Laura 200 

Olmstead, Jennifer 271 

Olmstead, Lindsey 201 

Olsen, Christine 201 

Olson, Heather 201 

Olwell, Melissa 201 

Oprea, Dustin 233 

Orders, Derek 271 

Oree, Adina 271 

Oree, Pamela 201 

Ormand, Marshall 271 

Orr, Marianne 201 

Osborne, John 201 

Osborne, William 225 

Osti, Melissa 201 

Ott, Philip 233 

Ottenritter, Conwell 271 

Otterson, Matt 271 

Outlaw, Meagan 271 

Overton, William 202 

Owen, Ashleigh 202 

Owen, Kristen 271 

Owen, Mark Riley 271 

Owen, Tabitha 271 

Owens, Ayesha 202 

Owens, Christopher 202 

Owens, Jody 202 

Owens, Kerri 202 

Owsley, Lauren 202 

Oxendine, Shane 271 

Oxentine, Heather 272 

Pace, Christopher 272 

Packard, Daniel 202 

Paczowski, Krista 202 

Padget, Benjamin 272 

Padgett, David 202 

Padsett, Ronald 272 

Pagano, Tara 202 

Page, Bradley 225 

Page, Jennifer 202 

Page, Jerry 202 

Palmer, Cody 272 

Palmer, Evan 272 

Palmer, Joel 233 

Papincak, Christynne 272 

Parfitt, Robert 202 

Parker, Ashley 272 

Parker, Jessica 202, 272 

Parker, Kimberly 233 

Parker, Lawton 202 

Parker, Nathan 202 

Parker, Robert 202 

Parodi, Steven 272 

Parris, Jonathan 233 

Parris, Zachary 233 

Parson, Rosalyn 202 

Parsons, Charles 272 

Parvis, Todd Garrett 272 

Pate, Meredith 272 

Patel, Dina 272 

Patel, Vadang 272 

Paterson, Kelly 202 

Patrick, John 203 

Patterson, Christ)' 272 

Patterson, Jason 233 

Patterson, Jessica 233 

Patterson, Jonathan 233 

Patterson, Kathleen 225 

Patterson, Kendra 272 

Patterson, Kimberly 203 

Patterson, Matthew 233 

Patterson, Rebecca 203 

Paxton, Kyle 272 

Paynter, Samantha 272 

Pearson, Christopher r 

Pearson, Erik 2" 

Pearson, Jane 20.: 

Pearson, Lauren 203J 

Pearson, Stephanie 2721 

Peck, Amanda 203 

Pederson, Joy 203 

Peeler, Kara 203 

Peeples, Dan 233 i- 

Peets, Matthew 272 ':'■ 

Peevy, Scott 203 ' 

Pell, Christopher 203 f- 

Pellecchia, Tara 203 !* 

Pelzer, Jewel 203 ■•' 

Pemington, Christian 272 ' 

Pendaruis, Allen 225 - 

Pennas, Anna 203 '^ 

Pennekamp, Timothy 272 :- 

Peralta, Jessica 272 i-' 

Perdue, Jennifer 272 ['ji 

Pererson, James 272 !« 

Perkins, Michael 272 '-'■■ 

Permar, Stephanie 272 ■; 

Perrin, Glenn 225 Ix 

Perry, Amanda 272 h 

Perry, Brent 272 |r. 

Perry Joel 225JIk 

Perry Kimberly 272 h 

Perry Renee 225 h 

Perry, Travis 272 i',i 

Pesce, Anthony 203 't: 

Peterkin, Shawn Frank 203 'j:: 

Peters, Adrianne 272 tic 

Peters, Amanda 272jltt 

Peterson, Amy 273 it 

Peterson, Dava 273 

Peterson, Justin 225 

Pethel, Carol 203 

Petrides, Theodore 273 

Pettay William 203 

Petty, Brittney 203 

Pham, Minh 273 

Phillips, Kristi 273 

Phillips, Kyle 203 

Phillips, Lauren 203 

Phillips, Megan 273 

Phillips, Ryan 273 

Phillips, Sarah 273 

Piacentini, Christopher 273 

Piccirilli, Nicholas 273 

Pickens, Andrea 233 

Pickens, Charlie 273 

Pickett, Katie 204 

Pickhardt, Ryan 273 

Pierce, Gene 204 

Pietkiewicz, William 273 

Pilcher, Kathryn 204 

Pilgrim, Brandon 273 I in 

Pinion, Elisabeth 273 fjr. 

Pinto, Kristine 273 

Piper, Chelsea 

Pirchmoser, Marc .... 

Pittman, William 

Pitz, Jen 

Plagman, Jessica 

Planche, Emeline 

Player, Matthew 

Plexico, Jeffrey 

Plumblee, Jeffery 

Plumley Brandi 

Plummer, Jennifer .... 
Poerschmann, Chris . 



^ll((), Amanda 204 

,1k, Icrcncc 204 

iiKc, Anthony 274 

iiali, Stcvt-n 274 

uulcxfcT, Dcshaundra 274 

.ok, Amanda 204 

.ok, I'hilip 274 

.ok, Sara 274 

.iKT, Christopher 225 

III. I, Matthew 274 

.mr, Simms 204 

.ncr, Virginia 233 

,Mck, Ashley 204 

.ston, Caleb 274 

.Moa. Jodie 204 

ucu, Amber 274 

-tcu, Ashley 204 

ludi, Marian 274 

uKh, William 233 

iLiLis, Jennifer 274 

.well. Beth 225 

.well, Jordan 204 

.well, Lauren 204 

.well, Stephanie 274 

.uers, Jennifer 204 

HI, Joseph 204 

es^ott, Rachel Lauren 204 

Ke, Adam 274 

ke, Amanda 204 

lee, Ashleigh 274 

Ke, Hmily 274 

Ke. Maylyn 204 

Ke, Sinclair 204 

Ke, Fravis 274 

lee, William 274 

id more, Michael 274 

iestcr, Robert 274 

iiiee, Christopher 274 

ingic, Samuel 204 

mslou, Luke 274 

itehard, Jonathan 274 

o.k, Ray 204 

oh.iska, Paul 274 

okupek, Stven 274 

osser, Coker 274 

()\eaux, Cynthia 205 

uitt, Crayton 205 

uner, Craig 274 

henishny, Erin 205 

lekett, Sabrina 233 

idliorodsky, Laiia 274 

leehl, Curtis 274 

igh. Cassandra 205 

li.ira, Jayvant 274, Christina 205 

imell, Sammuel 275 

irslev, Jennifer 205 

ii\is, Daniel 205 

iiMs, Kate 205 

u\is, Matthew 205 

issci, Joshua 205, Kyle 275 

It nam, Timothy 233 

itney, Melissa 233 

/rch, Andrew 275 

Quariararo, Kerri 205 

Querubin, Kristin 205 

Quin, Kathleen 275 

Quinn, Haley 205 


Raehn, Jacob 275 

Rainey, Nathan 205 

Rainey, Vaneishia 225 

Rainwater, Thomas 205 

Ralph, Daniel 275 

Ralph, Kyle 275 

Ralyers, Arthur 275 

Rampey, Anna 225 

Rampey, Michael 205 

Ramsay, Douglas 205 

Ramsey, Daniel 275 

Ramsey, Elaina 233 

Ramsey, Heather 275 

Ramsey, Katherine 275 

Ramsey, Samantha 275 

Randall, Nicole 225 

Randolph, Jessica 275 

Ranken, Katherine 275 

Rapp, Melinda 275 

Rash, Alanda 205 

Ratcliff, Joshua 205 

Raymond, Robert 275 

Reams, Richard 275 

Reaves, Katina 205 

Redlinger, Jodi 275 

Redmond, Caroline 275 

Reed, Alison 225 

Reed, Daniel 275 

Reed, Walker 275 

Reedy, Collen 206 

Reese, Brandon 275 

Reese, Matthew 275 

Reese, Michael 206 

Reeves, Karen 275 

Register, David 233 

Register, Laura 275 

Regone, Brian 275 

Reid, Anna 275 

Reid, George 275 

ReiUy.Sean 275 

Reinarz, Aiezandra 275 

Reingardt, Chad 206 

Reinhard, Christina 225 

Rensi, Andrew 275 

Rentz, Rachel 275 

Renwick, Leslie 234 

Renwick, William 275 

Retallick, Kristin 225 

Revotskie. Alisha 275 

Reynolds, Benjamin 275 

Reynolds, Evan 275 

Reynolds, Henry 276 

Reynolds, Kimberley 206 

Reynolds, Nancy 276 

Reynolds, Ronald Aaron 206 

Rhoades.Cvle 225 

Rhoadcs. Evan 276 

Rhodes, James 234 

Rhync, Rjthcl 276 

Ricaldc, Kathcryn ; 276 

Rice, Caicy 276 

Rice. Deborah 234 

Rice, Elliott 225 

Rice. Heather 225 

Rice. Melcah 206 

Rice. Shari 225 

Richardson, Dorec 276 

Richardson, Javonc 206 

Rickenbakcr. Gregory 276 

Ritketts. Lindscy 206 

Riddle. Christina 234 

Ridcout. Philip 276 

Ridgeway, Elizabeth 276 

Ridings. Catherine 206 

Ridley. Jeremiah 276 

Riechman. Paul 276 

Riemann, Alison 276 

Riggins, Ryan 276 

Rigler, Gina 276 

Riley, Joel 225 

Riley, Joseph 234 

Riley, Kathleen 206 

Riley, Monica 276 

Rinehart, Dustin 225 

Rishovd, William 206 

Ritchie, Christen 276 

Rivers, Derrick 276 

Rivers, Jaime Marie 206 

Robbins. Christopher 276 

Robbins.John 276 

Roberts, Catherine 276 

Roberts, Katherine 276 

Roberts, Matthew 276 

Roberts, Michael 276 

Roberts, Stephanie 225 

Roberts, Stephanie Lynn 206 

Robertson, Betsy 276 

Robertson, Trevor 276 

Robeson, Alex 234 

Robinette, Hillary 206 

Robinson, Casey 225 

Robinson, JefFrey 276 

Robinson, Kevin 276 

Robinson, Philip 276 

Robinson, Raymond 276 

Rock. Demarrias 206 

Roddey. Benjamin 276 

Roddey. Martha 206 

Rodger, Evan 206 

Rodgers, Anna 276 

Roeder.Jon 206 

Rogers, Caleb 225 

Rogers, Drake 276 

Rogers, Frankie 2~6 

Rogers, Heather 206 

Rogers, Jeremy 206 

Rogers, Katherine 276 

Rogers, Kristen 207 

Rogers, Lindsey 234 

Rogers, Mark 276 

Rogers. William 277 

Roll. Amanda 277 

Rominger, Sherman 225 

Rosati. Kristen 277 

Rose. Nicole 207 

Rosemond, Mar)' 277 

Rosenlieb. Lindsey 277 

Ross, Aaron 234 


Ross, Elizabeth 277 

Ross, Katherine 277 

Ross, Lauren 277 

Ross, Leslie 207 

Ross, Mary 207 

Rostek, Michael 277 

Rouse, Carrie 207 

Rouse, Robert 207 

Rowe, Anna 277 

Royal, Howard 207 

Royer, Victoria 207 

Rubin, Daniel 277 

Ruffin, Andrew 277 

Ruffner, Bethany 277 

Rukat, Laura 226 

Runey, Patrick 277 

Runion, Larsyn 277 

Runyon, Philip 277 

Runyon, Scott 207 

Runyon, Timothy 277 

Rupert, Michelle 226 

Ruppert, Lisa 207 

Rush, Joshua 226 

Rushton, April 226 

Rushton, Rebekah 207 

Rusnak, Alan 277 

RusseU, Emily 277 

Russell, Rebecca 277 

Russell, Samantha 277 

Rudedge, Charlotte 207 

Rutledge, Jennifer 277 

Ruttulo, Patrick 277 

Ryals, Courtenay 207 

Ryan, Donell 234 

Ryan, Pamela 277 

Ryba, Monika 226 

Ryon, Priscilla 277 

Rysinski, Kristen 207 

Salisbury, Courtney 207 

Salisbury, Jennifer 207 

Salley Warren 277 

Salter, Justin 277 

Salvo, Robert 277 

Sanders, Alison 207 

Sanders, Caroline 207 

Sanders, Edward 277 

Sanders, Jennifer 207, 277 

Sanders, Seth Ill 

Sanga, Joy 277 

Sanzo, Michael 207 

Sapienza, Michael 277 

Sartor, Tareka 277 

Sarvis, Katherine 208 

Saunders, Marshall 277 

Savage, Ashlee 208 

Savant, Andrew 277 

Savitz, Zack 278 

Sawyer, Michael 226 

Saylous, Kenneth 278 

Scarborough, Garrett 278 

Schaller, Bret 278 

Schappell, Jessica 208 

Scheele, Allison 234 

Schell, Julia 278 

Schendel, Andrew 278 

Schimsa, Rebecca 234 

Schlink, David 226 

Schoemer, Zackary 278 

Schooler, Katherine 234 

Schooling, Joel 234 

Schreiter, Kate 208 

Schroch, Mary 278 

Schuaf Kathryn 278 

Schult, Brian 226 

Schuppert, Nathan 278 

Schwalm, Tammy 278 

Schwartz, Sally Ann 226 

Schwarz, Emily 208 

Scott, Andrew 278 

Scott, Blythe 208 

Scott, Jamarr Curtis 278 

Scott, Jennifer 278 

Scott, Jessica 278 

Scott, Keeley 278 

Scott, Lindsay 278 

Scott, Ronald 278 

Scott, Sarah 208,278 

Scroggs, Weston 278 

Seaberg, Charles Robert 278 

Seaman, Katherine 278 

Searcy, Paul 278 

Sebree, Joshua 278 

Segars, John 278 

Seifert, Bryce 278 

Selch, Kesina 278 

Selgas, Maureen 208 

Sellers, Greaton 208 

Semsar, Sherene 278 

Senn, Nathaniel 226 

Senthooren, Velummylum 278 

Setford, Michael 278 

Setzer, Melanie 278 

Setzler, Carl Benjamin 278 

Sever, Christina 208 

Seward, Raymond 208 

Seyller, Brian 208 

Sharp, Brian 278 

Sharpe, Wilbur 278 

Shatley, Danielle 208 

Shaw, Brandon 208 

Shea, Matthew 278 

Shea, Melissa 278 

Shealy Kellie 279 

Shelby Hudson 226 

Shelby Justin 279 

Sheldon, Kely 279 

Shelgren, Leah 208 

Shell, Catherine 234 

Shelley Casey 279 

Shene'felt, Bradley 279 

Shepherd, Marion 208 

Sherard, Robert 234 

Sherman, Joy 208 

Shewmaker, Caroline 279 

Shewmaker, Danielle 208 

Shields, Elizabeth 208 

Shiflett, Elizabeth 208 

Shimanskiy, Aleksey 279 

Shimer, Brandon 279 

Shipman, Whitney Lynn 279 

Shirley Jason 209 

Shirley, Jessica 279 

Shirley Robert 234 

Shirley Seth 209 

Shock, Luther 279 

Shocklev, Lauren 279 

Shook, Kelly 2 

Shope, Calin 2 

Shubert, Andrea 2i) 

Shuler, Diana 1' 

Shuler, Jessica 1: 

Shuler, John 2 

Shuler, Lanier 22 

Shulick, Rebecca Hi 

Sibley, Mary 20' 

Sigmon, Lindsay 2'i 

Simmons, Ashley 2' 

Simmons, Christopher 2 

Simmons, Lawrence 27' 

Simmons, Matthew 20' 

Simon, Kenton 28( 

Simons, Malerie 28( 

Simpson, Andrew 281 

Simpson, Bennett 28( 

Simpson, John 23h 

Simpson, Joy 20' 

Simpson, Kristen 20' 

Simpson, Lauren Elizabeth 20' 

Simpson, Lindsey 2.S 

Simpson, Matthew 20 

Simpson, Rebecca 28(; 

Simpson, Ronnie 20'' 

Sims, Heather 20 

Sims, Laney 2'' 

Sinakhonerath, Kane 20 

Singer, Laura 220 

Sitterle, Dylan 20') 

Sittloh, Brooke 280 

Sizemore, Tifany 226 

Skelton, Ashley 280 

Skelton,John 209 

Sketon, Sara 280 

Skinner, Bodeana 209 

Skinner, Jonathan 280 

Skorton, Christopher 280, 

Slagle, Keith 280 

Slappey, Adrienne 280( 

Slingerland, Stephen 209: 

Smalling, Bradley 280- 

Smalls, Lerone 280 

Smalls, Shanika 209 

Smalls, Tomeka 209 j 

Smallwood, Stewart 210j 

Smith, Aaron 210] 

Smith, Adam 280. 

Smith, Andrew Phillip 280i 

Smith, Ashley 280| 

Smith, Brandi 210) 

Smith, Brandon 280j 

Smith, Cecil 210j 

Smith, Chris 210) 

Smith, Christen 280] 

Smith, Christopher 226 j 

Smith, Courtney 280 

Smith, David 210 

Smith, Dawn 210 

Smith, Dennis : 226 

Smith, Jacqueline 210 

Smith, Jared 226 

Smith, Javan 280 

Smith, Jeffrey 280 

Smith, Joanna 280 

Smith, Kalian 210 

Smith, Karen 210 

Smith, Katherine 280 

Smith, Laura 234 

Smith, Lauren 280 

Smith, Leigh 280 


nith, Lily 

nith, Lindsey 

nith, Meredith 

nith, Michael Anthony, 
nith, Rebecca 






nith, Ryan 234 

th, Sarah 280 

th, Stephen 210 

nith, Terrell 234 

nith, Timothy 280 

nith, William 280 

noak, Kathryn 210 

lecd, Virginia 281 

ell, Brandon 234 

ipes, Jonathan 21 1 

oble, Amy 21 1 

yder, David 226 

yder, Meghan 21 1 

yder. Page 281 

)ber, Steven 21 1 

lomon, Jeremy 281 

merville, Megan 21 1 

rce, Bart 281 

mtherlin, Krystal 21 1 

>vik, Katherine 281 

1, Michael 211 

)ain, Elton 21 1 

n, Travis 21 1 

»ann, James 281 

>ann, Latrice 21 1 

(arkman, Deanna 281 

learman, Katie 281 

rman, Lacy 234 

(ires, Harriet 226 

»rott, Hanna 281 

»rott, Macy 281 

[uires, Cynthia 21 1 

uires, Joseph 21 1 

abler, Christopher 281 

afFord, Brooke 211 

aley, Ronique 234 

ang, Donna 21 1 

anley, Aaron 234 

anley, Jennifer 281 

arling, Jonathan 234 

asulis, Jerold 281 

eadings, Anna 234 

le, Abby 226 

eele, Christopher 281 

eele, Michael 281 

egall. Katherine 21 1 

eifle, Sarah 21 1 

in, Jonathan 21 1 

inborn, Martin 281 

ephens, Andrew 21 1 

phens, Ashley 21 1 

ephens, Carla 281 

ephens, Daniel 234 

ephens, Shawn 281 

epp, Kye 226 

■ens, Amanda 212 

'ens, Amber 281 

'ens, Erin 212 

'ens, Melissa Randi 212 

cvenson, Jennifer 212 

ewart, Adryan 234 

rt, Courtney 281 

ewart, Emily 281 

ewart, Megan 281 

ewart, Rebecca 212 

ewart, Whitten 212 

ick, Chrissy 226 

Stiglbaucr, John 281 

Stoeber, Andrew 281 

Stoffei, Allyson 281 

StolVer, James 212 

Stogner, William 212 

Stokes, Carrie 281 

Stoll, Leslie 281 

Stone, Eric 212 

Stone, Justin 281 

Stoney, Randell 281 

Stoutland, Brett 212 

Stover, Andrea 212 

Stowe, Thomas 212 

Strauch, Christopher 212 

Straughan, Matthew 281 

Street, Benjamin 281 

Stribling, Brandey 281 

Strickland, Timothy 281 

Strom, Trevor 281 

Strong, Rebecca 212 

Stroud, Amy 281 

Stroup, David 226 

Stuart, Margaret 281 

Stufflebeam, Jason 212 

Sturia, Lauren 282 

Sturtevant, Katherine 282 

Stutts, Stephanie 212 

Sullivan, Adam 282 

Sullivan, Ann Marie 212 

Sullivan, Benjamin 226 

Sullivan, Rachel 212 

Sullivan, Shannon Megan 212 

Summer, Michael 282 

Suski, Andrew 282 

Suszko, David 282 

Sutton, Alexandra 282 

Sutton, Kellie 212 

Swack, Amy 213 

Swan, James 282 

Swann, Richard 213 

Swanson, Katherine 213 

Swavely, Nicole 282 

Sweeten, Wesley 282 

Swendrzynski, Matthew 282 

Swindle, Brett 213 

Swingle, Gary 282 

Switzer, Sydney 234 

Sykes, Meagan 282 

Sykora, Morgan 213 

Sylvester, Aimee 226 


Tiber, Ashley 213 

Tabor, Laureen 282 

Taguba, Lindsay 213 

Tahara, Charles 282 

Taibi, Christine 213 

Talbott, Kevin 282 

Talley, Nicole 213 

Tamaccio, Kimberly 213 

Tamulionis, Mark 282 

Tanner, Jennifer 213 

Tardiff, Danielle Ashley 282 

Tarkany, Melissa 283 

Tate, Jonathan 226 

Tate, Thomas 283 

Tatum. jcffcry 283 

lavarcs, Benjamin 283 

iaylur. Anne 283 

Taylor. Bradley ...'. 283 

Taylor, (iraham 213 

laylor. jcffcry 213 

Taylor, Kathy 283 

Taylor, Kimberly 283 

Taylor, l^tasha 283 

Taylor, Ixe 226 

Taylor. Matthew 2 1 3. 283 

Taylor, Morgan Nachcllc 283 

Taylor, Olivia 213 

Taylor, Rebecca 213 

Taylor, Rickey Eugene Jr 283 

Taylor, Tiffany 283 

Teal, Caroline 283 

Tedcsco, Nicholas 213 

Temples, Christopher 283 

Templeton, Jill 213 

Terleski, Stephen 226 

Terry, Ernest 283 

Terry, Nicole 226 

Thackston, James 213 

Thackston, Leigh 283 

Theo, Kristcn 283 

Thiry, Jacob 283 

Thoma, Jennifer 213 

Thomas, Amy 214 

Thomas, Clyde Preston 283 

Thomas, Katie 226 

Thomas, Lauren 283 

Thomas, Martha 226 

Thomas, Patricia 283 

Thomas, Phillip 214 

Thomas, Tamika 214 

Thomas, William 234 

Thomason, Chelsea 214 

Thomason, Matthew 214 

Thomason, Max 283 

Thompson, Anna 283 

1 hompson, Brandi 283 

Thompson, Brian 283 

Thompson, Caitlyn 283 

Thompson, David 283 

Thompson, Elliot 234 

Thompson, James 214 

Thompson, Jamin 214 

Thompson, Matthew 283 

Thomson, Caitlin 283 

Thomson, Sara 283 

Thorne, Lauren 283 

Thorstenson, Luke 283 

Threadgill. Debrorah 283 

Ticdge, Sarah 283 

Tienken, Laura 234 

Tillman. Blake 283 

Timanus, Mar)' 234 

Timm, Joshua 234 

Timm, Kristin 214 

Timmerman, Nanc)' 214 

Tmimerman, Robert 214 

Timmons, Glenn 214 

Timmons, Haston 214 

Timms, Jennifer 284 

Tinsley, Roxanna 284 

Todd. Elizabeth 284 

Todd. lohn 284 

Ibdd.Tblly 284 

Tolbert. Heather 214 

Tolbert. Shea 214 

Tomkinson, Gravton 284 


Tomlinson, Jessica 234 

Tomlinson, Stephen 284 

Tompkins, Jayson 284 

Toole, Ryan 214 

Toothman, Tracy 284 

Tormum, James 284 

Towne, Sara 284 

Townson, Allison 284 

Trammel!, William 226 

Tramount, Chris 284 

Traxler, Brannon 214 

Traylor, Sarah 284 

Trevino, Judith 284 

Tribbie, Erin 214 

Tribble, Mary 284 

Trice, Mary 226 

Triplett, Ashley 284 

Tripp, James 226 

Trotten, Taylor 284 

Trotter, Justin 226 

Trotter, Rebecca 214 

Trowbridge, Matthew 284 

Tucker, David 226 

Tucker, Hannah 214 

Tucker, Jennifer 214 

Tucker, Robert 234 

Tucker, Stella 284 

Tumblin, William 284 

Turnblad, Caroline 284 

Turner, Amanda 284 

Turner, Carrie 215 

Turner, Courtney 284 

Turner, Laurie 215 

Turner, Michael 215 

Turner, Rachel 284 

Turner, Trevor 284 

Tuten, Sarah 284 

Turtle, Eric 284 

Turtle, Megan 284 

Tuttle.Wes 215 

Twigg, Lindsey 215 

Tyler, Andrew 215 

Tyler, Lauren 215 

Tyler, Sarah 284 

Tymeson, Kyle 284 

Tynan, Sean 284 


Uehling, Katherine 284 

Ulmer, Leigh 215 

Ulmer, Tyler 284 

Underwood, Jason 215 

Underwood, Jeremy 215 

Urban, Crystal 226 

Utsey, Caroline 284 


\^ils, Eric 284 

Valaitis, Kelly 215 

Valentine, James 215 

Valentine, Veronica 234 

Vanadore, Laura 215 

Vance, Jessica 285 

Vandebourgh, Amy 285 

Vandewater, Chandler 285 

Vanpelt, Katharine 215 

Vardell, Heather 215 

Vargas, Christopher 215 

Varn, Rex 285 

Varnadoe, Lori 285 

Vaughan, Amanda 285 

Vaughan, Daniel 285 

Vaughn, James 215 

Vaughn, Jason 285 

Vaughn, Stephen 215 

Veale, Callie 285 

Vellenoweth, Courtney 226 

Venneburg, David 285 

Venuto, Peter 285 

Verch, Laura 285 

Vereen, Natalie 285 

Villery, Christopher 285 

Villinger, Ada 226 

Vitelli, Joseph 215 

Vo, Nguyen 285 

Vogel, Ashley 215 

Voigt, Jacqueline 285 

Volk, Christopher 285 

Volpe, Jennifer 216 

Von Kaenel, Karin 285 

Vumbaco, Vincent 286 


Wade,Aynsley 286 

Wade, Jenkins 234 

Wagner, Nathan 216 

Wait, Kathryn 286 

Waiters, Sheldon 286 

Wakefield, Megan 286 

Wald, Joshua 234 

Waldrop, Michael 286 

Walker, Jarrod 216 

Walker, Kathryn Alyssa 286 

Walker, Rachel 286 

Walker, Sarah 286 

Walker, Wendi 226 

Wall, Adam 286 

Wall, Brandon 216 

Wall, Frederick 286 

Wallace, Andrew 234, 286 

Wallace, Joshua 216 

Wallendjack, Diane 216 

Waller, Alicia 227 

Waller, Jennifer 286 

Waller, Kelly 216 

Waller, Michael 286 

Walls, Joshua 286 

Walpole, Staci 216 

Walsh, Kristen 216 

Walsh, Melissa 235 

Walter, David 286 

Walters, Christie 286 

Walters, Mary Ellen 286 

Walters, Thomas 286 

Walton, Jessica 216 

Walton, Katherine 286 

Walton, Kevin 21 

Ward, Angela 21 

Ward, Brooks 21i 

Ward, Lawson 21i 

Ward, Stephen 28( 

Wardlaw, Jennifer 23 

Wargo, Tiffany 28i 

Warner, Tammy 28( 

Warner, Tiffany 2U 

Warren, David 28( 

Warren, Emily 23' 

Warren, Todd 21( 

Waters, Thomas 21( 

Watkins, James 22' 

Watkins, Laura 28( 

Watkins, Matthew 28(' 

Watson, Felicia 28( 

Watson, Jefferson 28( 

Watson, Joseph 21(1 

Watson, Kristen 23'' 

Watson, Laura 21( 

Watson, Mark 22: 

Watson, Victoria 22^ 

Watson, Winifred 28( 

Watts, Michael 28(' 

Watts, Travis 21( 

Way, James 21' 

Weathers, Courtney 28( 

Weathers, Lawrence 28( 

Weathers, Merrill 22^ 

Weaver, Alyssa 217' 

Weaver, Suzanne 28(' 

Webb, David 235 

Webb, Elisabeth 235 

Webster, Nathaniel 217 

Webster, Noah 28( 

Weeber, Bradley 217 

Weinbrenner, Jordan 217 

Weinheimer, Meghan 286 

Weir, Thomas 217 

Welborn, Clayton 235 

Welch, Brian 286 

Welch, Christopher 217 

Welch, Lucia 227 

Wells, David 28 

Wersinger, Emilie 227i 

Werts, Elizabeth 23^ 

Wessell, Racheal 227 

Wessinger, Lance 217i 

West, Jeffrey 21? 

West, Rachel 217i 

West, Rosalita 217i 

Wester, Jennifer 287 

Weston, Sarah 28 

Wetzel, Donald 287 

Wham, Allen 217 

Wheaton, Elizabeth 287 

Wheeler, Evan 287 

Wheeler, Kenneth 287 

Whelchel, Anna 287 

Whitaker, Jessica 235 

Whitaker, Justin 287 

White, Carla 235 

White, Christopher 287 

White, Cristy 217 

White, Jonathan 287 

White, Joshua 227 

White, Kyle 287 

White, Mary 287 

White, Ryan 287 

White, William 287 

Whitehead, Roger 217 


hitley, Austin 287 

hitley, Elizabeth 217 

hillock, Vivian 287 

hitt, David 217 

hittington, Jonathan 287 

ickliffejohn 217 

ien, Edward .'. 287 

icsncr, Stephanie 287 

iggam, Jason 287 

ilborne, Chani 287 

lies, Candace 287 

ilgus, Holland 217 

ilkerson, Leanne 287 

ilkie, Craig 287 

ilkins, Jeffrey 287 

iikins.John 217 

ilkinson, Mary 287 

ilkinson, Thomas 217 

11, Rebecca 287 

Hand, William 287 

Hard, Daniel Jonathan 287 

Net, Jessica 287 

liiams, Brantley 218 

liiams, Christina 218 

liiams, Christopher 287 

liiams, Deveraux 218 

'illiams, Diana 287 

iiliams, Jason 287 

iams, Joshua 287 

iams, Kayla 287 

iams, Keja 288 

iams, Kevin 218 

iams, Laterrance 218 

iams, Mary 235, 288 

iams, Rebecca 288 

illiams, Stacey 235 

illiams, Willie 218 

illingham, Justin 288 

His, George 288 

iHs, Leah 288 

Ison, Caroline 235 

ilson, Curtis 218 

ilson, Elizabeth 288 

son, Jared 218 

ilson, Jessica 218 

Ison, Katherine 288 

ilson, Kathlyn 218 

ilson, Kevin Wayne 288 

ilson, Marcia 218 

Ilson, Matthew 288 

ilson, McLean 227 

ilson, Wesley 288 

ingard, Ryan 218 

ingate, Emily 218 

■int;ate, Miriam 288 

inkier, Thomas 218 

inn. Brad 235 

inn, Kimberly 288 

iiuch, Andrew 288 

mslovv, Ashley 218 

isc. Crystal 288 

isc, Emily 288 

isikoski, Kassia 218 

isz, Megan 227 

ithcrington, Paige 218 

utcnberger, Kevin 288 

ittig. Natalie 288 

blFe, Charles 288 

'oik, Amanda 288 

'olla, Stephanie 288 

'omack, Laura 288 

'onus, Nicholas 288 

Wood. Aihicy 288 

Wood, Clynthia 218 

Wood, Jacqueline 218 

Wood, K.ithleen 227 

Woodard, Michael 288 

Woodhan, Andrew 288 

Woodlec, Richard 288 

Woods, Amy 218 

Woods, Kelly 288 

Woods, Mary 219 

Woods, Tori 227 

Woolen, Raymond 288 

Workman, Meghann 288 

Worley, Britni 288 

Worthington, Joshua 219 

Wright, Blair 219 

Wright, Charles 288 

Wright, Forrest 288 

Wright, Hannah 288 

Wright, Kristina 288 

Wright, Lena 288 

Wright, Weston 289 

Wyatt,John 219 

Wylie, Charles 289 

Wyse, Amanda 235 

Yaden, Eamon 289 

Yag, Amy 289 

Yajnik, Reena 289 

Yanik, Neil 219 

Yannacone, Jennifer 289 

Yarborough, James 219 

Yates, Holly 219 

Yeager, Christine 289 

Yerkes, Sara 289 

Yoder, David 289 

Yon, Amber 289 

Yon, Justin 289 

Yost, Elizabeth 235 

Yost, Natalie 219 

Yost, Pressly 219 

Yost, Rachel 289 

Youell, Amanda 289 

Young, Amanda 289 

Young, Jeffrey 219,227 

Young, Kelly 289 

Young, Laura 289 

Young, Matthew 289 

Young, Raccine 289 

Young, Sara 289 

Young, Sarah 219 

Young, Sharonda 289 

Young, Skylar 235 

Yowell, Meghan 289 

Yu, Richard 289 

/agi.rski. Knsiy 219 

Zamorski, Adam 219 

Zarandi, Kristin 289 

Zaring, Ijurcn ." 227 

Zbin, Matthew 289 

Zcaly, Meghan 289 

Zcbrowski. Dcnisc 289 

Zcilcr, Anne 289 

Zcilstra, Katherine 289 

Zimmerman, Steven 289 

Zink, Nancy 289 

Zipf, Candace 219 

Ziskal, Jonathan 235 

Zittrouer, I.indscy 219 

Zobel, Amanda 219 

Zupan, Matthew 219 

Zwahlen, Jessica 227 

Zacchetti, Whitney 219 

Zaferopulos, Amanda 289 

Zafris, Rvan 227 


4- A \ 

'W /t 









In loving 
memory of those 
who passed away 
this year 


TAPS Stajf 



so c\ 

r graduati 
ose to the 

ng, I will n 
lake every 

liss being 
day. It is 


itely one 

af my favor 

ite places. 

Junior Staff 
My favorite thing 
emson: tailgating 


My favorite thing about 
Clemson is seeing friends as I 

walk to 

the game, and hanging oui 

)tball in the 

Mchssa Putney 

Junior Staff 

My favorite things about 

mson are the football games 

and school spirit. 

From the Editor 

Dear Fellow Clemson Students and Supporters: 

This book would not have been possible without the help from many people. 
Whether it was providing the TAPS staff with pictures, advice, or just being willing to listen, I 
appreciate everyone who supported me and the staff and helped all of us to persevere through 
the production of this book. 

When I first agreed to this position, I had no idea all the responsibility it entails. 
From taking pictures, to budget information or business communications, I have learned a 
great deal from this experience. While there were obstacles along the way, I would not trade 
the way this experience has shaped and strengthened my education, both in and out of the 

Without the entire TAPS staff, this book would not have been possible. I appreciate 
those members that were truly dedicated to yearbook; you always came through when there 
were deadlines to be met. 

I hope this book will serve as a representation of Clemson that will allow the students 
to remember their time spent on this wonderful campus. Another goal this year was to 
highlight many of the academic endeavors and advances that have taken place at Clemson. I 
hope this has been accomplished and that the Clemson community, along with the students 
will use this information to strive to keep Clemson traditions alive. 

wisn everyone good ro 

ryone good fortune in all of their future endeavors and hope they can always 
emson experience as a positive force in their life. 

Go Tieers! 

Courtesy Clomon World I 


rw ♦. 





iJ^" irr^r 

1. I\ wH 

»*fe^ni "^ 

i ' 

7;^ Honor of the Clemson family 
serving our country 

Dear 01' Clemsoriy we will triumph 

And with all our might 


• t-; 






j^ ''■"*> «j 

That the Tiger's roar may echo 



O'er the mountain height